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2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/11/3-4 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:51802 Activity:kinda low 50%like:51793
11/3    Here's a gas/diesel/biodiesel/ethanol/vegatable-oil + compressed-air
        hybrid, with plug-in capability:
        "Air Cars: A New Wind for America's Roads?" (
        - 60 miles at 35mph on one plug-in "recharge" alone.
        - 800 miles at freeway speed on one tank of gas/diesel/whatever alone
        \_ And of course it's ridiculously tiny and impractical.  Guess what,
           a tiny ass car like that with just a plain ol' gas engine would
           already get great mileage.
           \_ The Smart ForTwo doesn't get gas mileage anywhere close to this.
              In fact it doesn't even have better gas mileage than the Prius.
              \_ The Smart is bigger than this thing, can carry luggage, and
                 actually meets safety and performance standards.
                 "can be driven up to 70 km/hr" (43mph)
                 The car has 5.45 hp "maximum".  This is basically a golf cart.
2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2007/2/23-27 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid, Transportation/Car] UID:45805 Activity:moderate
2/23    Oops. Hybrid cars don't get the MPG we thought they did
        \_ Why don't you link to an article instead of a search?
           \_ Choose your news source.  That way I won't link to an article and
              have one group say "we don't accept that news source", then link
              to another and have a different group say the same thing.
2005/8/22-23 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:39212 Activity:moderate
8/22    Camry Hybrid will be an I4:
        \_ A V4 would be one of the dumbest engine configuration you
           could think of. It would take the worst of an inline-4 and
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        \_ A Camry with a 4 cylinder is a slow Camry.
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        \_ you can convert diesel engines to run on vegetable oil.  You
           need to start and end the day on diesel to clean out the engine,
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        Verdict - Not as k3w1 as a Prius but not bad
        \_ Crap!  You know why? because it's still a fucking car.  Make a
           car that comsumes only trash, emits a sweet smelling mixture of
           oxygen and pure gold, and I'll still say it's crap because cars
2005/4/21-22 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:37296 Activity:high
4/20    Why doesn't someone stick solar cells on hybrid cars?
        \_ I don't think hybrids have such big batteries...  Why add
           an expensive array of solar cells when the gas engine
           charges the batteries just fine?
           \_ Plus it adds weight, and maybe distorts the car's aerodynamic
              shape which increases drag.
2005/2/3 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:36045 Activity:high
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        with a turbodiesel?  I rode in a friend's A6 TDI, not a small auto,
        which went like shit off a shovel.  Just curious.  -John
        \_ Probably because not a lot of people like diesel, it's not even
           economical anymore. Plus a sports coup with a turbo diesel would
           probably not meet emmission standards, after all, diesel is
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2004/7/4-5 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:31162 Activity:very high
7/4     Poll, how long did your last few cars last? Include cars that you
        grew up with as well, I'll start:
        dad's 83 Pontiac: 0-85K, total piece of shit, wouldn't start, engine
                died in U turns (something about turning the wheels),
        86 Honda Accord: 0-170K, transmission rebuilt at 150K. Still
2003/8/29-2004/2/14 [Transportation/Car] UID:12250 Activity:very high
2/13    Anyone know what the availability of the new Mazda RX-8 is?  Do you
        have to get on some sort of six month waiting list, like when the
        new Mini Cooper came out?
        \_ Whatever you do, don't get a car like Mini, RX-8, or whatever with
           an automatic transmission (even those with a manual shift mode
           like Triptronic, Steptronic, etc.). The big difference is the
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11/21   ~ 100k hp engine:
        \_ will it fit in my car?
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Flash Place holder AIRPod - Media Release Running on Air... towards 100% Solar & Sustainable Lifestyles 9 October, 2008 Whizzing around town on a few cents per day, ie less than $2 per 100km, using green electricity without carting any heavy batteries? AIRPod Today in Nice, France, Motor Development International sa (MDI), unveiled theAIRPod, a revolutionary vehicle that achieves just that, moving people around town cleanly, elegantly, with ease and sustainably on less than $2/100km. The advanced transport and power generation engineering group MDI of Luxembourg and France is one of the two parent companies of IT MDI - Energy Ltd the other being IndraNet Technologies Ltd of New Zealand. "The AIRPod is great fun, there is no driving wheel - you run it with a joy stick", said Dr Louis Arnoux, Managing Director of IndraNet who took part in the unveiling. AIRPod Engine The AIRPod is powered with one small compressed air engine, and 2 alternators, one for each of the larger wheels (see specifications in right column). Using the joystick, the driver steers the AIRPod by controlling the power directed to each wheel. The AIRPod has a driving range of over 200 km per fill of compressed air and in the dual-fuel version, burning a small amount of second or third generation biofuel, its range extends to over 600km. Refill of the 175 litres compressed air composite carbon fibre bottle takes 12 minutes. "Traditional electric vehicles typically take 5 hours or more for a full recharge, and they cost about five times more than an AIRPod" stressed Guy Ngre, Managing Director of MDI, inventor and designer of the AIRPod. "Safety wise, MDI is producing the ultimate", said Dr Arnoux. When a crash is imminent the airbags inflate and absorb the kinetic energy of the crash outside the Pod. The Pod itself is made of composite materials that constitute a safe cell protecting the passengers". While substantially smaller than a Smart Car, for example, it can transport up to four passengers (instead of 2 only for the smallest of vehicles currently on the market). It can also be produced as a golf cart, a small utility vehicle for trades people, for couriers, or as an off road farm vehicle. AIRPods signing Mr Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice, MP of the French Parliament, President of the Maritime Alps Regional Government and of the Nice Cte d'Azur Urban Area, formally launched the AIRPod and signed a Protocol Agreement with Mr Ngre for the supply of a fleet of utility AIRPods to the City of Nice. Eventually, MDI's aim is to establish in Nice and many other cities schemes emulating Paris' hugely successful Velib, the bicycle-sharing programme involving more than 10,600 bicycles that people can hop onto at some 750 stations all over the Capital City. Similarly, Nice citizens will be able to swipe their credit cards and hop into an AIRPod at a number of air points located around the city. A number of other cities have already expressed keen interest. AIRPod The AIRPods are designed to fit within the regulations of a number of EU countries that allow certain inner-city vehicles to be driven without a driving licence (similar to regulations concerning mopeds). With a drivers licence, AIRPods can be driven up to 70 km/hour. IndraNet had the foresight to invest in the MDI technology in 1999. It holds the exclusive rights for all applications for Australasia (Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands) that range from compressed air only AIRPods through multi-fuelled small and large cars, buses, trucks, power generation units, farm machinery, boats and aircrafts. IT MDI - Energy Ltd, the joint subsidiary IndraNet and MDI created in 2006, plans to showcase the AIRPod and the multi fuelled power generation technology in both Australia and New Zealand later this year and early in 2009. "We have already identified keen demand for off-road applications of the AIRPod in the thousands of units throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific", said Dr Arnoux, "this gives us time to get through the certification processes in Australia and New Zealand for on-road applications." IT MDI - Energy Ltd also plans to launch multi-fuelled point-of-use power generation units that are based on the same compressed gas technology used in the AIRPods. These units are being customised to produce lower cost power, air conditioning, hot water and recycle grey water, with over 60% estimated reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Jim Petrakis' (MD of Yella Terra) "We have demand for more than the first two years of production of power generators and vehicles for the first manufacturing facility that we are planning in Melbourne", said Dr Arnoux. "Our partners, the well known Australian high performance automotive engineering company Perfectune - Yella Terra are scheduled to begin manufacturing for us the first batch of MDI engines in Melbourne before the end of 2008, ahead of IT MDI - Energy's own manufacturing facility being planned for establishment during 2009. We aim to create a substantial amount of new jobs in both Australia and New Zealand", he said. In New Zealand, IT MDI-Energy has selected IT-Mainland Ltd, the current licensee of the IndraNet Technology, to manufacture the vehicles and power generators. "The launch of the AIRPod marks the beginning of an exciting journey towards 100% Solar and Sustainable lifestyles" said Dr Arnoux. "We expect that within three years, MDI will have implemented new versions of its technology enabling its engines to run on energy 100% derived from solar sources" he said. "We have the know how, the business and financial models, and the technology package to smoothly bring any region where we deploy to 100% Solar and Sustainable status over a 10 to 20 year period. We know how to do so in ways that cost substantially less than what people currently pay for transport, energy and communications and that do not require massive and punitive government interventions like carbon taxes or ineffectual Emission Trading Schemes", said Dr Arnoux. AIRPod manoeuvrability video Video : AIRPod Manoeuvrability View the exceptional ability of the AIRPod to manoeuvre. Pivoting on either rear wheel, the AIRPod can change direction within the smallest of turning circles ie twice it's own width. Watch video > AIRPod Technical Specifications Models: AIRPod for personal transport - up to 4 people, one driver and 2 to 3 passengers; AIRPod Cargo for trades, couriers, farms, golf courses, etc.
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Oil at $41 All-Time High on Supply Fear Fri 4:08am ET - Reuters Oil prices hit an all-time record on Friday fueled by global economic growth and enduring worries that gasoline supplies will struggle to meet peak summer demand in the United States. No Time is the Right Time for Sub-Prime by Suze Orman My bet is that if your doctor tells you to scale back on the saturated fat to avoid a life-threatening heart disease, you're probably going to listen. Well, for the next few minutes, I am your financial doctor. To Select Great Stocks, Home In On High EPS Ratings Investor's Business Daily Decades of research show earnings power is the biggest factor in a stock's success.