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2019/06/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/10/9 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Food] UID:51455 Activity:high
10/9    What's the point of treating animals nicely and then kill them
        for consumption at the end?
        \_ Because some people care about not causing suffering.  Just
           because they are going to be food doesn't mean they need to
           live painful, miserable lives until then.
           \_ So how is the new CA prop going to affect prices at
              Ruth's Chris?                     -animal lover. yummy
           \_ I don't know about this prop myself.  I generally figure
              chicken farmers know more about chickens than I do.  The
              guy I talked to said that chickes seem to prefer
              individual smallish cages, there's no fighting for one thing.
              I'm not sure how small you can go before it's too small though.
              I've noticed that animal right's types tend to over
              anthropromorphize animals.  I haven't fully read the prop yet
              either though.
              \_ I don't know how I'm voting on 2 (I suspect I'm going to
                 vote no on the hate initiatives that are made feel good
                 vote no on the hate initiatives that are made to feel good
                 platform.)  But I do understand giving a shit about how
                 food animals are raised.
        \_ Nicely raised animals probably yeild more/higher quality meat b/c
           they get sufficient nourishment and can better fight off diseases.
           But on a purely philosophical level, there is no point. -vegetarian
        \_ Animals that are stressed do not yield high quality products.
           Kobe beef get a lot of special care and look at the prices
           versus the poor cows made to wallow in their own shit. The Kobe
           beef has a lot of marbling that other beef does not. If you've
           ever raised animals you'd know that you need to take care of
           them or else you will get sick, stressed animals. Maybe you
           want to eat sick animals which are then pumped full of
           antibiotics to 'heal' them but I don't.
        \_ People die too eventually -- why treat them nicely?
           \_ I didn't know there are cannibals on soda.  -- !OP
              \_ Why does it make a difference whether you eat the dead
                 thing or not?
2019/06/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2013/6/5 [Recreation/Food] UID:54687 Activity:nil 66%like:54688
6/5     Spicy food. Ass hurts.
2013/4/15-5/18 [Recreation/Food] UID:54656 Activity:nil
4/15    Come the CSUA Alumni BBQ you palookas!
        You are invited to Computer Science Undergraduate Association's Alumni
        Barbecue, taking place on April 28th. We'll be starting the grill at
        3pm and it'll go on to around 8pm (maybe later) in the Wozniak Lounge.
        Food and drinks will be provided: usual BBQ stuff, like hot dogs and
        hamburgers. BYOB if you want B.
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12/4    Why are eastern european models so plentiful and hot?
        \_ By "models" do you mean cam stippers? I wonder that
        \_ Less processed food?
        \_ Genetics. I went to Estonia this summer and that's just what
           the women there look like: light eyes, blonde or light brown
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8/2     Where's the closest Chick-Fil-A to San Francisco? I need to
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        \_ Chick-Fil-A is a place for people who want to Fil(l)-A-Chick. :-)
        \_ Why do you want to watch a bunch of fat White Trash eating
           greasy food?
2012/4/23-6/1 [Recreation/Food] UID:54369 Activity:nil
4/23    I love greasy comfort food but as I'm approaching mid 30 I
        can't eat them anymore. Anyone else have the same problem?
        \_ 42 and still happily scarfing down the greasy comfort
           food, just not in the same quantities. It's a genetic
        \_ 47 and eating greasy food, but not as much. McDonalds grosses
2011/4/29-7/13 [Reference/Military, Recreation/Food] UID:54099 Activity:nil
4/29    "NY inmate separates guards fighting over food"
        You read it right, and it's not a typo.