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2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/10/24-28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:51675 Activity:kinda low
10/24   would you drive 240 miles to get laid?
        \_ well that would DEPEND on how hot the other person is, yes?
        \_ Would depend on who was doing the laying.
        \_ Also depends on how long since I last got laid.  Definitely not now.
        \_ When I was young and horny, I once drove 770 miles to get laid.
           Now I just wake up my wife.
           Now I just roll over and wake up my wife.
           \_ I'm sure she loves being disturbed from slumber because you
              have needs. Divorce is iminent.
              have needs. Divorce is imminent.
              \_ Statistically not. Ten minutes once or twice a week
                 is hardly a burden.
                 \_ There are statistics about divorce rates for inconsiderate
               \_ This morning she rolled over and woke me up, so I am not too
        \_ Done already -- might drive 752 miles or maybe fly in a month or
        \_ Only if I was an idiot who was afraid to fly. It's a 1 hour flight!
        \_ I just did 100 miles each way, so that's 200 miles RT.
        \_ I used to take Amtrak 150mi each way on the weekends for this
           exact purpose.