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2018/10/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/9/24-25 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51275 Activity:kinda low
9/24    Cindy McCain's outfit wasn't $300k after all
        \_ Why should anyone care? She's rich, she can afford whatever
           jewelry she puts on her, why should that bother anyone?
           \_ Because her husband is running around trying to tar Obama
              as too elite to be president.
           \_ But Obama is some uppity elitist while McCain is a good old
              boy just like you.
           \_ I don't know why anyone would care, but much was made of it at
              the time.
           \_ Weren't you the guy making fun of Edward's $400 haircut?
        \_ I wish it was still a month ago!
2018/10/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Printer-friendly version On Wednesday's CBS Early Show, co-host Russ Mitchell apologized for a Friday segment that estimated Cindy McCain wore a $300,000 outfit to the Republican convention: "Now, a correction. Last week, the Early Show aired an segment on an outfit Cindy McCain wore during the Republican National Convention. It turns out that dress is off-the-rack and the pearl necklace is not real. As NewsBusters' Lyndsi Thomas reported, during Friday's show, liberal political analyst Laura Schwartz declared: "You know, Cindy McCain, her outfit that she wore the opening night of the convention comes in, once you tally everything up, Oscar de la Renta dress for $3,000. heldmyw and if she were dipped in platinum and studded with emeralds, what possible difference would it have made? It's why I cannot and will not get my news from television anymore. oilcan Yeah, and the MSM and all the liberal pundits had a whole three weeks of sliming her and Sen McCain for being out of touch, all due to this unvetted and false claim. I know that Cindy McCain would not be so pretentious and pompous to adorn herself in excess. When you come right down to it, the main point was that she was wearing diamond earrings, the biggest part of the total. And they acted as if she bought the diamond earrings for one night, one outfit. Diamond earrings like that are a once-in-a-lifetime item. This is just plain old reverse snobbery (and maybe some sour grapes). Indiana Joe What, like she'll get a break for it or something? It's her money, and if she wants to dress like a million bucks, she's got it. It's not like there's any benefit in it, and she'll just be labeled a "phony." Let her be herself, not "packaged" and "marketed," like Michelle O "... motherbelt In the first total, they even included the watch she was wearing. At the time, I said I'm surprised they didn't include her wedding rings. And once again, they make their (false) case and then correct it weeks later. and a lot of the people who saw and heard this story (and I do mean "story") will miss the correction. UndercoverConservative this simply adds to the reinforcement of the prejudice towards conservatives. The Media drops juicy t*rds and the rest is word-of-mouth, blog entries, and standard viral propaganda. The "$300,000 outfit" is now the "Truth" and anyone attempting to correct it, is "censoring" or "oppressing". It can make a million lies, "correct" them the next day and pretend to be within the bounds of the Law and of their covenant with this nation as a "Free Press". At what point do they cease to be "the Press" and become propaganda arms for special interests? At what point can they no longer hide behind Constitutional protection? "to call an illegal immigrant an "undocumented alien" is the same as calling a streetcorner drug dealer an "unlicensed pharmacist". lnthomp * At what point do they cease to be "the Press" and become propaganda arms for special interests? Whatever that point is, it's long lost in their rear-view mirrors by now. That point will be reached when the judges don't agree with them anymore. I want President McCain to ask for a resignation from EVERY judge in the country the first month he is in office - and then let SARAH PALIN be in charge of who gets back in! Cape Conservative At what point do they cease to be "the Press" and become propaganda arms for special interests? At what point can they no longer hide behind Constitutional protection? Then they have the AUDACITY to claim they are not biased! WR Jonas She looked like a million bucks in that dress and I don't think for a moment that she wasn't proud of her guy. I wish she would make an offer to auction the dress on CBS for relief for Ike victims in Galveston . the "13 cars mcain","sarah palin rape kit","snl palin incest"," cindy mcain outfit 300,000",etc. they're counting on people not actually digging into these stories and counting on snippets on search engines for news. yes, it takes time to do cross checks on information and stories.