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2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/8/8-11 [Uncategorized] UID:50824 Activity:low
8/8     Have you guys ever a really old woman and said to yourself
        WOW she's suppose to be 6X 7X? I bet she was a total hottie
        when she was younger!
        \_  Age 60.
        \_ Not really. More like seen a picture of a hottie from back in
           the day and then compared to now. For example, Sophia Loren,
           Liz Taylor, Racquel Welch, or (before she died) Rita Hayworth:
           Liz Taylor, Raquel Welch, or (before she died) Rita Hayworth:
           The one that always throws me is Angela Lansbury.
           \_ Watch the (very enjoyable) "The Court Jester" to see Angela
              Lansbury at her best.
              \_ Seen it:
                 "The pellet with the poison's in the flagon with the dragon;
                  the vessel with the pestle has the brew that is true."
        \_ GMILF
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Wang initially made her mark in the entertainment industry in drama series. Her success in front of the camera allowed her to work behind the scenes with television productions. edit Singing career In parallel with her acting career Wang had, and to some extent still has, a successful singing career. This was a career originally based around albums for her television series consisting of TV theme songs. Cantonese opera led her to experiment with stage musicals, before becoming a fully fledged Cantonese opera actress. Her involvement in this scene greatly contributed to her musical abilities; Liza Wang decided to negotiate with the new owner, who then promised to extend the contract with the Cantonese Opera groups. Liza Wang then criticized the Government for its lack of support for Cantonese Opera, and the Government promised to adopt Wang's request. She was later awarded the Honorary Doctoral of Letters by the CityU of Hong Kong to recognize her significant contributions to the community and in particular to the art and cultural development of Hong Kong. Albert Ho said the issue of a home visit permit was such a rightful thing. It has never been mentioned by any politician but a performer. RTHK was also hosted where medical specialists were invited to discuss the many types of cancer. She has helped raised charities, awareness and fundings for cancer patients. edit Personal life Liza was married during the height of her career to a businessman. The marriage ended in divorce due to Liza's immense love for her work. Liza then had a relationship with Ho Sau Shun but their relationship did not last long due to personality differences.