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2022/01/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/2/23-25 [Consumer/Camera] UID:52620 Activity:nil
2/22    Can't believe this didn't get posted:
        \_ I agree with the protestors. Adobe Flash Player's monopoly
           on personal computers must be stopped. We seriously don't
           want the next Microsoft, in the form of a Flash Player.
        \_ NSFW
           \_ Doh, sorry!
        \_ How come their breasts are so small? Anyways, I couldn't help
           myself staring at that big Canon camera + lens with a wired
           off-camera flash the photographer had. Is that a 24-70mm f/2.8?
           I swear it looks like the 24-70mm but it has a pedestal
           hood so it's probably something else. I'm almost certain it's
           a 5D given the size of it, but not 100% sure since it's blurred.
2022/01/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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supporters took advantage of the mild weather today to protest in a flash-ier way. Two girls stood outside Kimmel topless (warning: photos below the jump) proclaiming "Show your tits for TBNYU!" The shirtless protesters hung around for half an hour as TV news crews asked filmed their backs during interviews. Nicole He Feb 19, 2009 15:40 Why are their armpits shaved? Chris Kennedy Feb 19, 2009 15:42 I fully support this type of protest. Charlie Eisenhood Feb 19, 2009 15:48 Fantastic - thank God somebody got better photos than my piece of crap. marshall harris Feb 19, 2009 16:29 @Nate Berkopec: 100% agreed. demands such as clarity with regard to endowment, tuition, etc. but LEADING the list of demands with "amnesty for all parties involved" is a joke. specifically, investigating war profiteers, providing scholarships for Palestinian students and sending supplies to Gaza are mentioned in the list of demands. these are noble ideas but they can be accomplished in a multitude of ways besides staging a protest or sit-in. just start a student group and raise sufficient funds to provide a scholarship and then grow the organization from there... the same student group could get the wheels in motion to accomplish the other worldly goals as well. demanding student groups have priority for reserving space in buildings? i'm guessing the student groups are just not getting their reservation requests in early enough. Coke likely pays NYU for the rights to distribute its products, so if you don't want those products, then don't purchase them. teaching assistants receive substantial compensation in the form of an advanced degree from a great institution, as well as discounted tuition in most cases... many are not even good teachers, so what more do they deserve? my advice would be to go back to the drawing board and come up with demands that are attainable and that cover topics directly affecting the NYU community. otherwise you will never be taken seriously by the faculty. from where i sit it seems these students are acting extremely immature and lack a grasp of reality. they will and SHOULD face whatever consequences are coming their way. Joseph H Feb 19, 2009 16:45 I witnessed the moment of epicness when a white van stopped in the middle of the street and the driver pulled out his cellphone to take a picture Mona Li Feb 19, 2009 16:50 Suri, it's just your luck to cover this. I really don't see why these girls need to go topless to support TBNYU's cause. Seems like activists on campus are rallying to milk the occupation for the sole purpose of protest. John Lempka Feb 19, 2009 17:16 I was formulating a list of fake demands that I would have printed and handed out to onlookers had not Wash. computer lab (that is: impossibly crowded), which included: mandatory gay marriage, cannabis on campus cash, no Friday recitations, and *nudist solidarity*. Kathy Davis Feb 19, 2009 17:25 What the hell is this supposed to do, exactly? It's just an excuse to take their shirts off and pretend it's not for attention. They don't even have breasts - I thought the first one was a really thin boy. Keri Lyons Feb 19, 2009 17:32 Total misquoting (I'm the tattooed one). We DID say, "Exposure til Disclosure" "NYU I have nothing to hide, what are you hiding!" and "NYU I can't afford clothes anymore, let me see your budget!" We wanted to express solidarity, we wanted to draw attention to the occupation, and we wanted to do so in a creative and radical way. We have no shame about our bodies, it wasn't sexual, it was pairing words with action. marshall harris Feb 19, 2009 17:58 @ Keri Lyons: it's cool that you guys drew attention to this the way you did. while i don't support the sit-in/protest in general, i fully support what the feminist ninjas brought to the table. don't listen to the haters who say nasty things about you girls... rachael ninja Feb 19, 2009 18:03 RE: marshall harris "but the NYU-focused demands are also puzzling. demanding student groups have priority for reserving space in buildings? i'm guessing the student groups are just not getting their reservation requests in early enough." harris obviously has no idea what he is talking about and appears to be quite the bed-buddy with NYU beaurocratic bullshit. as a two-year long member of a prominant NYU feminist organization (NOW-NYU), let me inform you, mr. harris, that it has been over a half-decade long battle for the women's community at NYU to have a women's center implemented in kimmel. NYU has a LGBTQ center, a center for multi-cultural studies, a center for spirituality, ALL WITHIN THE KIMMEL BUILDING. But they have been consistently denying years and years of well-orchestrated, highly-supported requests for a women's center. As an officer for NOW, let me tell you that the need for a women's center here at NYU is imperative. Due to the size of the university, it is almost impossible for all the various feminist, women's, organizations to form a united from and keep each other informed on what they are doing, on what they need. There is also no outlet for women feeling the same type of pressures that many LGBTQ youth at our school may feel. Maybe you should be more critical of administration and power, mr. harris, before you talk about things that you don't have ANY idea about. we consistently have our room taken away from us even though we have had the same room and time spot for over 4 years. Facebook User Feb 19, 2009 18:08 Whether or not such topless exhibitionism is necessary, for what it's worth, these photos are tremendous. Alana Taylor Feb 19, 2009 19:22 Maybe if TBNYU had one, clear message all this would be effective. All I get from this is something about opening the Gaza Strip Club. Jenny Cervantes Feb 19, 2009 20:17 @Rachael Ninja, While I think it's great that you guys are fighting for your convictions, I'm a little confused with your post. Does TBNYU have any demands that correlate with those of NOW-NYU? Also, I'm not really sure why there's a need for a Women's Center within Kimmel. In my understanding, feminists are fighting for equality. Why ask for special treatment by requesting a "Women's center"? Also, how will segregating ourselves from the male population create equality? Finally, I really can't see how anyone who saw these pictures would be able to take a feminist movement seriously. While the idea behind it was good, it's pretty clear that few people grasped the message you were trying to convey. All they saw was naked women trampsing around outside of Kimmel, which probably doesn't make many people respect you or your organizations. jefferson brundisi Feb 19, 2009 20:58 Nice bods, but that cigarette has gotta go! Johnny John John Feb 19, 2009 22:06 I just left college one year ago. MMMMM Yeah Feb 19, 2009 22:06 FINALLY a website that is willing to show those college-aged breasts with cold and hard nipples. All of the other websites make their breasts look like blurs. Christina B Feb 19, 2009 22:26 15 minutes of fame and their face in a newspaper. Sarah B Feb 19, 2009 22:45 @ Jenny The point of the women and gender resource center (not just women's center) would be so that student groups on campus could coordinate with one another. There is too much of a divide between the feminist/gender related groups on campus. It is difficult to get events publicized and to work as a coalition of groups if we have no space to meet. demand for student groups' priority when requesting rooms/spaces, ESPECIALLY within Kimmel, correlates with this because of our lack of meeting spaces right now. NOW-NYU wants transparency and budget disclosure as well -- it is important that we make sure that there are no disparities in pay based on gender. As is, women in the US are paid much less than men and we would like to ensure that isn't happening at NYU. While not all of the NOW-NYU members agree with every demand made by TBNYU! many (if not all) of us support their efforts to get students' voices heard. As to the public nudity, I have no full comment right now. I'd like to get my thoughts about that straight before commenting on it. Nicole He Feb 19, 2009 23:06 My mom: Wait that's a girl? Kaela Rae Jensen Fe...