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2019/12/10 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/10/27-30 [Uncategorized] UID:51689 Activity:nil
10/26   I am invited to a Halloween costume party. I hate costumes, but I
        like parties, so I'd like to go. Does anyone have any costume
        ideas that I can put together with basically no effort or expense?
        I don't have much time to deal with this next week. Maybe one
        evening and $50 max. I never dress up so I have zero ideas. I have
        some nice suits, but not sure how to translate that into
        gangster/president/similar. Maybe Winston Churchill for the cost
        of a polka dot tie and a cigar?
        \_ Just go there as a Child Molester. Costume will be cheap.
        \_ Get some face paint and a wig and go as The Joker by Heath
           \- tell people you are William Kristol
        \_ Dress up as a male stripper at the end of the show.
        \_ Dress up as a male stripper at the end of his show.
        \_ Go on Flikr and look up Halloween costumes others have done...I'm
           sure you can figure out something.