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2019/04/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/10/11-15 [Computer/Companies/Google, Politics] UID:51476 Activity:nil
10/11   What will GOOG report for earnings next week? Good news?
        \_ They will report revenue growth and massive earnings.  GOOG is
           notoriously and intentionally tight-lipped about guidance, which
           means the analyst estimates are all over the place, so it's hard
           to say what people would take as good news.  A lot more may hinge
           on the content of the conference call than on the actual numbers;
           everyone knows they're going to report huge earnings.  Current
           analyst estimates are between 3.7B and 4.16B quarterly revs,
           between 4.46 and 5.39/share earnings.  Personally I think they'll
           have higher revs with in-line earnings: call it $4.5B revs, $5/share
           earnings as a guess.  I hazard no guess as to what the stock will
           do with that information.  -tom
2019/04/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2/24    Go Programming Language.  Anyone here use it?  It kind of
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        \_ Chip design, or maybe software that does chip design. What is
           your major? How about game developer?
        \_ DNS? DNS? What era ado you live in? I agree that social network
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1/12    "E-mail leak has Google threatening to leave China"
        Hail Google!
        \_ No you fuck tard. Let's see a more accurate timeline:
           2005 Google decides to deal with China. Public response: "Oh no
             they're doing evil! But it's ok, Google is such a good company
2009/12/7-26 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:53575 Activity:nil
12/7    Once again, GOOG>AAPL.
        \_ why?
        \_ Are you referring to the stocks or the companies?
           \_ Blue horseshoe says buy silver.
              \_ Srsly lets have a real futures discussion again.
        \_ nice advert. succinct.  Altho derivative of Coke>Pepsi tho.
2009/10/27-11/3 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:53474 Activity:nil
10/27   I just read an article that Facebook had moved their database
        to all SSD to speed throughput, but now I can't find it. Has
        anyone else seen this? Any experience with doing this? -ausman
        \_ I hope you're not running mission critical data:
        \_ Do you have any idea how much storage space is used by Facebook,
2009/8/3-13 [Computer/Companies/Google, Computer/SW/Security] UID:53230 Activity:high
8/1     Yahoo to get 88% of the ad revenue in team up with m$.  Y!m$,
        \_ I thought Jerry Yang would never sell!
           \_ He's gone, replaced by some broad.
        \_ 88% of pittance is still pittance, I don't know how people
          think there is money in click through ads.  Who clicks on them?
2009/7/24-8/6 [Computer/Companies/Google, Reference/Religion] UID:53199 Activity:nil
7/24    Misha Dynin is a Google Reader God.                     -k
        \_ the other XCF guy is with God.
      \_ petm, spencer, josh all happily slave away at GOOG still, though
         they are long past the stage of actually needing money. tracs