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2018/07/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/11/7-13 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:51868 Activity:low
11/7    Now that prop 8 looks like it's passed, does that mean all married
        gay couples have to file taxes separately again, and revert any other
        agreements from married to domestic partner (if it existed)?
        \_ Presumably not until after the case is heard.
           \_ I think it should be in effect the day the results are certified,
              unless there's an injuction. -op
        \_ Even if the courts ok it, it isn't clear what will happen to
           people who were married before the gay marriage man.
           \_ well, doesn't prop 8 define marriage as between a man and a woman
           \_ doesn't prop 8 define marriage as between a man and a woman
        \_ did some more reading.  apparently the fact that it may
           (a) retroactively penalize individuals and (b) conflict with equal
           protection argues the "existing marriages still valid" case. -op
           \_ Uh, emancipation retroactively punished the slaveowners.
              \_ Uh, no. Since the human beings were no longer property, no
                 penalty was accrued. Now, if the slaveowners had had to make
                 reparations, that would have been punishment.
                 \_ uh, they'd paid money for slaves.  the slaves were then
                    released.  Where'd that investment go?
                    \_ By the terms of emancipation, they could not own the
                       slaves to begin with. There was no more investment
                       here than there would be in purchasing uncontained
                       oxygen. The risk that they assumed in purchasing
                       slaves (i.e., that slavery would be abolished)
                       was merely part of the cost, not a retroactive
                 \_fascism   is the name of an
                   ancient   way  o f  keeping
                   a group   t o g e t h e r ;
                   unified   against
                   cult of ego worship; usury!
                             so that   w e can
                   pursue holism i n   seeking
                   the path to truth   hidden;
                   this is but o n e   veritas
                   \_ Wow!  What a subliminal message.
2018/07/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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