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2022/01/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/5/5-6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52947 Activity:high
5/4     She charges $2200/hr
        \_ damn, why is this so boring?!  What have you done Sasha!?
           \_ Maybe she was sick of taking it in the ass.
             \_ or maybe she is a fictitious character
             \_ Does she do anal?
                \_ ooooh yes she does.
                        Sasha Grey is not fictitious, I assure you.
                   \_ Wow, maybe I'm going out on a limb here, but after
                      watching one vid, I think she's just plain mean.
        \_ you'd think sodans would be more up on their porn!
           shame shame!  -brain
        \_ Is Sasha Grey famous as a pron star?  She's not that hot.
           \_ You're motd boob guy, aren't you?
           \_ hint: your sloth is not a positive trait
2022/01/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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The Girlfriend Experience (Theatrical Rental) * Adobe Flash Player version installed is outdated Without Adobe Flash Player you will not be able to watch this video online or complete a purchase. Click "Yes" on the dialog below to upgrade your version of Flash. click here to get Adobe Flash Player 10 free The Girlfriend Experience (Theatrical Rental) * Adobe Flash Player is not installed or the version installed is outdated Without Adobe Flash Player you will not be able to watch this video online or complete a purchase. Get Adobe Flash Player 10 free The Girlfriend Experience (Theatrical Rental) * JavaScript is disabled or is unavailable in your browser Without JavaScript you will not be able to watch this video online or complete a purchase. To enable JavaScript, refer to your browser's Help pages for instructions. Explore similar items Product Details Synopsis: Set in the weeks leading up to the 2008 presidential election, THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE is five days in the life of Chelsea (adult film star Sasha Grey in her mainstream film debut), an ultra high-end Manhattan call girl who offers more than sex to her clients, but companionship and conversation - "the girlfriend experience." Chelsea thinks she has her life totally under control--she feels her future is secure because she runs her own business her own way, makes $2000 an hour, and has a devoted boyfriend (Chris Santos) who accepts her lifestyle. The twentieth film from Academy Award-winning director Steven Soderbergh (TRAFFIC, OCEAN'S ELEVEN), THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE is a sexy, gorgeously shot time capsule from the not-too-distant past. Steven Soderbergh Genre: Drama Runtime: 1 hour 18 minutes Release year: 2009 Studio: Magnolia Pictures MPAA Rating: Rated R for sexual content, nudity and language. The Girlfriend Experience (DVD) The need to love and be loved, to know and be known, suggests director Steven Soderbergh (Bubble), is so deeply and powerfully embedded in human nature that we will do almost anything to get it. We will even pay for it, whether to a therapist, to a personal trainer like Chris, or to a $2,000 an hour "escort" girl like Chelsea who provides sex, of course, but mainly therapy to very wealthy but deeply lonely men. Mainly they talk to Chelsea, about all the things you'd talk about in a "real" relationship. She pretends to offer that and they believe they receive it, and woe to both parties when they drop their guard and transgress business boundaries to reveal themselves to each other as real human beings rather than as partners in a transaction. Since human love is one of the few things you can't buy, Chelsea and her clients seek something they can't get and forfeit their closest approximations in what they already have. See all my reviews I heard about this movie from a friend and it piqued my interest. I watched the trailer, but I was curious to see the entire film. It had it's brief moments of poigniancy and Ms Grey has some depth and potential there to develop and probably more than some so-called "legit" actresses. I like the reality, documentary genres and although sometimes it was less exciting than watching paint dry, it was bearable. I think one viewing was enough for me, but I'd recommend it to others to give it a chance. I think if you want to feel like you took a valium without actually taking one, you can watch this film. This movie strangely enough felt like it could have been filmed in the 90's if it wasn't for the references to today's crises and political atmosphere. Overall, I had the feeling of being a fly on the wall witnessing the moments when people let their guards down and the ego and fear conflicts make for life's messiness. See all my reviews This is a slice of life from New York in 2008 with a hard to find story and a narrative structure that bounces around here and there from muddled comment to half-hearted observation to low-key interview. We follow a high priced escort to some of her "dates" and she has a bunch of conversations and almost kinda sorta makes a decision about a relationship in her life. It's very low key, like a bunch of real people chatting in several normal moments. It isn't a powerful narrative that leads up to an unforgettable, er, climax. But I'm not sure its aspirations are as artsy -- ie aspiring to make some bigger, artistic point -- as the style. At the end of the day it doesn't feel like a My Dinner With Andre or Five Easy Pieces or The Conversation or Lost in Translation or whatever artsy sort of low key but powerful film you want to mention. Maybe I missed it but for me it just didn't add up to that. Sometimes there can be a lack of emotion on the screen but powerful underlying emotion that sort of comes together in the end? So to me it was kind of interesting to spend some time in NY and the fact that she had a career as a high priced escort was I suppose sort of interetsing for a while, but it never emotionally grabbed me. Cast was fine, including lead actress who apparently has a career in more "revealing" films... She should try again with a character who has more to do. Most Recent Customer Reviews 20 out of 5 stars Hellow, Dolly. It is a story of high-paid sex-worker and boyfriend of her involved in the lives of others. Rather boring than sexy and provocative, it leaves New York landscapes for... Read more Published 4 days ago by Michael Kerjman 10 out of 5 stars Weird Color Scheme Okay I just rented and watched this whole film, and I need to know if other people are seeing the same bizarre colors that I am. Read more Published 10 days ago by Alex W 50 out of 5 stars Brilliant Character Study From the voyeuristic cinematography, to the improvised script, I get the feeling that i could hire a private detective to follow a call girl around New York for a week and this is... Read more Published 11 days ago by Jeremy Devens 10 out of 5 stars sasha sucks this was incredibly bad. i am sorry but not one millimeter of a smile or sob or anything came over me. Read more Published 11 days ago by Marcelo A Garcia 10 out of 5 stars Painful. I write movie in quotes because I was under the impression that movies were required to have a plot and purpose; Read more Published 12 days ago by K Quinn 40 out of 5 stars Top Shelf Soderbergh If you like Soderbergh's more challenging, smaller scale, experimental work, you'll find a lot to love about The Girlfriend Experience. Read more Published 14 days ago by C J Kennedy 50 out of 5 stars Passing Out Spoons Maybe Amazon should have a spoon rating for the movies in its on-demand service. It seems as though most people who have reviewed this film wanted to be spoonfed a story of some... Read more Published 18 days ago by chmwood 50 out of 5 stars great stuff! Read more Published 26 days ago by tom 10 out of 5 stars bad I downloaded a copy of this off the net and I must say that this is one of the lamest atempts at a wanna be cool flick you will ever come across. Read more Published 28 days ago by El Jebel 10 out of 5 stars You could not pay me to watch this again unless you have 10 grand handy Given the director I expected at least a semi-decent film. I knew it had an actual porn star as the lead role, so I at least expected a good sex scene. After viewing product detail pages or search results, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. 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