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2018/10/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/10/22 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:51634 Activity:nil
10/22   Right wing get increasingly more deranged as election approaches:
        \_ I agree, they are really beginning to resemble the left.
         \_ The difference is you are comparing the Insane Rambling Crazy
            Person Left with the Very Serious Get Massive Press Time and
            Treated Seriously Right.  The Insane Rambling Crazy Person Right
            is makes these ravings look downright reasonable.  There are
            crazies on every end of every spectrum, but it's telling when
            just being mostly crazy counts as reasonable.
2018/10/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Helen,' blogger and Instaspouse of Professor Glenn Reynolds. Why the crescendo of economic collapse right before the election? Why didn't the media and congress act just as concerned some time ago or wait until sometime after the election to go into crisis mode? The timing of the current financial crisis seems too planned and calculating to be just a coincidence. Polls show that people's number one concern right now is the economy and that for the most part, voters believe Democrats are somewhat more likely to help with the economy. Could it be that the liberal media and those in Congress, knowing that, is blaring the bad economic news from the rooftops in order to manipulate voters into voting for a Democrat? Cosma ) has let the cat out of the bag and it's even worse than Dr. How many socialists do you know who lost millions in the recent stock market crashes? Just as I thought--none--and that's not only because you don't know any socialists. The truth is that we, the Socialist International Conspiracy, not only saw this coming, we are the ones who made it happen. The plan took shape during a particularly intense criticism/self-criticism session at our 2000 annual convention in a booth at an Akron IHOP. we would focus on destroying capitalism, hedge fund by hedge fund. First, we selected a cadre of crusty punks from the streets of Seattle, stripped off their Che t-shirts, suited them up in Armani's and wingtips, and introduced them to the concepts of derivatives and dental floss. Then we shipped them to Wall Street with firm instructions: Make as much money as you can... send it out to make more money by whatever dodgy means you can find - subprime loans, credit default swaps, pyramid schemes ... Spend your own earnings in the most flamboyantly gross ways you can think of--$10,000 martinis, fountains of champagne - so as to fan the flames of class resentment. we could not have inflicted such massive damage to capitalism if we hadn't also planted skilled agents in high places within the government and various quasi-governmental agencies. noticed an impeccably dressed elderly man poking around under rocks, that was a certain Federal Reserve Chairman, looking for his weekly orders from the central committee. After months of studying the candidates' economic plans, we have determined that one of them, and only one, can be relied on to complete the destruction of capitalism. With high hopes and great confidence, the Socialist International Conspiracy endorses John McCain! Helen: My guess is that if Obama gets elected, the true facts of the economy will come out. The "true facts" construction is a pretty good way to identify a nut. My particular favorite is the one about when Barbara Bush, "with her finishing school tact", says that Geraldine Ferraro is something that "rhymes with witch". Ehrenreich has a whole column where she tries to figure what word it is. The crash apparently had devastating echo effects on the Russian financial system and then dramatically brought down the price of oil, thereby sticking it to Russia, Iran, and, as icing on the cake, Venzuala. Note that the Wall Street problems started to really take off after the invasion of Georgia. I also think that Greenpeace may have collaborated with the CIA in the scheme. The crash is the only seriously effective action taken recently to reduce CO2 production, and it occurred shortly after the UN reported that carbon consumption and resulting expected global warming was proceeding at a more rapid pace than anticipated. And McCain chose public financing and disdains individual contributions, utterly repudiating libertarian notions of political finance, unlike the anarchist B Hussein O Wheels within weasels, gymbals within gerbils. That said, I've read comments by some on the left who welcome the current crisis, because they think it proves them right and will lead to some sort of socialist sea change or whatever. news: Meanwhile, the National Institute of Economic and Social Research says the UK is on the brink of its first full year of recession since 1991. It also warned that if the government's 50bn banking bail-out did not succeed, the recession could be even deeper and longer. And on January 22, 2009, he will declare the United States as Islamic-Socialist Republic, replacing the US Constitution with the Koran. Thus the entire world-wide Capitalist financial system will collapse. Or would it simply be yet another case of politics making for strange bedbugs? It would be so delicious to watch the Black Muslim Socialists versus the Albino Atheist Objectivists duke it out on reality TV, or on Geraldo, or wherever this match will be held. While he was in Peking in 1974-75 visiting his Dad, he did more than ride bicycles and chase girls! You now have the proof , as George W lays waste to the US economy just before he leaves office, while making sure every cebt is repaid to foreign creditors like his mentors, China. Yes, we're also currently aligned with the liberal media and certain anti-American members of Congress, as Dr. We'll deal with the anarchists and liberals after the revolution. From the principles of Decadent Action (just below the one about never eating chocolate with a cocoa solid content of less than 60%): ". It is inflationary, it is free money, it is fun to spend. Available now from high street banks, all you have to do is convince them that you can pay it back, piece of piss. When the monetary system collapses your bill will simply disappear. This was backed up by being-the-scenes threats from ACORN. Talk to any right-wing "intellectual" or pundit and they will tell you that this left-wing plot is actually real and true. Ehrenreich's fanciful mockery is simply designed to cover up this reality. I have been doing interior finishing work for a guy who has inherited a small living; He is with on a group of phone conferencing folk who weekly talk about their esoteric take on life. I just want a decent National Health plan, but what the hey.