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2008/7/28-8/2 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:50706 Activity:nil
7/28    Thugs on Wheels strike again
        \_ You know, I'm so surprised that we haven't had a nutcase
           with CCW PERMIT carrying guns and wielding a SUV who ended
           up shooting a bunch of bicyclists yeah baby BANG BANG BANG
        \_ So let's see.  Critical mass goes by.  Dude in car doesn't want
           to wait 10 minutes for them to pass, instead pulls out in front
           of them.  People get pissed and shout at him, so he drives his car
           through the crowd and hits some people.  Then things get ugly.
           Frankly he got off easy.
           \_ I have no idea where you invented this summary from:
               "According to what some witnesses told police, an altercation with
              the driver ensued and some of those on bikes began sitting on his
              car and hitting the vehicle, Jamieson said.
               "According to what some witnesses told police, an altercation
               with the driver ensued and some of those on bikes began sitting
               on his car and hitting the vehicle, Jamieson said.
               "The driver tried to back up, he said, and struck a bike.
               "That's when bicyclists really began attacking the vehicle.
              I think the cyclists got off easy.  That's the problem with mobs.
              \_ Key word: some.  Let's guess which some those were.  Dude
                 should never have ridden his car through the crowd.  You
                 know that, he knows that.  You think people just decided
                 to attack him for fun?  How come all those 1000s of other
                 cars along the route didn't get attacked?
                 \_ I think the Thugs intentionally intimidate drivers, and are
                    thrilled to escalate minor confrontations (jumping on the
                    car, etc.) which induce panic in the driver, who in fear
                    tries to get away from the mob.  See, that's the problem
                    with mobs.
                    \_ So because the guy was irrationally fearful, it is okay
                       that he committed assualt with a deadly weapon? Good
                       thing he didn't kill anyone. Would it be okay if I
                       started shooting at car drivers that violate my right of
                       way as a pedestrian? That is certainly a more rational
                       fear than this guys. What was the chance that someone
                       on a bicycle could actually hurt him if he stayed in
                       his car with windows rolled up?
                       \_ Smashing the windshield?  I'd say he is 100%
                          justified in fleeing from a mob, possibly injuring
                          members of the mob in the process.
                          \_ They smashed his windshield after he started
                             running people over, at least according to the
                             press account of the incident. I am not saying
                             that there was a good reason to smash his wind
                             shield, but he had no excuse for deliberately
                             running people over, just because they were
                             blocking his way and sitting on his car and
                             "hitting the vehicle" which means smacking it
                             with their palms.
                             \_ Nope, sorry you've got it wrong.
                                "The driver tried to back up, he said, and
                                struck a bike."
                                "That's when bicyclists really began attacking
                                the vehicle."
                                It was after the attack that the car drove
                                away through the crowd.
                                \_ Anyone with half a brain would know,
                                   don't try to muscle your car through
                                   a crowd of bikes.  What did he expect?
                                   The sea of bikes to part before his
                                   mighty car penis?  He tried to drive
                                   through them.  He fucking hit someone.
                                   \_ Sorry, once the mob attacks, the victim
                                      should use force (even deadly force) to
                                      escape from the mob. That's the problem
                                      with mobs.
                                   \_ Any bicyclist with a quarter of a brain
                                      should know not to try to block the way
                                      of a moving car. Those that place more
                                      importance on asserting their "right" to
                                      annoy drivers than on protecting their
                                      own safety fall victim to natural
                                \_ "Tried to back up" means that he deliberately
                                   backed into someone blocking his way. This
                                   should be assault, but since he was in a car
                                   he will get away with it.
                                      \_ I generally agree with you, but this
                                         is orthogonal to whether you have
                                         a right to run over someone who
                                         blocking your way.
                                \_ "Tried to back up" means that he
                                   deliberately backed into someone blocking
                                   his way. This should be assault, but since
                                   he was in a car he will get away with it.
                                   \_ No, it means he deliberately tried to
                                      back up, and there was someone in the
                                      way.  That doesn't mean he was
                                      deliberately trying to hit someone.
                                      \_ Let's change the bikes to say, a
                                         regular demonstration.  Demonstrators
                                         are marching, blocking a car.  Dude
                                         tries to pull out of his space anyway
                                         and hits a demostrator.  People start
                                         crowding his car and screaming at him
                                         for hitting someone when it was
                                         obvious he should have just waited
                                         rather than just pulling out when the
                                         road was blocked.  Dude responds by
                                         driving his car through the crowd,
                                         hitting several people.  You don't
                                         think he would be at fault there
                                         \_ And attacking the vehicle, smashing
                                            the windshield?  Yes, no fault in
                                            trying to get away.
                                      \_ Since neither of us was there and
                                         there are no videos, we can only
                                         speculate, but if you are surrounded
                                         by people peacefully blocking your
                                         way, backing up without making sure
                                         your way is clear is at the very
                                         least, very reckless.
2022/08/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Cache (4014 bytes)
HECTOR CASTRO P-I REPORTER Seattle police arrested two men and are searching for a third after participants in a bicycle protest on Capitol Hill smashed a car and attacked its driver Friday night. But one man injured in that turmoil said at least one other person should be arrested the driver. "He just accelerated forward and ran us over," said Tom Braun, whose bicycle was smashed during the altercation. Police spokesman Mark Jamieson said the driver is not considered an aggressor, but a victim, in the chaos that broke out during the Critical Mass protest. While acknowledging that the driver did strike some of the bicyclists, Jamieson said it appeared the man did so trying to get away from the large crowd. "It's completely understandable, if you've got a mob surrounding you, trying to get to you," he said. The disturbance happened at around 7:15 pm near East Aloha Street and 14th Avenue East. The driver was in a white Subaru with a female companion and was trying to pull out of a parking space. At that moment a large group of riders, described to police as anywhere from 100 to 300 bicyclists, were participating in a Critical Mass demonstration. For years, bicyclists involved with Critical Mass have gathered monthly to ride through Seattle streets in a show of support for the rights of bicyclists. For the most part, Seattle police have taken a hands-off approach to the riders, although the protest tactics include filling the streets with bikes, putting a stop to vehicular traffic. The riders were employing this tactic just as the motorist and his companion were about to drive off, Jamieson said. "The bicyclists were using both sides of the roadway, effectively blocking traffic," he said. According to what some witnesses told police, an altercation with the driver ensued and some of those on bikes began sitting on his car and hitting the vehicle, Jamieson said. The driver tried to back up, he said, and struck a bike. That's when bicyclists really began attacking the vehicle. "They broke his windshield and they broke the rear window and did some additional body damage," Jamieson said. The driver told officers he feared for his safety and that of his girlfriend, so he sped off, hitting other bikes and riders. Braun was one of the bicyclists who were struck, but he disputed the official version of events, saying that the only thing happening before the driver sped off was a lot of shouting. A frequent bicycle commuter participating in the protest ride for the first time in years, Braun said he rode up just as voices were being raised. He was still trying to figure out what the trouble was, he said, when the driver drove through the group, hitting him on his bike. He was dragged along briefly, got loose, and then the car ran over his leg. Braun said he saw another man sprawled on the hood of the car as it drove off. Less than a block away, the driver stopped and was surrounded by bicyclists. The driver got out of the vehicle, Jamieson said, and when he did so, someone behind him hit him with an object, cutting the man's head. When officers arrived, witnesses pointed out two men as allegedly taking part in the vandalism to the car. The men, ages 23 and 24, were both arrested and booked into the King County Jail for investigation of malicious mischief. After most of the people had left, a witness identified another man who had departed as the one who had struck the driver in the back of the head. He was not arrested, but officers know who he is, Jamieson said. The driver involved in the incident was taken to a local hospital for medical treatment of his injuries, which included bruising and the cut to his head, then released, Jamieson said. Braun said he went to the hospital after his wife arrived to pick him up from the scene. There were no broken bones, but Braun said doctors found blood in his urine and he will need to return for a follow-up visit. With his body aching and his bicycle ruined, Braun said he won't be commuting by bike come Monday.