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2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/9/18-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53376 Activity:high
9/18    Tonight I think I finally can consider myself middle-aged. I'm in
        my 30s and I am on travel for business without the wife. She is
        probably in the top 10% of women her age in terms of looks and I
        am not bad, but probably not as good-looking as she is. I went to
        a dance club tonight for the first time in a long time and had the
        following experience/revelations:
        1) Holy shit are 21 year old women hot! Like I said, my wife is
           actually very attractive, but there are some things that can
           only come with youth. I'm not ready to throw my wife to the
           curb, but every single girl was thin, wearing something short
           and revealing, and looked good in it! Even the guys were all
           thin. Not a single potbelly in the bunch. Not quite like being
           at work among aging engineers. What a revelation. Makes me want
           to hit the gym.
        2) I am still cool enough that I found this club within a few
           months of its opening. Cooler still, the bouncers sized me up
           and let me through without a cover. I was afraid they'd look at
           the old guy and give me a hard time. Cool doesn't have an age.
        3) I am now the old guy on the dance floor who hits on all the
           young girls. Okay, I didn't hit on anyone. However, I am that
           guy. How do I know this? Even though a lot of girls seemed to
           have fun dancing with me (and one - I would say the hottest in
           the club - a blonde wearing red short shorts with fishnets -
           sought me out several times and offered me her business card) I
           officially passed into middle age when this young Mexican kid
           tapped me on the shoulder and, graciously, offered to teach me
           how to dance. He was showing me the steps. One, I was too drunk
           to follow. Two, I didn't need his help. I am not a great
           dancer, but I saw other guys dancing and I did no worse. At
           least I was out there with the asses of young women grinding
           against me. I'd say 7 of 10 young guys just stood and watched.
           Still, it was sobering.
        4) MOST WOMEN CANNOT DANCE. They are half-naked and shake their
           asses, which guys like, but if you actually watch them they
           have no idea how to move. I only saw ONE woman who could
           actually dance and was probably a dancer. Guys get a rap as
           being bad dancers, but the reality is that women are held to a
           lower standard because they go out there together and have fun
           and look sexy doing it. However, those women would look sexy
           taking a dump. They can't dance. Swaying on their heels and
           squealing while shaking their asses is not dancing.
        \_ I had a co-worker who kept telling me how much he loved his wife
           and kids. But he spends 1/2 of the time at night and on weekends
           playing World of Warcraft. If you can't see any parallel between
           you and this co-worker, I suggest you look into the mirror more.
           For your own good, I hope you get past the denial stage.
           \_ If I spent 1/2 of my time out at bars and clubs w/o my wife
              maybe you'd have a point.
              \_ temptation is a good starting point.
        \_ You're pathetic. Very soon you'll be wondering how you wasted
           your time working for somebody else and have an early mid-life
           \_ And you are above it all because why?
              \_ It's simple-- because I'm not you.
        \_ That's a lot of words to convey the concept of "I'm a loser."
           \_ All you have to do is post to the MOTD to prove that.
        \_ do your experiences make you wish you had been more charitable
           to people in your situation long ago when you were 21?
           \_ Who says I wasn't?
        \_ this whole exchange is very entertaining!
           \_ not really. I just hope I don't turn into the op. What
              a fucking loser.
              \_ I know, isn't that awesome?  It's that crawly feeling;
                 it's psychological horror!  Hard to write intentionally
                 btw.  Learn to savor all experiences!  -brain
              \_ I'm sure you are just so cool, like most CS geeks on soda.
                 I have a nice life. I don't consider myself a loser. A
                 loser would be being 50 and single and still trying to
                 pick up chicks half my age and existing on a steady diet
                 of Internet porn and strip clubs. How old are you?
                 \_ l.o.s.e.r.
        \_ You are as old as you think you are, so if you think you are middle
           aged join the club. When I was in the mid-30s I was going to Burning
           Man and dating 21 year olds, but if I can see how a wife, mortgage
           and kids can make you feel old. I have all those things and am in
           my mid-40's and definitely feel middle aged. You should take care
           of yourself now, so you don't turn into a fat out of shape bastard.
           It is easier if you start now, rather than after you already have
           a gut. Going to clubs and getting drunk in a strange city can be
           kind of dangerous, especially if you are still young enough for
           the hotties to hit on you, but you probably already know that.
           \_ very positive advice for motd.  You must be new!!
              \_ Almost 20 years now. Wow, hard to imagine.
           \_ I've had a mortgage since I was 28 and a wife since even before
              then so I haven't been doing a lot of that nightclub/bar scene
              stuff for a long time except occasionally when the wife and I go
              out and you know how that dynamic can be. If I even look at a
              girl my wife gets mad. It was nice to go out and have fun and
              check out some hotties like I used to. I'm married, not dead.
              Sounds like you just settled down later but ended up in the same
              place. Most normal people do. I don't regret my choices. I
              have single friends (some never married and some divorced) and
              they seem miserable.
              \_ I am kind of curious, did you wear your wedding ring to the
                 \_ No. I didn't even bring it. I don't wear it. I dislike
                    jewelry of any kind, even watches. I will wear it (and
                    a watch and maybe cufflinks) to formal events only. I only
                    have one because it's a tradition.
                    \_ the pp asked a yes/no question, not some long winded sorry
                       ass justification on why you don't wear rings.  -not pp
                       \_ Yeah, but at least he didn't take it off before
                          he went dancing. I wear my wedding ring and I always
                          wonder how women would react differently to me if I
                          took it off, but I (wisely, I think) always leave it
                          on. Especially if I am going to be out drinking with
                          the guys.
        \_ If you have a wife and kids and marriage you'd like to keep around,
           you do not belong on the dance floor.  get with the program.
           \_ exactly. the op is a total loser and fails to see why, which
              makes him an even bigger uber loser. P.S. he sounds like he
              isn't getting enough. how pathetic.
              \_ I don't think he is a loser for anything he has done, except
                 maybe the posting to the motd part. And it sparked the most
                 interesting discussion in months, so that is cool.
              \_ Sorry, but I can't agree with this. My wife is actually
                 a dancer and dances with other men all the time in
                 performances and at her dance classes. Sometimes they
                 get sleazy and she has to put them in line. However, dancing
                 is fun. I can't forbid her from dancing nor do I think it's
                 wrong. How puritanical. If you think that because you are
                 married you can't dance with other partners then you are
                 living under a rock. I didn't go home with anyone or even put
                 my hands where they didn't belong. My wife isn't going to
                 leave me because I went dancing. In fact, I told her where I
                 was headed (via phone) before I went so that someone would
                 know. Would she get pissed if she knew all the details? Maybe.
                 She gets jealous. She doesn't tell me about all the guys
                 who hit on her when she's out with her friends either
                 (which I know happens because I had to go down to a
                 lounge and put some guy in line once when she called me
                 to come get her) for good reason. Some details are best
                 not shared. That doesn't mean it's wrong. She won't and
                 shouldn't share a play-by-play with me about sex with her
                 ex-boyfriends for the same reasons and that's in the past.
        \_ why do you invite the judgement of soda?  It's just confusing.
                                 \- this post is like the Kalliste Apple
           \_ Entertainment and, to some extent, to pass along a real life
              experience. People don't tend to talk about this shit except
              with a close circle of their (probably like-minded) friends.
              It's fun to exchange experiences. Judgements from guys posting
              to MOTD don't concern me too much.
              \_ Why of course, you have no friends, like most of the
                 luzers on CSUA.
                 \_ He is just bragging.
              \_ interesting.  I think most of the MOTD posters have lives
                 made intentionally dull by their severe judgementalism.
                 We used to have all kinds of zany people on wall/motd but as
                 they got more freaky / experimental, they all got sick
                 of this provincialism and abandoned soda...
2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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