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2021/12/08 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/5/6-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52960 Activity:nil
5/7     How were female chastity belt useful?  They offered no protection
        against the oral or anal sex.  Were those not issues to consider back in
        the Middle Ages?
        \_ All that mattered was the hymen.
           \_ More to the point, the point of a chastity belt was stopping
              reproduction. Also, they probably weren't all that common.
              \_ "In the duplex models, you had a somewhat larger aperture in
                 the back to permit defecation while preventing anal
                 How is this possible?  I'd think the average solid feces is
                 thicker than the average erect penis.  (Save your fun-making
                 of my size.  I realize that already.)
                 \_ All you need to do is prevent someone from getting
                    sufficiently close.
                    \_ I think some sharp edges would also work.
           \_ Oddly enough, this is still pretty much the case in traditional
              socities today.
        \_ good answers!  but if you do a little digging you'll find that
           the actual historical use and perhaps even existence of the
           chastity belt has been called into question...    --brain
2021/12/08 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Visit the Straight Dope Message Board Search The Straight Dope search A Straight Dope Classic from Cecil's Storehouse of Human Knowledge How do chastity belts work? August 3, 1979 Dear Cecil: A three-month trip I'll be making this fall prompts the following question: how do chastity belts work, and how do they interfere (or not interfere) with going to the bathroom? This wasn't answered in Everything You Always Wanted to Know . At the Straight Dope we don't trouble ourselves with what you want. There were--are--basically two types of chastity belts, or "girdles of chastity," as they are sometimes called. The first covers only the pudenda (the part in front) with a plate made of metal or bone. The second covers both front and back--or "anterior and posterior regions," to put it in clinical terms--the two parts being connected by a hinge. Typically, a narrow vertical slot was provided in front to enable the wearer to urinate. Often it was fitted with metal teeth (sometimes spring-loaded) to discourage exploration by so much as a fingertip. In the duplex models, you had a somewhat larger aperture in the back to permit defecation while preventing anal intercourse. Supposedly a woman could wear a belt for extended periods without ill effects, although an examination of the apparatus involved makes it clear that going to the bathroom must have been a pretty messy procedure. Despite all the tales about European lords locking up their wives before going off to fight the Crusades, it seems likely that the Crusaders did not actually learn about chastity belts until they had traveled around the East picking up local customs. Some Asian and African cultures practiced female infibrillation, in which a woman's labia were bound together with rings or wires or the like. Compared to this barbaric system, chastity belts must have seemed like the height of civilization. Knowledge of the belts was widespread during the Renaissance, although they seem to have been most popular in Italy, then as now a highly macho culture. Although chastity belts figure in many ribald tales of the period, it's not known how many were actually used. Several hundred specimens reside in various museums and private collections, but many of these are suspected to have been made just to satisfy the curiosity of some deve collector. There are, however, several instances of women's remains being disinterred with chastity belt still in place. In any event, the use of chastity belts was not considered a crime. A woman's body was thought to belong to her husband and he could equip it as he liked. Men who did outfit their wives with such devices were targets of ridicule, though. In stories about the belts, the husbands are generally jealous old men married to lusty young wives who remain faithful until the old crock decides to take extreme precautions, whereupon the insulted wife goes out to find a friendly locksmith and some handsome swain to fornicate with. Chastity belts were advertised as late as the latter part of the 19th century. In 1848, a Scottish doctor advocated their use to limit masturbation. Bondage-and-discipline enthusiasts still use the belts today, although hardly with the idea of ensuring fidelity. In fact, I'd guess more belts have been manufactured since 1950 than previously existed in the history of the world, so if nothing else you'll get a nice selection. Your direct line to thou- sands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks. Publishers - interested in subscribing to the Straight Dope? No material contained in this site may be republished or reposted without express written permission. The Straight Dope is a registered trademark of Creative Loafing Media, Inc.