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2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/8/8-13 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:50817 Activity:high
8/8     Edwards admits affair, doesn't admit for being incredible
        stupid dumbass who apparently thought having an affair and having
        his life withstand the scrutiny of being a viablepres. candidate
        were sustainable
        \_ He's a Democrat. This is expected. No big deal. Suck dick,
           fuck pussy, whatever. Just don't do anything stupid like
           invading a country and getting ourselves into deep shit.
           Look you fucking Conservatives. Adultery is a sustainable
           business. Invading countries in the Holy Name of Freedom
           is NOT a sustainable business. Ok?
           \_ Liberals invaded Vietnam and Korea.  Actually, liberals invaded
              Iraq too, in the Senate anyway.  Atheist liberals ran the USSR.
              Look at the subways and efficient apartment buildings they built.
              Iraq was a fucked up country already.  I don't like that I had
              to spend my tax dollars fixing their problems but in the long
              run they will probably be better off.  I dunno about us being
              better off though.  Also, Bush != "Conservatives".  Bush is
              not a classical conservative.
              \_ "Liberals" invaded Vietnam and North Korea? Wtf are you
                 talking about? If you mean that Democrats got us involved in
                 those two conflicts, you seriously need to read a book some
                 time. The people who ran the Soviet Union are not the same
                 as the Clintons. Get out of the 50s. Wake up. -!pp
                 \_ Harry Truman.
                    \_ What, are you channeling Batman from the video below?
                       You're not making any sense. What are you trying to
                       \_ "...liberals invaded Iraq too..." It's almost like
                          they're proud of being ignorant.
                       \_ Harry Truman was President when Vietnam started.
                          He was a Democrat.
                          \_ And? When did this supposed invasion occur?
                             \_ Well, I might argue it was when the first
                                American soldiers entered S. Vietnam. Or
                                could be during LBJ's term with passing of
                                the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.
                                the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. The start
                                and escalation of the conflict happened
                                with Democrats in office. They could have
                                just sent all Americans home but instead
                                sent troops. Sending troops is an invasion.
                             \_ In earnest after Gulf of Tonkin Resolution,
                                but before then even. Troops were pulled
                                out under a Republican, of course.
                                \_ Send combat troops to aid friendly
                                   govt. != invade. Running away !=
                                   pulling troops.
                                   \_ Ask the Vietnamese if they consider
                                      it an invasion.
                                      \_ North or South?
                                         \_ Either/or. Fully 80% of Vietnamese,
                                            whether in the North or South,
                                            considered the US an unwanted
                                            aggressor. It's one reason we
                                            left. No one wanted us there
                                            except a minority of elites.
                          \_ Truman? Are you proud of being ignorant? The
                             puppet state was set up by Eisenhower.
                             \_ Are you proud of being a douchebag?
                                Truman started it. (D)  Kennedy was the first
                                to send combat troops. (D)
                                \_ You keep saying that "Truman started it" but
                                   you are unable to explain what you mean by
                                   "it." The nation of Vietnam? It has existed
                                   for at least 1000 years. Try again, in
                                   English this time.
                                   \_ Duh, US military involvement in Vietnam.
                                      Do you have a cognitive impediment?
                                      The point was, Democrats got us involved
                                      in the Vietnam War (and Korea). Why not
                                      explicitly say whatever it is you think
                                      refutes this instead of dancing around
                                      with your head in your ass?
                                      (the puppet government is irrelevant)
                                      \_ Christ, if you're going to go down
                                         this route, why not just say that
                                         Wilson started it when he wouldn't
                                         hear out Ho Chi Minh's proposal for
                                         Viet independence after the signing
                                         of the Treaty of Versailles?
                                         \_ Because Kennedy and LBJ are the
                                            ones who actually started US
                                            combat operations in Vietnam.
                                            Keep dancing.
                                      \_ I can't wipe out a lifetime of
                                         ignorance in a few paragraphs, sorry.
                                         From the Vietnamese eyes, the
                                         Vietnamese war of independence started
                                         in 1885. The first direct US involve-
                                         ment in Vietnam was during WWII, so you
                                         might as well blame FDR. The actual
                                         Civil War between north and south
                                         started during Eisenhower and JFK sent
                                         sent first US combat troops Trying to pin
                                         US involvement in Vietname on Truman
                                         is just bizarre.
                                         sent first US combat troops. Trying to
                                         pin US involvement in Vietname on
                                         pin US involvement in Vietnam on
                                         Truman is just bizarre.
                                         \_ Truman was President first and
                                            the US was already involved
                                            militarily by the time Eisenhower
                                            was elected. However, you can blame
                                            FDR, too, if you want.
                             \_ Google MAAG
                                Besides, we sure were lucky D's were
                                elected and stopped the conflict before it
                                got out of hand!
                                \_ So your claim is that the US/Vietnam conflict
                                   started while Vietnam was still a French
                                   colony under French control? How did you do
                                   in your history classes? Get any A's?
                                   colony under French control?
                                   \_ No, my claim is that US military
                                      involvement started then.
                 \_ You're wrong.
                    \_ Am I? Whew. Thank you for, um, your convincing
                       argument backed up with facts.
                       \_ My point exactly!  Have a cigar.  And a dick.
                          \_ No thanks, you're a big enough dick for
                             the both of us.
        \_ Shit, good thing the Democrats didn't nominate him.
        \_ What happened to 'mccain has affair, nytimes reports on it,
           mccain served in vietnam so no one follows up'
2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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