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2018/05/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/12/9-14 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:52215 Activity:kinda low
12/9    I have what is likely a very basic (and possibly stupid) question.
    Do the current financial troubles of the big 3 auto makers
    just happen to coincide with the horrible economy we have,
    or is it resulting from it? Thanks.
        \_ They were already troubled, but not irreparably in the
           previous environment. The current environment has made things
           much worse.
        \_ GM is an unmanagable leviathan which has been in decline for 30 years.
           Its debt was downgraded to junk status _last_year_ after they lost
           $39 billion. The downturn would merely pull the plug on this vegetable.
        \_ GM is an unmanagable leviathan which has been in decline for 30
           years. Its debt was downgraded to junk status _last_year_ after
           they lost $39 billion. The downturn would merely pull the plug
           on this vegetable.
        \_ The Economist ran a story about the End of the Car Giants, which I
           unfortunately cannot find right now. They said their business model
           was basically broken and that they were going to wither away. This
           was about three years ago.
2018/05/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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12/17   Chrysler halts production. It's not like anyone I know in N Cal
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        \_ they still own lamborghini?
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        \_ HAN: (over speaker) Now let's blow this thing and go home!
           \_ I know you don't believe in technical indicators, but today
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        \_ This was known already for some time. This news is specially
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9/17    Toyota to go 100% hybrid:
        \_ They're going hybrid with the Highlanders, and competitors to
           follow. GREAT! I can't wait to get my Chevy Suburban or Hummer
           hybrids so that I can drive in style for the mere gasoline cost
           of a traditional Honda Accord.
2005/5/9-11 [Transportation/Car, Reference/Law/Visa] UID:37589 Activity:moderate
5/9     Here's someone who found a creative use for a math degree:
        \_ What a lamer.
        \_ It crazy to do this for someone whose parents can donate $21m to a
        \_ It's crazy to do this for someone whose parents can donate $21m to a
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people ), Moody's said it lowered its ratings to "Ca" from "Caa2," citing the increased probability of a balance-sheet restructuring that would result in a loss for current debtholders. Moody's also lowered its ratings for privately held Chrysler to "Ca" from "Caa2," affecting about $9 billion in debt. The ratings agency noted Chrysler is highly dependent on truck and SUV segments, which have seen slumping demand as consumers shift to smaller vehicles. Chrysler reported Tuesday its US sales in November plunged more than 47 percent, worse than the industry average of 37 percent. A lower credit rating implies a company is less likely to repay its debt and usually means it will cost the company more to borrow money. Ford's rating of "Caa1" was affirmed by Moody's, affecting $26 billion in debt. Comment On This Story The automakers and their union are trying to sell a skeptical Congress on a $34 billion aid plan, promising labor concessions and restructuring in advance of a second round of hearings. Chrysler said it needed $7 billion by year's end to keep operating. GM asked for an immediate $4 billion as the first installment of a $12 billion loan, plus a $6 billion line of credit to use if conditions worsen. Ford wants a $9 billion "standby line of credit" in case a competitor fails.
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See the rest FAQ and methodology All companies on the list must publish financial data and report part or all of their figures to a government agency. com It was a tough year for GM, as it suffered a loss of nearly $39 billion and continues to lose market share to Japanese rivals Toyota and Honda. But, with a diverse portfolio of brands, General Motors did hit some international milestones; combined with its local partners, it was the first automaker to sell 1 million vehicles in China, and sales increased 74% in India. Even with its commitment to emerging markets, though, the company spent much of 2007 handling labor issues back home. More competitors From the July 21, 2008 issue Sold GMAC (2007 rank: 244) to a consortium led by Cerberus Capital Management, Nov. Revenues: includes revenues from discontinued operations.