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2019/03/24 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/7/24-27 [Uncategorized] UID:53198 Activity:moderate
7/24    So I bought into the hype after being in San Diego during Comicon
        last year (but not attending) and decided to go this year. I can't
        say I really enjoyed myself. It was $40 for a 1 day ticket and
        what that entitled me to was to stand in line for hours (literally) if
        I wanted to see any of the cool stuff/people like Tim Burton, the
        ability to buy overpriced clutter, er, collectibles, and the
        ability to buy autographs from has-beens like Richard Hatch. I
        would have far preferred to spend $$$ to get into the interesting
        programs without standing in line. The freaks wearing costumes
        were interesting, but overall I wouldn't go back. Example of why
        Comicon sucks: You could win a drawing to be one of 10 lucky
        people who could get your photo taken and get an autograph with
        Stan Lee. Not a year ago I was able to do both things for free at
        a Barnes and Noble without standing in lines, paying $40 entry,
        and entering a raffle. I felt like cattle at Comicon. I saw Buzz
        fucking Aldrin yesterday for $20 and Comicon wants $40 for me to
        be able to enter the show to buy stuff?
        \_ I can't believe anyone on soda would actually want to go to stupid
           comic conventions. I mean, how old are you?
           \_ waaaah I wanna be peter pan and live out my infantile fantasies
        \_ Grow up.
        \_ In the roadmap of life, 'Adolescent Phase' is back the other way.