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2019/05/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/10/3-7 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51361 Activity:nil
10/3    I'm fucking sick of politicians who think truthiness beats truth.
        \_ You could have stopped before "who"
           \_ Yes, but then it would have been a noisy snide comment instead
              of an actual expression of disgust. -!op
2019/05/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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        gender, or color of skin."
        Palin == Quayle #2!
        \_ Since you used ==, are you asking a question? If so, #f.
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told viewers that Palin "did not apologize, nor did she retract her assertion that US forces in Iraq are at pre-surge levels." And that continues to be what separates the McCain/Palin campaign from every other campaign I can think of. Most of the time, when confronted with an error, a candidate will say he or she misspoke and then pivot to the larger point. Palin, confronted with an error, apparently believes, "I've decided I like my version of reality better, truth be damned." Just before the surge policy was implemented, there were 132,000 US troops in Iraq. Bush did recently announce that by February 2009, an additional 8,000 US troops would leave Iraq, but I'm afraid that doesn't help Palin's case -- 146,000 minus 8,000 equals 138,000. And, you guessed it, 138,000 is still not less than 132,000. Note to Palin: just acknowledge when you make a mistake. It'll be embarrassing for a little while, but it's what grown-ups do. PERMALINK The ending of the video clip is typical of the "let's see what the other side says" approach to journalism: something that mathematically is arguably not the case Arguably? PERMALINK When your 'boss' (McCain, not your hubby) says on a recorded interview with sentient newspapaper editors (Des Moines Register) that he always says 100% truth - and the facts demonstrate the reverse - Palin probably can't be held to a higher standard since that would make McCain look even more untruthful and/or demented. An occasional non-truth or exageration can be expected from political campaigns. But when a campaign is built on black/white contradictions issued within hours of each other, we are well into Orwell's Newspeak. At least Orwell's world had a bureau that destroyed all evidence of the previous truth before proclaiming the new truth. McCain doesn't even care to clean up the lies: it often looks like they don't even know anymore what is true and what is false because they ping-pong from one to the other with such speed that the head swivels of 360 degrees come with such regularity. PERMALINK Steve, you forgot the "gosh darn it, and durn tootin" as part of your faux Palin quote. And the last time McCain was a maverick was when he bet red instead of black when he dropped $10K in a casino. PERMALINK "Even for Sarah Palin, 146,000 is not less than 132,000." As Karl Rove's math in 2006 shows, it doesn't work very well. But let's face it you cannot credibly argue that Republicans are more fiscally responsible unless you can claim that negative numbers are greater than positive numbers. So they just make up a new math that says that's the case. PERMALINK Note to Palin: just acknowledge when you make a mistake. It'll be embarrassing for a little while, but it's what grown-ups do. This woman has been subjected to national ridicule over the course of "just over five weeks?" As she said, You (Biden) nor the moderator may like her answers, she is speaking to the American people. The most insulting was the "waving the white flag of surrender" comment. Not only is it so 2004, but it is the type of comment that has prevented this nation from having any real conversation. This from the mavericky duo with a history of reaching across the isle. PERMALINK Note to Palin: just acknowledge when you make a mistake. It'll be embarrassing for a little while, but it's what grown-ups do. Why would she when her more experienced partner on the ticket won't? The perfect analogy for the McInsane campaign is when he drew a brain fart when someone mentioned Spain PM Zapatero. Rather than admit his mistake, and say he thought the questioner was referring to someone else, McInsane insisted he knew the questioner was referring to the Spain PM, and held out that he wouldn't meet with this ally. Never admit you're wrong, no matter the evidence, and no matter that your story is far worse than the truth! PERMALINK This from the mavericky duo with a history of reaching across the isle. And of course, when asked the final question about "how would you reach across the aisle" and help heal all the polarization and partisanship, she answered by attacking the Democrats. PERMALINK Since Palin doesn't do any research on her own, all her "facts" are fed to her by her handlers. She's already been programmed to only do what her handlers tell her. Even a statement from friendly FOX news is not "truth" unless a handler says it's OK. The "wink" is to reassure her base that all this is just bullshit, and she'll do whatever the handlers tell her. As long as she can "be the boss", make lots of money, give some cushy jobs to her buddies and make life miserable for any subordinate who dares offer advice or disagree, she'll never step out of line. PERMALINK Yeah, but Steve, to correct herself, she would have to KNOW she was wrong. It is obvious that when it comes to national and international affairs, all she knows is what Steve Schmidt and Tyler Eskew and the rest of the partisan pseudo-reality creators shove in her head. PERMALINK Yeah, but Steve, to correct herself, she would have to KNOW she was wrong. And for that, she'd have to CARE whether or not she was wrong. This is a defect of the entire campaign, and Palin fits right in.