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2019/08/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/10/8-9 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:51437 Activity:low
10/8    Curious, how does our economy today compare to Japan's economy
        10-15 years ago? I heard that they had a housing crises as well
        in the old days where home values dropped over 50% of the value
        and had an extended (decade long) recession. Is this true? What
        are some similarities and differences between our current economy
        and Japan's economy 10-15 years ago?
        \_ U.S.:  No savers, reserve currency, natural resources, WMDs
           Japan:  Savers, carry currency, export driven, no WMDs
           Common:  Housing bubble, equity bubble, zombie banks
           \_ Not bad. You get a B+.
        \_ A big difference is that Japan has declining population, with
           low birth rates and virtually no immigration.  -tom
        \_ Japan has no gay people, just like Iran.
           \_  BTW what does this have to do with
              their economy anyway?
              \_ We should be able to export gay porn and build our economy
                 that way, an option that was not open to the Japanese.
                 \_ Have you heard of yaoi?
2019/08/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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