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8/12    How does an liberal athlete like Michael Phelps, who doens't have a
        job because he swims/trains all day long, make an income?
        (I'm assuming national/international swimming competitions
        don't pay monetary rewards for first place). thanks.
        \_ He's a gigalo at night. Haven't you heard all the ladies
           going gah gah at him?
           \_ After having seen what he looks like, I don't get this.
              I'm not much of a connoseur (sp?) of male beauty, but
              in my opinion, he's not a great example.  Perhaps
              I'm not qualified to judge, as I'm not female or gay,
              but I do not aspire to look like him.  I'd rather look
              like Jean Claude Van Dam, or that guy from Bourne Identity.
              \_ He has kind of a dopey face, but a very nice body like
                 most swimmers do. You could do a lot worse.
                 \_ But his body ratios are werid, with long arms and short
                    legs.  Reminds me of a pinguin (which is a great swimmer,
                    of course.)  Do women like that?
                 \_ I wasn't even referring to his face, just his body.
                    His body is pretty scrawny, I think, with barely any
                    large muscle.  He looks more like an endurance athlete
                    than someone who is strong but not an obsessive
                    weightlifter.  Not what I aspire to look like, which
                    is powerful, proportionally muscled, lean-ish, and
                    balanced.  Is Phelps really the female's ideal man
                    look?  Have I been barking up the wrong tree with my
                    \_ Every woman is different, but in my experience, most
                       women prefer lean and cut to really huge. He shaves,
                       which lots of women like, too.
                       \_ Does shaving help or hurt getting laid?  -virgin
                          \_ I dunno, do your prospective paramours see you
                             with your shirt off?
        \_ Going pro/full time usually means sponsorship.
           \_ Maybe Speedo pays him millions.
              \_ Speedo does pay him. He'll also get a $1M bonus if
                 he wins 8 gold medals.
           \_ And with the fame that goes with medals comes much
              wealth.  You can do product endorsements.  From what
              I have heard about women raving about Phelp's body,
              he could probably make millions as a model as well.
              \_ Supposedly his body is actually kind of weirdly deformed,
                 but in a way that's good for swimming. E.g., very long
                 arms and torso, short legs. I think I may have read this in
                 the latest issue of the Cal Alumni magazine. I recall the
                 writer saying that his arms hang down to his knees, but I
                 didn't see this when I caught him on TV for a couple minutes
                 last night. *shrugs*
                 \_ Last night a Korean lady refered to him as "The American
                    Fish Monster."
                 \_ Yeah I think he has a 6 foot "wingspan" and giant hands
                    and feet. And long torso/short legs.
                    \_ It's true!  Here's a full-body non-wide-angle shot (so
                       that ratios are not distorted):
                       And Phelps says it himself:
                       (BTW, his fingers look long too.  I wonder if he plays
                       the piano.)
                       \_ Who is the blonde girl? Yummy!
        \_ Sponsorships.  I read some article somewhere recently about how
           pro runners make money.  The running eq. people fund them because
           it gets mediocre runners to participate in marathons and buy running
           eq. and pay entry fees into marathons.  There might be something
           similar for swimming.
           \_ Yeah, you used to not be able to do this and maintain amature
              status, but now even the pro basketball players are in the
              Olympics, so I guess they gave up on the whole amature thing
              a long time ago.
        \_ Phelps is voting for Obama, he is probably funded by Al Qaeda or
        \_ Anyone beloved and worshipped in Germany won't get my vote for
           sure.   We've already been down that road 63 years ago.
           \_ Phelps == Hitler?
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Multimedia The seemingly neverending stream of Phelps video continues with these 2 segments from NBC's Nightly News. There will be more as he and his fam are set to visit the Today Show in a matter of hours. Michael Phelps Covers Sports Illustrated Also, I forgot to mention it, but MP is on the cover of the new August 18, 2008 issue of Sports Illustrated, on newsstands now. Olympics 400 medley relay team with their Beijing gold medals Michael Phelps goes 8-for-8. With the assist from Team USA teammates Aaron Peirsol, Brendan Hansen, and Jason Lezak, Phelps won his 8th Gold Medal in the 400 Medley Relay. Congrats to Mike on his historic run in Beijing, as well as the rest of the Team USA swimmers that represented us so well! Peter Vanderkaay finished with 2 medals: a gold in the 800 Free Relay and a bronze in the 200 Free. Erik Vendt and Allison Schmitt also earned a medal from their respective 800 Free Relays. Olympics Press Release sent over by Speedo: The most decorated Olympic athlete, Michael Phelps, captured his seventh gold medal of the 2008 Olympic Games by winning the 100-meter butterfly and thus earning a $1 million bonus from Speedo. Phelps matched Mark Spitz's performance in the 1972 Munich Games and he will have the opportunity on the final morning on Sunday to make it a record eight gold medals with a victory in the 400 medley relay. Phelps has won gold medals in the 400-meter individual medley; the 200 freestyle, the 200 butterfly, the 4200 free relay; Phelps set world records in every race, but the 100 butterfly. He has won 15 medals in two Olympics--13 gold and 2 bronze. Further information on the official bonus presentation will follow shortly. Although it wasn't a World Record, it was a best time, and I'm sure that's all that matter to Mike. However, his win isn't without a little bit of drama as Cavic's coach, incoming Michigan hire Mike Bottom, has filed a protest to contest the finish. It was avoided as FINA has decided that the Omega results will stand. Bengals Wide Receiver Chad Johnson is running his mouth again. Seems to me there was another person recently who thought they could beat Mike (Team USA) and had it come back to bite them in the rear. I know Chad isn't up on the latest swim news, so there's no way he'd know about that. He appeared on ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption" -- a show Mike watches religiously -- and proceeded to run his mouth about how inner city swimmers, himself included, could beat Mike in a race. There is nothing greater in this world than someone shutting Chad Johnson up with a showcase of superior athletic prowess. Not only that, this race would be wonderful for the sport and all those people who think swimming is "so easy". Olympics Only one CWer in action tonight and that's Phelps. He'll battle teammate Ryan Lochte for the gold in the 200 IM final. He'll also make an appearance in the 100 Fly semis in order to qualify for tomorrow's final where he should go head-to-head with the event's World Record Holder Ian Crocker. Multimedia There's been quite a few video pieces from Beijing. I've tried to gather some of the pieces to share right here. Don't forget to scroll to the bottom of the post for some links to interviews that I couldn't embed.