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2019/05/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/5/1-6 [Health/Women] UID:52930 Activity:kinda low
5/1     I heard so much feminist propaganda growing up I kinda thought PMS
        was kin of a joke, or just caused by cramps or something.  I was
        completely wrong.  I swear, every month, a few days before her
        period starts, it's crazy time at my house.  It's unbelievable.
        Anything, or even nothing, will set her off on some crazy emotional
        \_ Good I'm not the only one. My world is a (*#&@(*$@ 2-3 days
           out of a month. I really hate it. Sometimes I just want to
           kill myself. Actually I just want to kill myself now. I do
           nothing, and she bitches. I do something, and she bitches. It's
           non-stop bullshit. This is torture.
        \_ Yes, I notice my normally calm and even-tempered girlfriend
           gets edgy and temperamental on that cycle, too.  Not so bad
           as your woman, though.
           \_ My girlfriend normally has a fiery temper, but around that
              time it gets worse and she gets mean, too. She doesn't take
              birth control pills. Are those supposed to help? I am
              curious if either of your girlfriends take them.
              \_ BC pills stop the PMS, but also tend to dampen overall
                 sexual desire, in my observations.
        \_ i made a student cry in class yesterday and i suspect this is
           why since i barely said anything critical.
        \_ I make it a point of knowing my wife's menstrual cycle so I can
           avoid unnecessary drama and conflict. Of course, it also helps
           not to stop midfight and say something dumb like, oh, you're
           having PMS right now, aren't you? Don't ever, ever do that.
           \_ i disagree. sometimes my girlfriend forgets she's pms'ing
              and asking/reminding can illustrate the irrationality of
              an argument and help diffuse it. use with caution.
              \_ I shoulda put a YMMV in there. Agreed with the caution
        \_ Every smart man knows that the best time to avoid conflict is
           to do some manly project in the garage. Women hate garages.
           Garages smell and are a site for women's sore eyes. Oh and
                        ignorant statement supported by  _/
                        incorrect use of colloquialism.
           after hiring people for a while, I no longer hire women. Drama
           and unpredictability reduce productivity. Call me a sexist and
           what not, but it's something effective managers know about but
           can't talk about because it's just unPC these days.
           \_ You're an idiot and a sexist, and if your identity and
              practices ever get out, you're putting your company at risk
              for discriminatory hiring practices.
              \_ Actually, I think you're probably an idiot too. He's an
                 idiot for sure, but first and foremost he's a troll.
                 \_ Yay, you're contributing!
2019/05/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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