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2009/8/10-19 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/California/Prop] UID:53259 Activity:high
8/10    College ranking
        #10: StanfUrd
        #73: Cal
        Even if ranking public colleges separately, Cal still ranks only #8.
        (Though The top 3 are all military academies.)
        \_ Yeah, Cal isn't what it used to be anymore. Increasing bureaucracy
           and long lines really made it go downhill in the past decade and
           a half. That, and pissed off alum don't want to donate...
        \_ What the FUCK is Williams College? WTF?
           |_ Short for Williams and Sonoma College.
              \_ There is no such college.  There is Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
                 \_ We have now identified Mr. Pedant!
           \_ If you had gotten a better education, you would have heard of
              Williams College.
        \_ Conservatives in California have finally achieved their long desired
           dream of destroying public higer education.
           \_ Because conservatives have controlled the California state
              legislature for the past 4 decades, right? Or was it Bush's
              \_ It's Pete Wilson's fault.  Don't hide it.  I know it.
                 You know it.  And the American People know it.
                 \_ bullshit
              \_ It is the combo of Prop 13, "Three Strikes" and Prop 98
                 that has massacred higher ed funding in CA. These are
                 all Conservative initiatives. The legistlature has very
                 little control over the budget anymore, it is almost all
                 set by Constitutional initiative.
                 \_ I agree that Prop 13 and 3 strikes (I'm not that familiar
                    with prop 98) are largely responsible for budget problems,
                    but if you think those are the only major contributions to
                    the budget problems, you have anti-conservative blinders
                    on. And the state legislature does have control over the
                    budget. That's their job. The fact that they've not done
                    anything significant the past few decades because they're
                    horribly deadlocked doesn't let them off the hook.
                    \_ Prop 98 is 40% of the budget, corrections is now
                       15%. Interest on bond issues approved by voters is
                       another 10%. Just those alone are 2/3 of the budget
                       and all of that is out of the legislatures hands.
                       \_ Prop 98 might be 40% of the budget, but that
                          40% is going to educate people for free. To
                          steal money from K-12 kids with no other options
                          to educate kids at UC seems disingenous.
                          \_ It is still money that the Legislature does
                             not have at its disposal, no matter how noble
                             what it is being spent for.
                             \_ Do you want to cut K-12 spending? I don't.
                                Not even for UC.
        \_ These rankings are bogus. Nothing more to say than that. Mills
           College is ahead of Cal, Brown, Penn, *and* Dartmouth. Not.
           \_ Just like it is unreasonable to keep tweaking your ranking
              criteria and weights until it produces an ordering you like,
              it seems bogus to not feedback patently bogus orderings into
              refining your process. Perhaps the answer isnt more tweaking
              but just to limit what results to share ... for example a
              system which seeks a lot of resolving power at the top end
              may not do much in the middle of the pack ... like say in
              a sport tournament, you may not waste resources to separate
              #30 from number #31.
2018/07/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Then, hair shorn neatly and pants pressed, he marches into breakfast, where he sits in an assigned seat. After six hours of instruction in such subjects as Japanese literature and systems engineering, two hours of intramural sports and another family-style meal with underclassmen, Vetter rushes to return to his room by the 11:30 pm curfew. A goodly number of them drink into the wee hours, duck morning classes and fail to hit the gym with any regularity. US Military Academy in West Point, NY, where college life is a bit different. According to students, alumni, faculty and higher education experts, the undergraduate experience at West Point and the other service academies is defined by an intense work ethic and a drive to succeed on all fronts. "We face challenges and obstacles that not every college student has to face, but we are able to be competitive in all the different areas, from sports to academics," Vetter says. No alcohol is allowed in the dorms and freshmen are given only one weekend leave per semester. That rigor, combined with the virtue of a free education, has made West Point tops in FORBES' list of the best colleges in the country, up from sixth place last year. The rankings are compiled in conjunction with Ohio University economist Richard Vedder and his Center for College Affordability & Productivity. This year 4 out of 37 Gates scholars, who earn a full ride to study at the University of Cambridge in England, graduated from the service academies. The Gates roster includes four Yale grads, one from Harvard and none from Princeton. "I think I got a lot out of it," says Joseph M DePinto, USMA class of '86 and chief executive of 7-Eleven. "Just the discipline, the approach I take to leadership, the understanding of the importance of teamwork. All of that stuff I learned at West Point, and I think that's what helped me be successful." Cadets work their way through a core curriculum in which an English major has to take calculus and a chemist has to take a philosophy course. Since there are no graduate programs, faculty and administrators can focus on the undergraduates. "If you really look at Brown University or Boston College or Stanford, their number one mission is likely not to teach. to write the next book that will get them on CNN," says James Forest, an associate professor at West Point who is the director of terrorism studies. " A big factor in its top rank is that grads leave without a penny of tuition loans to repay. The Army picks up all costs and pays the cadets a stipend of $895 a month. On graduation, they start as second lieutenants, earning $69,000 a year. They have to serve in the armed forces for five years plus three more years of inactive reserve duty. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have pulled 15% of reservists into active duty. In April Thomas E Ricks, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who has covered the military, wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post ( WPO - news - people ), calling on the government to shut the military academies. West Point doesn't produce officers of any higher caliber, he argues, than a graduate from another elite school who has participated in an ROTC program. s and the school's traditionally weak treatment of crucial subjects like anthropology, history and foreign languages. It also produces young people more prone to groupthink than to groundbreaking ideas. W Patrick Lang, a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute and a professor of Arabic at West Point in the 1970s, says the service academies "haven't been very good at producing people who were very good at humanistic, open-ended problems." Bruce Fleming, who has been teaching English for 22 years at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md, faults the service academies for their rigidity. It's an institution that grinds students down," he says. "A West Point diploma is at least as impressive as a Harvard diploma for a lot of things," says Robert Farley, an assistant professor of national security at the University of Kentucky. "Were I an employer, I'd have utter faith in a graduate of the service academies." "We are giving up what may be the quintessential college experience. "Like any other school you incur a debt, and for us it only takes five years to pay off. Behind the Numbers Our college rankings are based on five criteria: graduation rate (how good a college is at helping its students finish on time); the number of national and global awards won by students and faculty; and postgraduate vocational success as measured by a recent graduate's average salary and alumni achievement. We prize the undergraduate experience and how well prepared students are for the real world rather than focusing on inputs such as acceptance rates and test scores. Our data are from publicly available sources rather than surveys filled out by the schools themselves. Special thanks to Richard Vedder and his research team at Ohio University. bulletbob Fri Aug 7, 2009 4:28pm PDT This is good, but if you were a college athlete you got the same treatment, marched to class, coaches and support staff always on top of you. If you are not a hungry or success driven individual, it could get real tough, real fast! Cmo325 Fri Aug 7, 2009 4:31pm PDT We know that the colleges that we think are the best, ate not, but we love living in the perception of "we are the best". Until we equalize the playing field to accept the broad artistic nature of education which taps into all aspects of life as we know it, we will remain stagnate in our beliefs. Retaining information is a gift, to apply and sculpture it takes a division of diversity. A typical 2nd Lieutenant actually makes about $40 to $48K depending on the location their assigned. I wish journalists would concentrate on getting the facts straight before someone commits for something like West Point on faulty information. Shine and the blogs, articles, comments and other features therein are for informational purposes only and provided "as is" without warranties, representations, or guarantees of any kind. Shine should never be used as a substitute for advice from a qualified professional. shall not be liable for the accuracy, usefulness or availability of any Shine content, and you agree to hold Yahoo! harmless from any loss, harm, injury or damage resulting from or arising out of your use of or reliance on any Shine content. The views and opinions expressed in an article or column are the author's own and not necessarily those of Yahoo!.