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2018/10/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/12/10-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:52219 Activity:high
12/9    A new politburo has been elected. --t
        \_ I'm glad at least you guys could fill all seven offices this time.
           Its really a shame that the amendment failed, the politburo is
           too heavyweight at 7 officers (some of whom are so superflous,
           there is little need for them to give a crap).  I wish you guys
           had proposed the amendment in a way that might actually convince
           some people rather than "hey, so we want to do this." -mrauser
           \_ hey, is it kosher to top-post like this? anyways, I dunno, if we
              have enough officers to fill the 7 spots (as we did), I'd rather
              have the larger offices. Part of my consideration in voting
              against (I was initially for) was that I wanted to pull some more
              people in to the CSUA, and so we can rely on others if some of us
              happen to be busy (especially since 3/7th of Politburo will be in
              CS150). --t
              \_ You have been here for a week, don't start becoming a format
                 nazi.  I find it astounding that you voted down the amendment
                 seeing as I could not find a single place where you voiced
                 any dissenting opinion to it.  Why didn't you voice your
                 concern instead of silently hoping for failure.  The concern
                 you gave was the original reason for the amendment but it
                 completely failed.  Do you not remember an entire semester
                 where steven held two offices because you couldnt find a
                 single person who could act as events director? The rationale
                 for the amendment is clear from your description.  Right now
                 the "larger" offices are the offices taking up the majority
                 of the responsibility and work burden for the csua.  The
                 amendment would have left you with positions with more
                 balance between them instead of the large disparity now. -mr
                 \_ I've been here for two weeks, at least. Also, I have no
                    obligation to email you when I change my opinion, but FYI
                    I did talk with other members of politburo about this,
                    outside of politburo. That I sent out the email surveying
                    possible candidates for each of the position should indicate
                    to you (after the fact) that it wasn't a sudden decision,
                    and (though it's also not something I'd email you about) I
                    CSUA members for intent to run should indicate to you
                    (after the fact) that it wasn't a sudden decision, and
                    (though it's also not something I'd email you about) I
                    okay'ed it with a few politburo members. And of course I
                    took into account Steven's dual-position. Do you think I'm
                    an idiot? To me, balance was not really the issue; if
                    anything the low-stress positions such as librarian and
                    secretary are IMO a good gateway for members to test how
                    much they want to involve themselves in managing CSUA
                    affairs. It's why I ran for secretary in the first place.
                    I could go on, but my lock time just expired. --t

        \_ There are also plans for a forum to replace motd.  Yah!
           \_ No there aren't. There are plans to pilot a forum to see if any of
              you crochety old folks can be arsed into using this newfangled web
              technology to connect with undergrads. --t (president-elect)
           \_ No there aren't. There are plans to pilot a forum to see if any
              of you crochety old folks can be arsed into using this
              newfangled web technology to connect with undergrads. --t
              \_ if there are gals as hot as karen@csua circa 2004-5 I'll
                 definitely donate and connect with you undergrads.
                 \_ Pics of karen please?
                    \_ karen likes fruits, but does she like gay people?
                    \_ Commence stalking now:
                       \_ I'm in LOOOOOVE. Time to donate to the CSUA.
                          \_ She's taken.
                       \_ oh man, karen is really creative. impressive
                       \_ I thought Karen has big breasts.  Guess not.
                    \_ http://xcf/~paolo/brc2004/3444600-R1-034-15A.jpg
                       \_ Blown out highlights in the back, typical when
                          you're trying to save details in front. Actually
                          I'm surprised to see how much shadow (subject)
                          was saved despite this high contrast scene.
                          Was a fill-in flash used in this situation?
                          What camera+flash if any was used here?
                       \_ She's VERY taken.
                          \_ I'm still going to jerk off to her pics.
                    \_ http://xcf/~paolo/brc2004/3444600-R1-034-15A.jpg
                       \_ I thought someone on motd once said Karen had big
                          breasts.  I guess not.
                          \_ they're bigger than mine. certainly bigger
                             than typical Japanese and Taiwanese ones.
                 \_ I guess you could call that hot...
              \_ oh boy, another web forum to ignore.
                 \_ just like motd
            \_ Ummm, do you really want these guys connecting with the
2018/10/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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  is the best
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Thanksgiving craft time 25 November 2008, 6:56 pm For those of you who missed out on the classic paper turkey in elementary school, here are instructions. If you do remember making this as a wee innocent child, it's worth doing again. Many of us are in such a hurry to be grown up that we lose our wonderment and delight for simple activities. A little treat for my birthday Celebratory cupcakes Every time this date rolls around I start to stress. The thoughts, worries, second-guessings eat away at me for weeks on end. I am cranky, temperamental, and long for the days when I was younger. This year, these feelings crept into my life months before the dreaded date. This year, I decided to apply my nervous energy into working on the sub-optimal components of my life. I now feel comfortable and happy staying at home while others go out. Gone is the creeping feeling that I am missing out on something if I am not constantly social. As of today, my credit cards are completely paid off, and I'd like to keep it that way for a long time. I am learning to willingly sludge through chores because they ultimately benefit me, despite my inclination to crawl into bed and nap. There is a long road ahead, and with society's emphasis on youth, I sometimes need to remind myself that experience and maturity is far more valuable than physical beauty. Despite all this growing up, I refuse to let go of youth. Youth in the sense of appreciating beauty, trying new things, enjoying simple pleasures. After so many years of feeling old, this is the first time I feel new. Paypal sadness 14 November 2008, 12:01 am The biggest problem with having a limited paypal account is that they have the records for your credit cards. You cannot use the credit cards on paypal even if you try to pay as a guest user & don't sign in. I wish there were something better than paypal (in functionality and ease of use, and at least close to equal in adoption rate). After several iterations to remove the swear words and condescending tone, this is what I sent to them. From: Karen Nguyen To: Paypal Dear Paypal, I do not understand why you think my account is a nonprofit. Several months ago I sent an email to the support group requesting that my account be downgraded from a business account to a personal account. I do not have a business, and I no longer deal with finances for a nonprofit organization. I received an email confirming that my account was downgraded. Now, my account is limited and I cannot send or receive payments. I tried looking through the profile settings and did not find a way to change my account category. I also did a search and it did not have anything helpful to my situation. Thanks, Karen ----- PayPal requires accounts within the charity / non profit category to provide us with some additional information regarding their organization. Upon a recent review, your account was identified as falling within this classification. Until we can collect this information, your access to sensitive account features will be limited. Please take a moment to provide us with this information so that we can restore your access as soon as possible. In case you can't tell (I'm working on the carving skillz) this is a macbook pro. You can tell it's one of the new ones because the trackpad has no mouse button. Pumpkin hunting-some tips from an experienced hunter 26 October 2008, 5:17 pm Adult hunters are far more adept than children, so the pumpkins tend to group in safer arears. Because of this, the best place to hunt for pumpkins is in the suburbs where there is a much higher percentage of children than in the cities.
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