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2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/4/1-10 [Consumer/CellPhone, Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:52782 Activity:nil
4/1     Best places to get tech news? I'll start:
        \_ python.reddit is also nice if you're into that  kinda stuff. -t
        \_ ycombinator?  really?
           \_ dans loves it
           \_ I used to go there, but it's a bunch of self-confirming wankers
              and pretenders who ask obvious questions in the hope they'll find
              some insight that will allow them to skip the hard part of making
              a startup. Also, Paul Graham is overrated. -t
        \_ (my employer)
           \_ Ausman, is that you? :P -t
              \_ Yes.
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2012/12/11-30 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:54555 Activity:nil
12/11   What are some cheap wireless plans you can buy where you can
        get the sim-card and stick it into any device of your choice?
        \_ Any plan which uses a SIM. I have used my AT&T SIM in a
           Blackberry, two different iPhones, and even an old Razr. I
           assume you mean domestic use only.
        \_ I don't use my phone very much, so I've been contemplating on
2012/9/14-11/7 [Consumer/Camera, Consumer/CellPhone] UID:54477 Activity:nil 53%like:54476
9/12    iPhone 4S has new features like 8MP rear camera and Siri, and iPhone 5
        has 1.2MP front camera, 4" display, and 4G LTE.  My 17-month-old
        Android phone has 8MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera, 4.2" display,
        voice search, voice-to-text that supports English, Cantonese,
        Mandarin, Japanese plus other languages/dialects that I don't speak,
        4G LTE, and voice-guided navigation, all built-in.  I don't get what
2012/9/12-14 [Consumer/Camera, Consumer/CellPhone] UID:54476 Activity:nil 53%like:54477
9/12    iPhone 4S has new features like 8MP camera and Siri, and iPhone 5 has
        4" display and 4G LTE.  My 17-month old Android phone has 8MP camera,
        4.2" display, built-in voice search and voice typing, and 4G LTE.  I
        don't get it.
2012/3/7-26 [Consumer/Camera] UID:54328 Activity:nil
3/7     Does anyone else think the iPad3 isn't really that much better
        than the iPad2?  I don't really understand the hype.
        \_ 5MP camera?  My 1-yr-old Android phone has a 8MP auto-focus camera
           (plus a 1MP focus-free one on the front.)
              \_ The iPad camera seems like a joke to me.  The iPad is just
                 to big to be useful for taking pictures.  Maybe it makes
2011/9/19-10/18 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:54176 Activity:nil
9/19    Why are most latest smartphones called "<model> by <manuf>" rather than
        "<manuf> <model>" like in the older models?  E.g. "Droid X2 by
        Motorola", "ThunderBolt by HTC" and "Revolution by LG", vs. "Motorola
        Citrus", "HTC Trophy", "LG Cosmos Touch".  Is is just a matter of
        being fashionable?
        \_ I have an iPhone 4
2011/4/22-7/13 [Consumer/CellPhone, Health/Disease/AIDS] UID:54093 Activity:nil
4/22    Costco is selling "Bluetooth Capable Premium Digital Hearing Aids" for
        $1999.99 a pair.  My Bluetooth cell phone headset is maybe $30 for one
        ear.  Why does hearing aid cost so much?
        \_ Medical insurance?
        \_ Does $2000-your medical deductible = $30?
           \_ How come insurance companies allow such rip-offs?
2013/8/16-10/28 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:54728 Activity:nil
8/16    I just left my employer. They didn't ask to get their HW back.
        Is is common for employers to contact me a few months/years later
        and ask for their HW back?
        \_ Is it an iPhone 9 prototype? :-)
           \_ as a matter of fact, it is just a 2 year old laptop
              and they don't seem to keep track of inventor
2013/7/8-8/23 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:54706 Activity:nil
7/8     Suppose I just stopped going to work and stopped communicating
        with them. How many days will it take before they stop sending me
        paycheck (and maybe even try to get back the laptop they gave me)?
        \_ They'll probably try to call your emergency contact first to see if
           you're hit a tree or something.
           you've hit a tree or something.
2011/12/21-2012/2/6 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:54269 Activity:nil
12/21   In Emacs, how do I make it so that it will resize its screen
        when the maximum resolution of my monitor changes? When I
        use my laptop, my emacs is too big (and I can't resize it
        because the bottom-right corner is not accessible).
        \_ Which OS?  Can't you drag the top border (not a corner) to resize
           the height to be smaller?
2011/5/9-7/13 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:54106 Activity:nil
5/4     Any thoughts about apple switching to ARM for all machines?
        \_ Could only have happened if the Mac App Store had been a wild, wild
           success, and they were willing to give up Steam. Games/dual-booting
           is strategically valuable to not driving people away from macs.
           A new ARM iOS based device, or opening the Apple TV to iOS apps
           (same thing, really) would be much more likely than sabotaging their
2011/3/12-4/20 [Consumer/CellPhone, Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:54057 Activity:nil
3/12    I am curious what others think of tablets like iPad. They don't seem
        useful to me, but I use my computer for more than web browsing,
        Facebook, and Twitter. Why would I buy one instead of a laptop?
        They seem like a disabled laptop to me, but at a higher price.
        \_ You are most likely a coder.  iPad is not for coders.  They are
           what you get your non-technical friends.  Or musicians.  Look at
2010/8/23-9/7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:53932 Activity:low
9/21    are you guys really all using win7 in some way now?
        \_ Yes.  In my company, we have upgraded all our machines for
           development, QA and other office use (HR, Finance, Receptions, etc.)
           from WinXP to Win7 a few months ago.  Our products now primarily
           support Win7/Win2008 and secondarily support WinXP/Win2003.
           \_ Any weird gotchas support-wise?
2010/5/17-26 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:53835 Activity:nil
5/13    I am getting a new Macbook Pro. Should I get a glossy or matte screen?
        I always had matte in the past. I use my laptop just about everywhere
        and glare is a concern. Should I stick with matte? I noticed
        glossy is the default now.
        \_ It is weird, but I have the glossy screen that goes to the edge of
           the monitor for my 13" PB and it somehow seems bigger than the one
2010/4/5-15 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:53770 Activity:nil
4/4     My macbook is dying. After three and a half years, I want to retire it,
        and get a new one, but I live in constant fear* that Apple will pull a fast
        one on me and update them as soon as I do. Anyone know anything about an
        impending Apple laptop refresh?
        * = hyperbole
2010/1/22-30 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:53655 Activity:high
1/22    looking to buy a new development laptop
        needs ssdrive, >6 hr possible batt life, and runs linux reasonably
        Anyone have a recommendation? Thx.
        \_ thinkpad t23 w ssdrive and battery inplace of drive bay
        \_ Ever wondered what RICHARD STALLMAN uses for a laptop?  Well,
           wonder no more!
2009/10/24-11/3 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:53466 Activity:kinda low
10/24   How well do you see color? I got 8, how about you?
        \_ 7
           \_ what monitor did you use?
              \_ LCD on thinkpad x32, under not so great lighting conditions.
        \_ I scored 101, which seems impossible. Then again, I didn't
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Palm announces webOS SDK availability, Palm OS emulation for Pre, new cloud services -- Well, it's not quite the release date and price you were hoping for, but it's definitely something. Today Palm -- via a short keynote at the Web 2 Expo -- announced that the company would begin taking names ... The webOS developer community leaps ahead -- Today, Palm expanded the Mojo SDK program for webOS, announcing that a broad group of developers will be provided with the software development kit to create applications for the Palm Pre phone (as well as other future devices running webOS). Hulu begins encrypting HTML content to thwart non-browser apps -- It looks like Hulu's trying yet another ill-fated tactic to keep its content restricted to traditional browsers and off things like Boxee -- TunerFreeMCE's Martin Millmore says Hulu's HTML is now encrypted at the source and then decrypted using Javascript on the client. AT&T Offers Mini Laptops, Internet at Home and On the Go,' and Onsite Tech Support from Retail Stores -- Select AT&T Stores Trial Promotional Mini Laptop Pricing, Complimentary ConnecTech Consultations; First Impressions of the New BlackBerry App Store -- There have long been third-party programs for the BlackBerry, but in light of Apple's enormous success with an easy, built-in App Store for the iPhone, Research in Motion today unveiled its own similar store, called BlackBerry App World. Light and Cheap, Netbooks Are Poised to Reshape PC Industry -- SAN FRANCISCO -- Get ready for the next stage in the personal computer revolution: ultrathin and dirt cheap. Sales of Start-Ups Plummet, Along With Prices -- Venture-backed start-ups hoping to go public or get acquired had a tough first quarter, according to data released Wednesday. Complex -- "A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked. The inverse proposition also appears to be true: A complex system designed from scratch never works and cannot be made to work. You have to start over, beginning with a working simple system." iPod shuffle sales surge 50% as iPod touch maintains top slot -- Sales of Apple's most affordable iPod shot up more than 50 percent a week after the company unveiled new, more compact models that shift the push controls from the player itself to the included pair of earphones. Verizon Wireless: More E-book Readers May Be Coming -- Yardena Arar -- Are e-book readers going to be the next big thing in wireless? Verizon Wireless chief executive Lowell McAdam said "four or five" of them are in various stages of development in the company's open development labs. Verizon wants its software on mobile phones -- LAS VEGAS - Verizon Wireless doesn't care who emerges from the coming mobile operating system wars because no matter who wins, Verizon will make sure its software runs on top of that operating system. Latest iPhone developer agreement bans jailbreaks -- The latest revision of the iPhone SDK agreement that developers must sign forbids jailbreaking or creating apps for jailbroken phones. Gmail: Expect bigger changes in next 5 years -- Five years ago, Gmail launched with a splash big enough that many thought it was an April 1 joke: an entire gigabyte of online storage. SIGCSE thoughts: Preparing Students for Ubiquitous Parallelism -- The 2009 SIGCSE conference was my second, and I was alert for changes, one year on, in awareness and attitudes toward parallel computing. These turned out to be profound, noticeable and widespread. Nokia dismisses prospects of WiMax as wireless standard -- Nokia has dismissed the prospects of the WiMax wireless mobile standard, claiming it is doomed to meet the same fate as Betamax, the video format that lost out to VHS in a war over technology standards in the 1970s and 1980s. eBay Gets Into the App Platform Game -- Project Echo paves the way for eBay Selling Manager to become a platform where developers can build and sell their merchant tools. Google Showing Local Results On Non-Local Queries -- Google is rewriting the local search space. They're now showing local search results -- a map, business listings, and more -- even when searchers use generic terms that don't include a local word. atul About Techmeme: At this moment, the must-read stories in technology are scattered across hundreds of news sites and blogs. Fortunately, Techmeme arranges all of these links into a single, easy-to-scan page. Story selection is accomplished via computer algorithm extended with direct human editorial input. Our goal is for Techmeme is to become your tech news site of record. Joining Facebook in Making the Web More Social -- One of the greatest assets of the Flash Platform is it's large community of partners and developers who expand the capabilities of the platform with new and exciting features. Zeno 4803 -- As the keynote started, there were five of us spread out around a table in a conference room on the fourth floor of the Venetian Hotel Conference center. I had Tweetdeck up, and was watching what the attendees were thinking. SIGCSE thoughts: Preparing Students for Ubiquitous Parallelism -- The 2009 SIGCSE conference was my second, and I was alert for changes, one year on, in awareness and attitudes toward parallel computing. News Release: O'Reilly Velocity, the Web Performance and Operations Conference, Opens Registration -- Program Teaches How to Build a Better Internet -- Sebastopol, CA, March 5, 2009--O'Reilly Media ... Zoho Chat 20 Launches with Multi-Protocol Support and more -- Zoho Chat is one of our key applications that enables conversation between Zoho users. Our Chat bus integrates many Zoho Applications under the hood. You Can Start a Company in a Weekend -- This is a guest post written by Tyler Willis who is the lead organizer of Startup Weekend in San Francisco (which Microsoft BizSpark is hosting) and works as the Director of Marketing at Involver.
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ad-frame reddit is a source for what's new and popular online. vote on links that you like or dislike and help decide what's popular, or submit your own! Best April Fools Day joke so far: PHP chooses the backslash as the namespace separator. CIG'08 (Games/AI conference) proceedings online -- keynote videos, tutorials and full papers released!
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MyMo, Taiwanese company GuideTek Tec hnology will intro the iCare Baby Bear cell phone to fill the gaping voi d in devices that may mangle young brains. It is iCute to the point of b eing iNauseating, but is so simple that we may as well just implant them in our toddlers, already. bigger digits in you somewhere), we have to say this is definitely the m ost intense American Samsung handset weve seen in a long time. Expect i t in the second quarter to come with that 2-megapixel camera, swiveling dual display, EVDO support, Bluetooth, MPEG-4 video support, stereo spea kers and VOD. Very nice indeed, especially since it still happens to be very small and light; however, we didnt catch a memory slot on this thi ng, and that could be a big problem real quick. cars We havent really given a whole lot of thought to where all the antennas are hidden in modern cars; were just glad theyre not sticking up on th e hood like they used to. But the New York Times has queried the industr y, and has a good overview of where the wires are stashed. It turns out there are people in the auto industry who spend their whole careers find ing places to hide antennas that are needed for everything from keyless entry systems to cruise-control systems. Good spots include the insides of doors, side mirrors and windows. If youre in the market for a personal mugging deterrent, or perhaps if you have an ex-friend you really want to deafen, peep the $3 00 Sonic Devestator from Future Horizons. Its a handheld, battery-power ed device outfitted with an output transducer that emits intense ultraso nic blasts at 130 decibels. At that level, its safe to say youll be ab le to startle any would-be attackers in the near vicinity supposedly e ffective in the range between between 20 and 50ft. To say that this devi ce produces irritation is, well, an understatement. NTT DoCoMo did the slider form factor justice in the D901i. You just cant argue with a 262k color 24-inch QVGA screen (esp ecially not one with lots of crazy crap on it, like above), let alone a miniSD slot, 2-megapixel camera, QR code support, and 3G. Plus, gotta lo ve that chic 70s amber/beige/earthtone/copper color scheme. AOL Logo America Online is rolling out some new services to mobile carriers, inclu ding the Instant Pictures feature for AIM and two new MapQuest features. The Find Me feature uses GPS to help cellphone users locate themselves, get maps and driving directions, and find nearby sites of interest. The Traffic feature delivers realtime traffic info for 90 major US cities . The 35 x 12 x 083-inch device only has a miniscu le 262k color 128 x 160 pixel LCD but what do you expect? It also hits y ou up with a VGA resolution camera, 87MB internal memory, and TransFlash (aka microSD). PMP thickerin this case, the Erae Foceat the novelty e xpensive of slide-revealed controls and 2oz of wow. And maybe its just us, but it looks pretty big for a 5GB Microdrive based player, too. The 42 x 19 x 065-inch phone weighs only 345 ounces, has an OLED subdisplay, and sit s in a magnesium and aluminum case. It may not be all that feature rich, but dont worry so much about it; You know, we figured wed really give it the onc e-over, just for fairness sake. And then we looked at one another and s aid, What were they thinking? Maybe if they can add X-ray vision capa bilities in the 2nd rev? PEBLbut a lot more plasticy , and somehow even a lot more desirable. Kyoceras A1430K has a very ret ro-display feel to its subdisplay, while the inside was nice and shiny c lean, featuring a 22-inch QVGA LCD. Oh, and that lack of metal made for a severely light device, one we wouldnt be ashamed at all to carry des pite its lack of features otherwise, and general super-femminess. Yeah, outside the VGA camera, the handset wasnt really of note, but damn if t he Japanese low-end isnt just so very nice. Sonys Connect online music store, at least not when its la unched later this year. Nah, instead itll have support for both MP3 and AAC, with the idea is that youll load it up with music from your own c ollection (itll ship with a 512MB Memory Stick Duo card). We were told that eventually they might add support for Connect (which would require a firmware upgrade, since the W800 doesnt currently support ATRAC3), as well as whatever wireless music download services the carriers might be cooking up, but in the meantime they just want to make it easy for peop le to get music on to their phones, and over-the-air aint it. its soft materials are perfect for the fashion style of young wom en. Is it just us, or does this phone kind of remind you of what ET w ould look like if reincarnated as a femmy Japanese VGA-cameraphone? PS Engrish bonus: A soft and lovely mobile phone just for you. PPS Second Engrish bonus: Japans first mobile phone wrapped in soft material for a cushiony feel. Gotta love cellphones with the same descr iptive terms as toilet paper. Visa smart card You remember how stoked everyone got when Visa was all up on chipping the ir cards (not that anything really useful came of thatat least in Ameri ca, anyway); already 10% of Visa customers worldwide have their CCs pimp ed like that. Visa wants to have cards with flexible LCD, OTF T, or OLED displays that read out recent transactions, balances, or exch ange rates, and other relevant information. Okay, sounds good to us, but then you have to worry about securing the credit card with biometric co untermeasures, and adding microprocessors and even wireless and syncing, by the end youll wind up with a 05-inch thick $150 piece of plastic t he maitred s just going to cut up after dinner when youve overextende d your line of credit. Firefly were gracious enough to let us tool around a li ttle while with their emergency cellphone, and believe it or not, we act ually started to forget it was a kids device. In all reality, it might just as easily make for a great backup emergency phone to give your swee tie, but they didnt forget who it was really intended for: the Firefly felt very sturdy in that plasticy, kids stuff kinda way. Okay, so theyre showing it off at CeBIT, and Samsungs claiming this 35g biz to bust 50Mbps on the 23GHz band (thats a new oneoh, and despite what the Inq says, no , WiFi and Bluetooth actually do reside on the 24GHz band) and be capab le of supporting seamless tower handoffs at up to about 35mph. Except Samsung already gave em up and had WiBro running in December of last year; plus theyre already rolling it out to three Korean carriers and testing in Japan and the US. as weve w hined before, we cant stand dealing with batteries. And were psyched t hat at least two companies Toshiba and Antig Technology were showing off their latest methanol cells at CeBIT last week. Antig has actually come up with a cell that you can pop into the CD bay of your laptop (ass uming you can get along without your optical drive), which they claim wi ll be market-ready later this year. Toshiba, however, is still hedging o n their long-delayed drive, saying that it wont be ready for commercial production until theyve addressed size, weight and regulatory issues. We dont know what Antig has done to address these issues that Toshiba h asnt, but well be first in line to check out their cell when it launch es. In other words, in the SLVR family, its the middle of the road. Otherwise, both werent quite as small as w ed hoped, but they felt very solid; wed be more than happy to slip one in our back pocket and take off with it. Remixed Slider KX5 at the show tod aynot a whole lot remixed from most of the other sliders weve seen, bu t it did have a few interesting twists. Namely, Kyoceras and Alienware s partnership became apparent with the Kyocera Gamepad, a weird dock-ish gamepad amalgam. It may have wobbled a lot more than wed have liked, b ut at least its different; they also showed off the audio dock, which w asnt much more than a charging cradle with audio outs for playing music off the phone. Nokia 6155 Nokia dropped three newbies of CDMA loving grace today: the 6155 (shown a bove) sports a 1-megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom, video recording/ playback at 15fps, 262k color primary display. It ...
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Chatterous (YC W08) launches im/email/sms group API and widgets. Coding Horror: Should Competent Programmers be "Mathematically Inclined"?
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The Register: whole site Site homepage search El Reg Search Skip to content The Register -- Biting the hand that feeds IT * Hardware * Software * Music & Media * Networks * Security * Public Sector * Business * Science * Odds & Sods Search * Newsletters * Feeds * Whitepapers The Register Feeds All our feeds are below. Click or copy a URL to your feed reader of choice. Alternatively, check out our email newsletters. The Register everything, from all sections Hardware PCs & Chips, Servers, Storage, Data Networking, Virtualization, Notebooks Software Operating Systems, Applications, Developer, Systems, Productivity, Infrastructure, Microbite Music & Media Networks VoIP, Wireless, Mobile, Telecoms Security Crime, Enterprise Security, Anti-Virus, Spam, Identity, Spyware Public Sector Government, Law, Policing, Business Financial News, Small Biz, IT Director, Reg Technology Panel Science Environment, Biology, Physics, Space, Rise of the Machines(TM) Odds & Sods Verity Stob, Bootnotes, Entertainment, Letters, Site News Jobs plan your next career move Feeds for other Reg sites * Reg Hardware * Channel Register Top stories 1 Intel 'Nehalem' Xeon 5500 series 2 Conficker botnet remains dormant - for now 3 US judge bars teen 'sexting' charges 4 Firefox 30 ekes ahead of Internet Explorer 7 in Europe 5 What's an open cloud? Hidden links: 100.
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Google uncloaks once-secret server Unusually, the search giant designs its own servers. For the first time, Google unveils one publicly, showing a surprise built-in battery. Verizon promises 4G wireless for rural US Verizon Wireless' CTO says the company's new 4G wireless network will blanket the entire continental US, even hard to reach rural America. CEOs see wireless as answer to economic crisis Verizon and T-Mobile USA's CEOs say that wireless is a growth engine for the economy and could help pull the nation out of crisis. Images: The inner life of gadgets Artist Satre Stuelke uses a CT scan machine to offer a penetrating take on objects from the iPhone and iPod to a vacuum tube and a wind-up rabbit. Web 20 Expo: Don't worry, be app-y roundup Annual confab of Web innovators might be smaller this year, but it's still a place for big ideas, with a particular focus on mobile applications and solid business plans. Cable industry stays optimistic in spite of economy Industry leaders at this week's Cable Show say the future is strong and the sector can help bring the United States out of the recession. Palm opening WebOS SDK up to developers We still don't know the price of the Pre, but Palm is ready to start letting developers get down and dirty with the software that will run on its comeback hope. Audio slideshow: Building bots for sport Teams of high-school engineers compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition, through which students hone their skills in design, engineering, machining, and programming. Bill would create national cybersecurity adviser Position created under proposed legislation would report directly to President Obama and a panel of outside experts on Internet security. Faltering economy boosting Netbooks A research report from DisplaySearch says the small form factor notebooks are expected to grow 65 percent to account for one fifth of the entire notebook market. Net traffic down on first day of Swedish antipiracy law The same day the new law goes into effect, Internet traffic is down considerably and five audio book publishers go after an alleged illegal file sharer in court. Take-Two settles stock options-backdating case Company behind Grand Theft Auto agrees to pay a $3 million penalty fee to settle its case with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the agency announces. YouTube now pulls music videos out of Germany Similar to what recently happened in the UK, YouTube removes music videos from Germany after talks with royalty collections group break down.