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2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/10/22 [Transportation/Car] UID:51625 Activity:moderate
10/22   wow
        \_ How could a mere sedan set a loaded big-rig tanker into a spin,
           especially that it was a rear-end collision instead of a
           \_ The sedan spun, the rig overturned (probably jackknifed).
2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Will Reisman Examiner Staff Writer 10/22/08 A gasoline tanker smolders following a collision on Interstate 880 on Wednesday, Oct. The incident shut traffic in both directions during the morning commute. AP SAN FRANCISCO - A big-rig gasoline tanker exploded in flames after overturning on Interstate 880 in Oakland, shutting down both northbound and southbound traffic on the highway during Wednesday's morning commute. Southbound I-880 will likely remain closed until Thursday due to damage, California Department of Transportation Director Will Kempton said. The accident occurred about 6:15 am, when a black sedan rear-ended the big tanker as the vehicles traveled southbound on I-880 near 16th Avenue, according to Trent Cross, spokesman for the California Highway Patrol. After the two vehicles collided, the sedan spun into the center divider and the tanker, carrying 8,600 gallons of gasoline, overturned and erupted in flames, Cross said. About 35 firefighters from the Oakland Fire Department helped contain the flames, and by 8 am two lanes were re-opened on northbound I-880, CHP officials said. There was no timetable available for when all lanes would be re-opened. The accident appears to have damaged just the surface of the roadway and has not caused structural damage, Kempton said. Crews will work to grind down the concrete and put in temporary asphalt to have the highway open sometime Thursday. The US Coast Guard is investigating whether any hazardous materials were spilled into the Oakland-Alameda Estuary. While the Coast Guard has not confirmed a spill into the estuary, it received report earlier of an oily sheen between Coast Guard Island and the Oakland area. David Brue said crews managed to seal off storm drains near the crash site and said there was minimal runoff. Privacy Policy) Display Name: Comment: Submit Comment Reader Comments: POSTED Oct 22, 2008 peppertaterbaby: "almost all, with few exceptions, these type of accidents(big rig overturned w/car involved) are because of private vehicles crowding big rigs and or not giving them enough room to manuver. passenger vehicles either don't see or mis-judge the big rigs speed or direction as a former comercial driver, I found myself constantly taking defensive action because of private vehicles crowding me, especialy being cut off. most passenger car drivers are unaware of their suroundings. this is so true to the extent that I won't ride my motorcycle on public roads, unless their empty, for fear of being run over. with that I must say I feel safer riding my bike around semi trucks than passenger cars." POSTED Oct 22, 2008 NONAME: "WHOEVER THE "D___" FOOL WAS IN THAT BLACK SEDAN DESERVES TO BE SUED BY ALL THE DRIVERS WHO SUFFERED, AND MOST ESPECIALLY BY THE BIG RIG DRIVER WHOSE LIFE HE SEVERELY ENDANGERED. Bryant leaves game with knee injury Kobe Bryant hyperextended his right knee in the second quarter of the Los Angeles Lakers' exhibition game Tuesday night. Bryant, who scored four points in 14 minutes against the Charlotte Bobcats,... Dow sinks 514 on louder warnings of a recession Now what? After three days of relative calm, turbulence returned to Wall Street on Wednesday. Louder warnings of a deep recession and weak corporate earnings took the Dow Jones industrial average... Hollywood comes out in support of gay marriage LOS ANGELES _ For weeks, Hollywood had been criticized for not contributing enough to defeat a ballot initiative in California that would ban same-sex marriage.