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2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/4/20-28 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:52874 Activity:nil
4/19    Germany boycotting UN anti-racism meeting:
        "In recent meetings, it (Germany) has expressed dismay about some
        governments' attempts to downplay the significance of the Holocaust."
        How dare you say my sin was nothing!?  I'm quitting!
        \_ Seriously? You're giving shit to a country that's trying to take
           responsibility for their past?
           \_ I was just joking.  Actually, I admire what they do, and I hope
              Japan does the same and face its past the same way.  -- OP
           \_ I was just joking.  Actually, I admire what Germany does, and I
              hope Japan can face its past the same way.  -- OP
              \_ So, not srsly. Cool.
        \_ At some point Israel just need to admit that Israel as a nation is
           no different than South Africa 15 years ago... Those who pretend
           that is not the case will do foolish things like what Germany is
        \_ NO FREE SPEECH FOR RACISTS! (Pretty funny that this remark keeps
           getting censored, it proves my point)
2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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        http://www.csua.org/u/sl0 (news.yahoo.com)
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2009/3/30-4/3 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:52769 Activity:kinda low
3/30    The fascist bargain goes something like this. The state says to the
        industrialist, "You may stay in business and own your factories. In the
        spirit of cooperation and unity, we will even guarantee you profits and
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2009/2/5-10 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:52523 Activity:nil
2/5     Funny, the country that started WW 1 and 2, and killed millions
        are viewed as the most favoriable.
        \_ They haven't killed as many Vietcongs, Korean commies, and
           Super EVIL Terrorists as America for the past 50 years.
           \_ Vietcong is already plural. You wouldn't say Chineses. --tt
2009/1/27-2/1 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:52477 Activity:kinda low
1/27    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090127/ap_on_re_mi_ea/ml_gaza_challenged_8
        In one classroom Saturday, when UNRWA schools reopened, a Palestinian
        teacher was filmed asking children about their trauma during the war.
        The unidentified teacher then told the children that Palestinians have
        to "wage war against them (Israelis) until they leave their land," and
        asked her students, aged about 8, how they should react.
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