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2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/10/20-22 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:51592 Activity:nil
10/20   I have a bunch of old cell phones from the 1990 days and I'm
        wondering what the best way is to dispose them. Any ideas? thx.
        \_  My previous
           company used to periodically collect old phones and chargers from
           employees to send to this program.  Tax deductible.
        \_ isn't this kind of dumb?  will a cell phone from the 90s work
           on current US networks?  Are they just going to donate the phones
           to someone so they can make IUDs?
        \_ How about BestBuy?
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2008/11/17 [Consumer/Audio] UID:52023 Activity:high
11/18   "Five Gadgets That Were Killed by the Cellphone"
        \_ This is not a revolutionary article.  Yawn.
2007/4/27-5/1 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:46470 Activity:nil
4/27    Anyone from the Beijing area here?  My mother-in-law is on a trip
        there.  She bought a SIM card there and put it in her cell phone.  She
        said the number is 1XXXXXXXX (total 9 digits).  What should I dial on
        my home phone in order to call that number?  I tried 011-86-1XXXXXXXX,
        but I always got a tone that sounds like a busy signal.  Thanks.
        \_ Try removing the leading 1. Many include the long distance dialing
2007/4/19-21 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:46379 Activity:low
4/19    I've been on verizon for a few years now, and haven't had many problems,
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        \_ You can't ask anything about phone companies and expect a consistent
           answer. It's like a game of the musical chair. Company A gives you
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7/25    I transferred my land # to my cellphone, and I get all the junk
        calls on it too. Is there anything I can do?
        \_ Have you signed up for the Do Not Call list, at
           \_ If the junk calls you got were from auto-dialers, you can file
              a complaint with FCC.  Such calls are banned whether or not your
              cell phone number is on the list.  If the calls were from human,
2006/2/4-7 [Consumer/CellPhone, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:41710 Activity:nil
2/4     I am going to Europe for the first time since Cell phones became
        ubiquitous.  My understanding is that my American cell phone will
        not work.  Is there such a thing as a cheap, pre-paid phone that
        one can use for just a week while in Europe?  Do they suck?  Where
        would one buy such a thing?  I'll be in France, a few miles outside
        of Paris.  Thanks.
2005/11/28-30 [Consumer/CellPhone, Computer/HW/Scanner] UID:40737 Activity:low
11/28   Does anyone here have any experience with reading bar codes from
        cell phone displays?  Can be any encoding mechanism (semacode, etc.)
        I'm mainly interested in whether most cell phones allow reading with
        conventional laser scanners or require some sort of weird optical
        contrast <DEAD><DEAD> is an example of how this is done, but
        I haven't been able to figure out the actual scanning tech.  -John
2005/10/7-9 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:40010 Activity:nil
10/7    An excellent web site showing you GSM coverage in the US.
        I'm very surprised that T-Mobile has a much better coverage
        in the US than Cingular, even as people claim that Cingular
        has a better coverage in metro areas.
        \_ Add Cingular and AT+T together.  -tom
2005/9/12-14 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:39646 Activity:moderate
9/12    I'm going to be in Spain and Morocco and I'm considering
        getting a GSM phone to use while I'm there.  I've heard
        it's best to buy the phone in the US and then get a sim
        card for the phone there (or maybe off of ebay while still
        here).  So, can I just get any GSM phone (assuming it uses
        the same frequencies as they use in Europe), or are some
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AT&T Featured Sponsor - AT&T has donated more than $500,000 worth of prepaid phone cards to Cell Phones for Soldiers and is now offering more than 2,000 company-owned wireless store locations across the country as drop-off sites to help recycle used cell phones for the program, through July 2009! com - click here Proudly Serving All Branches of the US Military The Cell Phones for Soldiers program was started in April 2004 by 13-year-old Brittany Bergquist and her 12-year-old brother Robbie of Norwell, Massachusetts. Robbie and Brittany's goal is to help our soldiers serving overseas call home. They hope to provide as many soldiers as possible with prepaid calling cards. Through generous donations and the recycling of used cell phones, Robbie and Brittany have already distributed thousands of calling cards to soldiers around the globe. The Bergquists are teenage siblings who didn't even own a cellphone in 2004, when they heard that an Army reservist faced a $7,600 bill for making calls home from Iraq. A few topics discussed include how the program works, how and when it was started, the recent partnership with AT&T and more! To listen to the show, turn your computer's volume up and click on the link below! Louis - Your old cell phone can help a soldier stay in touch with family. FOX 2's Bonita Cornute tells us how a program called "Cell Phones For Soldiers" brings comfort to military families. O'Fallon, Illinois VFW Post 805 helps collect the wireless treasures. The trade off - one old phone generates two new phone cards! They learned of a soldier who had run up a cell phone bill of nearly $8,000 calling home to his family. Having a cousin serving in Iraq at the time made them realize the importance of keeping in touch with loved ones. Cell Phones for Soldiers recently collaborated with Rosemont Floral in the Touching Hearts Fundraising Partnership to raise money for phone cards to help troops abroad call home. Orders can be placed for across town or across the country. Just mention the Touching Hearts ID: SOLDIERS and Rosemont Floral will take care of the rest. If you order online, simply enter SOLDIERS into the comments field. Share the Touching Hearts Fundraising Partnership information with friends and family and help Rosemont Floral raise funds and awareness about this much need service. Don't forget to send flowers to all those Dads n'Grads in your life! Cell Phones for Soldiers Featured on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric For a 7-year-old who's missing his daddy and a father thousands of miles away at war, a phone call is not just a chance to catch up: It's the only way to cope, CBS News correspondent Kelly Wallace reports.
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Call To Protect The national CALL TO PROTECT program enables people to retire their wireless phones in a manner that will help the environment and provide phones, with matching airtime, to domestic violence agencies. In addition, the funds generated through CALL TO PROTECT collections and other wireless industry programs have provided grants totaling over $10,000,000 to national organizations leading the campaign to end domestic violence. CALL TO PROTECT The CALL TO PROTECT campaign collects wireless phones to benefit survivors of domestic violence. Proceeds from the sale of phones help fund agencies that fight domestic violence and are also used to support the educational efforts of the Wireless Foundation. Other phones are refurbished and become lifelines for domestic violence survivors when faced with an emergency situation. Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist accepting recycle phones... The Wireless Foundation Awarded National Domestic Violence Hotline Vital Link Award The National Domestic Violence Hotline Chief Executive Officer Sheryl Cates presents The Wireless Foundation President Steve Largent with the National Domestic Violence Hotline 2006 Vital Link Award at their 10th Anniversary Gala on October 4, 2006 in Washington, DC. Rethink The Rethink Initiative offers a fresh perspective on the challenge of e-waste, with information, tools and solutions that make it easy to sell, donate, or recycle used cell phones, computers and electronics.
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Consumers recycle more electronics with Best Buy than any other retailer. We're proud of the long-standing programs that help our employees, customers and communities which have seen more than 20 million pounds of e-waste and 77 million pounds of appliances recycled in 2007. Greener Together logo Products we recycle include: Refrigerator and Washer Appliances Best Buy will remove an old or obsolete appliance free of charge from a consumers' home when a new product is purchased and delivered by Best Buy Home Delivery. Flat-screen TV Televisions Best Buy will remove an old or obsolete television at no charge from a consumers' home when a new product is purchased and is being delivered to the home by Best Buy Home Delivery or installed by Geek Squad. In turn, ReCellular donates dollars from their recycling program to Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Batteries Batteries & Ink-Jet Cartridges Every US Best Buy store has free kiosks, just inside the door, for customers to drop off old cell phones, rechargeable batteries, and ink-jet cartridges at no cost. Learn More gift CARD Trade-in your old electronics for a gift card! Our Tech Trade-in program let's you trade in select gently used electronics for a Best Buy gift card to use toward your next purchase at Best Buy. Best Buy community recycling grant program Best Buy now offers grants ranging from $500 to $1,500 per event to help increase the recycling opportunities available in communities across the country. org MyGreen Electronics highlights green electronics by category in addition to recycling locations near you. A resource from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). POWERPRICE items qualify for our Price Match policy, Reward Zone program points, and select financing offers (including No Interest plans: 90 days, 6 months, and 12 months; Close Outlet Center This is the place for great savings on a wide range of products. A vast majority of these products are unopened, have never been returned and any manufacturer warranty is still valid. The only exception is our factory refurbished items, which are gently used products that have been restored to like-new, fully warranted performance. Remember to check back often, as the products and deals are changing all the time!