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2022/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/7/21-24 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:53168 Activity:moderate
7/20    For those who care btw, it looks like eclipse is now A Standard Tool
        at UCB ugrad cs, probably replaced emacs.  Furthermore, people get
        angry at seeing Makefiles, (since eclispe takes care of that).  I
        guess it's just a sign of the times.
        \_ The more people at my work use eclipse the less the code is
           managable in emacs.  I'm not sure which application's fault
           that is, but it still makes me sad.
        \_ 61c still uses Makefiles (at least as of a year and a half ago)
        \_ Do Cal ugrads mostly use Java now?  People in my company only use
           Eclipse for Java.
           \_ From my (1-2 year out of date) memory,
              61a- Scheme b- Java c- C/MIPS asm
              150- Verilog
              162- Java
              164- Python(Hilfinger)/Javascript(Bodik)
              184- Your choice (often C++/C#/Java)
              186- C
              188- Python
              So no, it's hardly "mostly" java.  I like the variety,
              \_ PYTHON FOR 164?!?!  and 186? wow.  61 next like MIT
              \_ 162 in Java?  Are they learning in Java how to write context-
                 switching code?
                 \_ No :(  It's provided, and as best as I could tell
                    (without having looked much) the entire threading
                    model of Java Nachos is completely retarded
                    \_ As obscene as Nachos is.. I don't think the threading
                       model you implement is the damning feature.. its
                       actually the same way you'd want to do it, right?  The
                       problems come because its completely deterministic, so
                       logical race condition bugs will either always or never
                       appear.  Also, you rely on Java happy fun time and
                       don't have to implement dynamic memory management,
                       which I think is the biggest gap in the course. -mrauser
                       \_ You do have to implement it for userland, you just
                          don't have to deal with dynamic allocation in the
                          kernel. The class is supposed to teach you about
                          things like VM implementation, not how to write
                          code without memory leaks, so I don't know that
                          doing OS projects in a garbage-collected language
                          is such a terrible thing.
                          \_ You only implement virtual memory for each
                             process that has static memory requirements.  You
                             don't implement malloc() or free() (nor even
                             discuss how to do so in the class).  Java isn't a
                             problem because students have limited time to do
                             lots of work for the class anyway. -m
                             \_ malloc/free are part of the C standard
                                library, not the OS. At one point, it was
                                covered in 61B, since it's an interesting
                                data structures problem.
              \_ 170 - pencil/paper
                 \_ Or if you had the misfortune of taking it with Clancy,
                    pencil/paper/what was left of your sanity
                 172 - pencil/paper
                 174 - pencil/paper
                 All shall bow before cs theory in fear! -mrauser
              \_ I had 170 with Demmel.  3 projects. in C/C++ Yes this was
                 this century.
2022/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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