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2022/05/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/3/23-30 [Transportation/Car] UID:52748 Activity:kinda low
3/23    My 98 Accord needs a new transmission, how much are we looking
        at for the entire job? $1500? $3000? Also, what's the difference
        between a rebuilt and remanufacturered transmission?
        \_ Just curious, what's wrong with your transmission?
           \_ First gear may or may not engage, depending on... luck and
              weather. Cold weather engages well, hot weather... my engine
              just revs.
              \_ I had similar problem with first gear engaging when I start
                 my car first thing in the morning. I got my transmission
                 rebuilt twice and still didn't fix the problem.  Then I told
                 my mechanic to replace the gear solenoid and that fixed it.
                 It was around $2100 to rebuild the transmission I think.
        \_ I don't know about the cost of new, but a lot of tranmission
           repair shops will rebuild an old one for anywhere in the price
           range above.
        \_ Don't buy a new tranmission. Find a transmission expert, go
           to a junk yard, take a transmission off a car of your model year
           for under $300, have the transmission expert install it.
           \_ "take a transmission off a car". Like, with a blow torch? sheesh.
              \_ It is not that hard, you just need some wrenches and a lot
                 of time.
2022/05/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Meet Ed's Mom How much will it cost to rebuild the transmission? Some require almost every part inside the case to be rebuilt, some even a case, and some simply need clutches, gaskets and seals to make them as good as new. Here are some quick background facts about how transmission prices are determined: * Large production company rebuild prices are determined by figuring out the number of parts used in a year and dividing that number by the total units built that year and then adding a profit margin to the per unit cost. Edward's solution is to combine the best of both worlds by using production rebuilding efficiency with live unit pricing. Ultimately, the cost to the consumer is considerably less money. Test driving your vehicle under normal acceleration, light acceleration, and heavy acceleration and observing the shift quality and timing of your vehicle will tell a lot. Checking the transmission fluid also provides some indicators. Professional shops usually have a list of 10 or more items to check when determining whether or not your transmission is working properly. Even then, most late model transmissions need an electronic scan of the computer components to show if your transmission is working properly. We recommend letting an Edwards professional perform the preliminary road test and check your car out for FREE while you wait. The testing takes about 30 minutes and we will be able to determine if anything needs to be done from there. Transmissions, like the engine body and other major components of a vehicle, should last the life of the vehicle, but, for different reasons, sometimes fail prematurely. Excessive salt or sunlight puts wear on your car's body parts early. Heat, excessive stress, or poor lubrication tend to cause mechanical failures early. Abnormal electrical currents, excessive heat, excessive cold or vibrations cause electronic failures early. Malfunctioning components like engines or electrical systems can cause abnormal failure of other components early. Gears What's the difference between new, rebuilt, and remanufactured transmissions? Things to consider: * Quality control can be tighter in the new or remanufactured method but pricing is more expensive. These prices are less than new but still higher than rebuilt. This service used to be very common but due to the highly technical style of transmissions today, few auto repair shops and dealerships actually employ technicians capable of rebuilding today's transmissions. Edward's operates remanufacturing facilities that offer the best quality, and efficiency of manufacturing, yet charge only for the parts the customer really needs, similar to on-site rebuilding. Auto repairs have warranties ranging from "as is" (meaning no warranty) to several years and 10s of thousands of miles. Customer needs vary from short to long term and low to high mileage. Only the customer can determine which type of warranty best fits his or her needs. Edward's Transmissions customizes warranty coverage to meet each customer's specific needs. How Long How long will it take to repair my transmission? The removal and reinstallation of a transmission in the average modern vehicle takes 4-6 hours. Service manuals list transmission overhauls as requiring between 6-12 hours, once the transmission has been removed from the vehicle. Each job has to be evaluated on its own but Edward's Remanufacturing Factory can diminish the total time to less than a 24 hour period most of the time.