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2019/03/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/10/17-21 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51568 Activity:nil
10/17   McCain hired same robo-call slime firm to attack Obama as attacked
        him in 2000:
2019/03/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Yes, according to Christopher Schoff, an official with the Democratic Party in Minnesota, also known as the DFL. Schoff tells me he got one of McCain's calls on Tuesday night, the one saying Obama put "Hollywood above America." because such calls are illegal in Minnesota, the McCain call was a live person reading from a script. Schoff says he cut off the person reading to him and asked the name of the company. He was told it was DF King, in Brooklyn, and was sent to a supervisor. Schoff says the supervisor then told him that the company had been subcontracted for the calls by a larger company called FLS Connect that had been hired by McCain's campaign to do the calls. Well, it turns out FLS, which has offices in Phoenix and St. Paul, is basically the same outfit that George W Bush hired to robo-slime McCain during the 2000 South Carolina primary, something that McCain repeatedly denounced with great outrage. In 2000, the Washington Post reported that the Bush team's phone operation was conducted by a firm called Feathers, Hodges, Larson and Synhorst. A press release in 2003 (via Nexis) indicates that this firm had by then become Feathers, Larson and Synhorst, or FLS for short. On February 20, 2000, McCain thundered that the robocalls hitting him -- done by this outfit -- were "hate calls" that had "inundated" him. Now, if Schoff is right, McCain appears to have enlisted the same outfit for his robo-slime campaign. I mean McCain hired Tucker Eskew to help prepare Sarah Palin for her role as running mate. Eskew of course was the vile mind behind the Bush Campaigns South Carolina smear campaign on 2000. McCain says he's not Bush, but he hired Bush 2000 Campaign staff to run his campaign. user-pic We've stepped of the edge and into the Twilight Zone. It's a shame Letterman didn't know about this last night. There'd better be some scathing articles about this and soon, it's funny as hell, and will sell papers. It is truly shocking, and kind of sad, to see a man many of us thought was a great American reduced to this. That would require reporting, journalism, that sort of thing. They much prefer to have the story completed and wrapped up with a bow. If there's more reporting to be done, they would prefer real reporters do it for them first. The best we can hope for is coverage of the robocalls and mailers, which I have seen on CNN today, but ALWAYS followed by some absurd equivocation about how the Obama campaign is "attacking" McCain for his age. Even though it is annoying how they do this, it doesn't take a genius to see the qualitative difference between robocalls questioning Obama's patriotism on one hand, and Obama referring to McCain as "erratic" on the other. Plus, I don't think many people, even older people, are offended by Obama raising McCain's age, even indirectly. Obama's link to Bill Ayers is not, and the polls bear me out on this. user-pic That's exactly what made me mad at Schieffer in the debate. Sure, it may be the best debate of the three as people say, but that question -- that was essentially saying "You two are equally guilty for this ugliness." The same false equivalency we've been seeing throughout this. McCain's age is a legitimate question (especially with that brainless whack being his running mate), so is his temperament. Why do those idiots keep failing to make this simple distinction? user-pic Say what we may about the horrific campaign McCain has run, but this equivalence obsession in the media comes as a direct result of the constant Republican talking point about the "liberal media". Can you imagine what the polls would look like if the media actually did their job? user-pic What really frosts me is that this is the flailings of a looser. He's making everyone's perception of politics even worse (yeah, like kash79 says below). I don't know the future repercussions but which ones can be anything but bad? This shit needs to be known and abhorred and fucking now. user-pic This is what happens when you get blinded by your own hatred - you become your own worst enemy. I can't wait for this to be over for the sake of his own sanity! user-pic I hope when I'm in my seventies I hate as little as possible. Too be this angry and hateful at this point in his life, with all of the privileges he's had, shows that he is, indeed, a twisted little troll. user-pic I live by the Edith Piaf Rule: Je ne regrette rien. I lived with a couple of people who were full of regret in later life and I vowed not to do that and I think it helps you keep from being bitter, which leads to all kinds of problems. user-pic But as far as hiring the same company, I know handing me my ass in a lawsuit is one of the best ways possible to get a referral from me if I'm conflicted out or need co-counsel. user-pic I really want McCain to be asked about this, on camera, by a reporter. But given that the only person to have asked McCain about G Gordon Liddy (or any of McCain's other nefarious friends) was David Letterman, I'm not holding my breath. OT: I also noticed that the press reports of David Letterman's interview did not report that question, nor Dave's mercilous hammering of McCain about picking Palin. If you missed it last night, you should find it and watch it. Here is Dave going after Palin, trying to reach out to the "old John McCain:" DL: Now here's my point of view on this. happened, I thought to myself, wow, you know in my daily life - and anybody who's got kids, yourself, anybody - you try to take the best care of your children that you can for their future. And I kind of felt like that's the responsibility to a huge extent of our administration. So the person, man or woman, who is in charge of that, has got to do the same. And I was just wondering if the thoughtfulness of that process included your selection of Vice President. DL: I mean, if you are unable to fulfill your office, we get a 9/11 attack, Sarah Palin is the president who leads us through that. She's been the governor of a state with 24,000 employees. You know what you're talking about or you don't know what you're talking about. But I'm just telling you from my perspective that I thought, Oh, oh my God. I've never seen a combination of things quite like this. I've never seen the free fall diminishment of the impression of the United States around the country. I wonder what the hell, is it going to be 160 twenty years from now on his birthday? So I'm thinking, alright, this is a pretty important job. And because she was not known inside the Georgetown cocktail circuit, doesn't matter to me. In your guts, in your stomach - you're a smart, tough, savvy guy - JM: Thank you. DL: If I were to run upstairs, wake you up in the middle of the night, and say, "John, is Sarah Palin really the woman to lead us through the next four, eight years? Which seems like an incredibly bad strategy given all of the record newly-registered voters. I could give a shit about all of the undecideds (Tiger Petters, Douche Nozzles, Fucktards), and I frankly believe that in a perfect world, they would just stop voting altogether. I think that Obama people are coming out to vote no matter what. Monday is first day of early voting in Texas and I'm curious to see what if any lines there are. If so, I would assume that enthusiasm in a red state would only be that much higher in the swingers and blues... Has the experience of this campaign led him to a place where he just doesn't care about anything anymore? He certainly doesn't seem to care about what he's doing to himself, much less anyone else. It's grotesque and ugly to see someone go almost totally to the dark side. Only a maverick would hire the same firm that once smeared him. That's what America wants in a president--somone with a clear lack of standards. Isn't McCain supposed to make a stand against those smearing Obama. Oh, that's right, McCain doesn't have to cuz he's a maverick! Being a Maverick is just like playing the POW card--anything and everything is okay. user-pic For those of us with Minnesota connections, FLS has been in the news. It's owned by a fellow named Jeff Larson, who is Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman's landlord in Washington. He r...