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2019/06/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/10/9-15 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:51461 Activity:high
10/9    If I were STILL in equities now (let's say a relative said FUCK-O,
        YOU WERE RIGHT! and gave me control of his account), I would liquidate
        50% at the bell, and liquidate the rest of the 50% on any bounce over
        the next month.
        The bounce I am looking for is Treasury participating in the LEH CDS
        auction Friday or announcing imminent injection of capital into a
        couple willing banks, or most likely, some international agreement over
        the weekend.
        \_ All you Chicken Littles are beyond ridiculous. There is no
           fundamental reason for a broad selloff right now. It's just FUD.
           Buy when the market is fearful.
           \_ the market has been calmly selling off on fundamentals.  I don't
              think real panic selling has set in.
              \_ I had a good day today buying MS, GE, and GS near the lows.
                 What about you?
                 \_ expecting a bounce with some international agreement over
                    the weekend -op
                 \_ Already doubled my MS price. Today was a good day.
                    \_ Very nice.  Are you going to dump it soon?
                       \_ In @ 7.78, Out @ 18.00
              \_ "Stocks have finished their worst week ever with an eighth
                  straight day of losses." You don't think that history making
                  losses have anything to do with panic selling?
                  \_ all right, some people are selling in a panic.  but my
                     thesis is:  you haven't seen real panic selling yet, and
                     you just might.  Regardless, you will still see a
                     continuing sell-off on fundamentals over time.
                     \_ Any idea why PCG (PG&E) fell 10% today?
                        \_ At one point it was down 20%.
                     \_ Or why CA Munis paying 6% tax free fell 5% today?
                        \_ CA is bankrupt so I understand that one.
                           \_ No, that is not why they dropped so far on one
                              day. I actually think I do know, and I was kind
                              of wondering if you have figured it out, too.
                              Assuming that you are the same LEH CDS guy who
                              has been calling (correctly, so far) for everyone
                              to pull out. I think we are overdue for a severe
                              to pull out of the market.
                              \_ No idea why. Do tell.
                                 \_ I think this is due to hedge fund margin
                                    calls. They are selling the only good
                                    assets they have on their books.
        \_ Selling at the bell would have been a bad strategy today. What we
           are seeing is called "flushing out the weak hands."
           \_ yep, I was thinking a better idea was to sell into an end of day
              rally, but the idea was that I would have 50% more to get rid of
              on a larger multi-week rally. -op
2019/06/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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