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2022/05/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/2/28-3/5 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:52663 Activity:nil
2/28    SK Prez attempts to crush free speech, MBC posts on youtube
        (Note, the first 30s or so are in Korean, then English, Chinese,
        French, Spanish, and Japanese)
2022/05/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Quick Capture Korean MBC Message to the world 'fight against Control of Speech in Korea' Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. This isn't the world's best video describing what's happening in South Korea but this is the only video we have at the moment. I did add English subtitles and it would be great if other people can help me to translate what they are saying in other languages. calls on the world to fight against the bill proposed to abridge the freedom of speech in South Korea Kim Jeong-Geun : Urgent breaking news from MBC, Korean National Union of Media Workers headquarter. Grand National Party (GNP), governing party of South Korea, is trying to take full control of South Korean media by forcefully and foully passing the bill proposed to abridge the freedom of speech and expression in South Korea. And we want to let the world know of the current situation in South Korea. Here are the messages from MBC anchors and reporters, all of whom are members of Korean National Union of Media Workers. However, our nation's foundation of liberal democracy is on the verge of collapsing. The ruling GNP is trying to push a legislation to restrict the freedom of speech without agreement from the opposition. In Korea, this is called "Nal-Chi-Gi," which means rushing the bill through. This is raising a lot of public anger and Korea is on the brink of losing our freedom of speech. And make another call to Kim Hyong-O, Speaker of the National Assembly and protest, "The whole world is watching! Kwon Hee-Jin : At this very moment in South Korea, a couple, more shocking than Sarkozy and Bruni, is about to make their union official. It's a union between top three extremist right-wing mega presses of Korea (Chosun, Joong-Ang, and Dong-A) and broadcast media. Their union will be a catastrophe for South Korean democracy. When a large majority of Korean people are against it, the ruling GNP would not listen to the voices of the people. Lee Dong-Hee (): In South Korea, many words are becoming obsolete: Democracy, common sense, communication, freedom of speech. The ruling party is trying to reverse the clock of history. South Korean democracy has retrogressed and dictatorship has risen from the dead. Ha Ji-Eun (): The GNP swears they will restore the economy by revising the press law. By the way, a Japanese word was heard, out of the blue, at the National Assembly of Culture, Sports, Tourism, and Broadcasting Committee. We cannot pass the bill as you're "Gensei"-ing and barging in. Ha Ji-Eun (): What we want to hear from the GNP is not "Gensei" but "Smimasen" (Sorry). Kim Jeong-Geun : To protect South Korean democracy, we will fight until the end. Marked as spam Reply Marked as spam This message is from South Korea's MBC broadcasting center, one of the country's largest TV stations. In response to the leading party's recent actions which show gross disrespect for democratic process and freedom of speech, MBC and its reporters are sending out a desperate plea for help to the global community. And I believe that Korea will rise again with this kind of act. MBC has their own opinion, and you as well, but do not tell that's a lie. I, and a lot of people believe it's true hoping everyone in the world will know this issue. Freedom of speech is under threat of oppression and control, as any opinion against the government and the ruling party is taken as from a 'communist' or a 'loser'. What those who in authority and power want is to bring the old times back, not in darkness as before but in disguised laws. They are proving it by themselves by blocking the people's voices. The middle-management executive is more than ordinary employee. They have lived extremely comportable and luxurious life for past 10years with the protection of the past 2 presidents without competition.