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2022/05/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/4/23-28 [Reference/Religion, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:52899 Activity:nil
4/20    Ok, I am not a Jew hater.  In fact, most of my so-called "white"
        friends turned out to be Jews.   And I am fortunate to have
        opportunity to work with whole bunch Israelis and working with them
        has been an absolute pleasure.  HOWEVER, I just failed to understand
        why people got offended by the speech by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  In my
        relatively neutral point of view (I am an Asian),  most of what he
        said has strong points.  For example,  it is obvious that the
        Holocaust has greatly enhance the chance of creating the nation of
        Israel.  and Most Europeans, who has centuries of antisemtic history,
        decided that Palestine people should be the one who bear the cost of
        this statehood.
        It is also true that for all practical purposes, Israel is
        a racist Apartheid state.   What is wrong with these facts?  why
        people walked out for Iran to state the obvious?  or we don't have
        the guts to admit it yet?
        \_ why don't we wipe out all the chinese mainlanders so the Taiwanese
        can restore the former chinese dynasty? I mean this will greatly
        enhance the building up a freer China.
        \_ My observation: I did not hear the speech but some newspaper quoted
           Ahmadinejad mentioning the "question of Holocaust", and that's b.s.
           Holocaust is not a question. It's a historic fact. In any way
           I don't pay much to what he says because you know he's not sincere.
           He's kinda like many other muslim Holocaust deniers. ("Hitler did
           not kill all the Jews. And I am glad that he did!")
              Apparently he did not question the existence of the Holocaust in
              this particular speech, though he has in the past.
           \_ first of all, he didn't denied it this time.  secondly, who
              cares if IRAN denies the Holocaust?  Last time I checked,
              Iran has nothing to do with Holocaust at first place.
              What I am seeing is that USA and rest of Europeans are the one
              in denial.  They want to deny the following trend of logic
              1.  Holocaust happened, this is not right
              2.  Jews need a homeland to protect themselves
              3.  Since non of us want Jews to establish homeland in our
                  territory, let's do that on Arab's land.
              4.  let's call Arabs "terrorist" because they don't accept this
                  arrangement and deny the fact that it was Arabs who provided
                  safe haven for Jews for centuries.
              \_ you're an idiot.
        \_ You're an idiot.
           \_ NO FREE SPEECH... oh fuggedaboitit
           \_ you need to do a better job than that.  I am sincere about all
              these things I've raised. There is a clear cause-effect
              relationship between Holocaust and creation of modern Israel
              nation.  I felt that majority of European nations and America
              are in denial of this.  By the way, there was a proposal to
              create an Jewish settlement in Alaska around the time of end ofr
              WW2. That proposal didn't even made it to the Senate floor and
              died in committe.
              \_ you're an idiot.
2022/05/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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           Of course, giving Obama the peace prize is dumb, but it's a step
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              \_ Kissinger stunk, but worse than Arafat?  I dunno. That's close.
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        The only thing I got is the following:
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