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2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/8/8-13 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:50826 Activity:low
8/8     Interest rates have risen over the past several years, but for now
        are still at historically low levels.  Favorable interest rates,
        combined with the new first-time homebuyer tax credit of 10% of the
        price of a home (up to a maximum of $7,500, applicable to certain
        home buyers) might add up to a good time for you to start searching
        for your new home.
        \_ if I wait, I can collect more cash, wait for interest rates to go
           up, which will cause house values to go down.  Then I can buy:
           - a cheaper house
           - with higher interest rates
           - and a smaller mortgage (on account of a cheaper house and having
             more cash)
           - and I can refi if the interest rate drops
           - and live like a renter for the next 3 years while the other guy
             is 3 years into his $800K mortgage already
             is 3 years into his $800K mortgage already
             \_ What if it's not 3 years? What if rates rise but prices
                don't fall enough to offset them? If you can comfortably
                afford to buy now then just buy now. If you can't then don't.
                PS. Is there some reason you keep deleting this?
                \_ it's not me that's deleting it.
                   if I can comfortably rent, why not rent?  I can always buy
                   later with more down payment.
                   \_ How do you know that home prices are going to go down?
                      Which area are you interested in?
                      \_ how do you know home prices are going up?
                         \_ I don't know which way they are going to go. Neither
                            do you, actually, you are taking a chance.
                            \_ I agree.
2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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laurent98000 (2 weeks ago) Show Hide Marked as spam Reply If the informations in this video are correct, and if we persist (the entire world) in this way : aren't we going to live a monetary crisis of great importance that may really rock the world as we experience it nowadays ? scevrog (1 month ago) Show Hide Marked as spam Reply The system of debt=money and the role of the fed is the best system we've had. Who cares if debt is growing, as long as there are "real" assets backing up that debt. The alternative of letting the gov print the money is dangerous. It would probably lead to overprinting and excess inflation for political reasons. However, that is the public's fault for electing deficit generating govs, ie, Bush. brodel77 (2 months ago) Show Hide Marked as spam Reply i recently watched this and had to watch it again. I love how simply it illustrates monetary policy in industrial nations. The really cool thing is my local library has this on DVD. ClearFire1 (4 months ago) Show Hide Marked as spam Reply If monetary theory were studied in schools, then people would automatically be implanted with disdain for the government. AiWar3 (4 months ago) Show Hide Marked as spam Reply Very concise and has the needed repetition. Why is this getting no more views (than 1,035 @20:01 2008-0225+2GMT) even if I put it all over IRC, where my links usually get 50-100 to hundred views in a short time? Less info) This animated video by Paul Grignon, features the scandalous history of banking, while also giving us the knowledge that most schools don't and won't about this very, very, serious issue.