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2019/03/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/7/23-28 [Science/Biology] UID:50665 Activity:nil
7/23    Dinosaur evolutionary tree: [new scientist]
        \_ You mean intelligently designed tree.
2019/03/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2009/4/22-28 [Science/Biology] UID:52893 Activity:nil
        Another nail in the coffin of evolution objectionists who say that
        there are "too many missing links".  Of course, objectionists
        will now just say that there are "two more missing links", i.e.,
        intermediate forms between this newly found one and its
        evolutionary ancestor/descendant.
2008/6/9-12 [Science/Biology] UID:50196 Activity:nil
6/9     Evolution in E. Coli observed in the lab: [new scientist]
        \- The Finger of God! ... or at least the Middle Finger
           to ID nutjobs.
           \_ You mean God can't change His design on the fly?  PMs in my
              company do it all the time ......  -- grouching engineer
2007/10/15-16 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Health/Disease/General, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:48314 Activity:high 64%like:48322
10/15   It occured to me this morning that treating women as equal to men has,
        so far, proven to be a poor choice for our society evolutionarily.
        This suggests the practice will probably die out evenutally.
        \_ Too soon to tell. I suspect that the socities with faster growth
           rates may be subject to a massive die-off sooner or later.
        \_ What do you mean?  Fewer offspring?  Fewer offspring may be the
2007/10/15 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:48330 Activity:nil
10/15   It occured t'me dis mo'nin' dat treatin' honky chicks as equal t'men
        has, so's far, been some poo' choice evolushunarily. Slap mah fro! Dis
        suggests de practice gots'ta probably kick d' cud out eventually. Slap
        mah fro!
        \_ What do you mean?  Fewer offspring?  Fewer offspring may be the
           only long-term viable evolutionary strategy due to environmental
2007/4/17-19 [Science/Biology] UID:46332 Activity:nil
4/17    Chimps might be more evolved than humans: (
        \_ Whatever that means.
           \_ They shouldn't have used our chimp-in-chief as the baseline for
              homo sapiens.
        \_ You don't mess with perfection. I wonder how much sharks have
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Cretaceous period, but a new study suggests that they were conspicuously absent from the 'terrestrial revolution' of that time, in which the number of land species rose rapidly. Graeme Lloyd at the University of Bristol, UK, and his team studied all of the existing dinosaur taxonomic literature to produce a 'supertree' of dinosaur species. The new supertree, which includes 440 of the 600 known dinosaur species, shows that the dinosaurs evolved rapidly during their first 50 million years. Explore the new supertree It remained at that low level throughout the following Cretaceous period, a time of plenty in Earth's terrestrial history in which flowering plants, lizards, snakes, birds and mammals all became much more numerous. Dinosaurs apparently did not take advantage of the abundant food supply that emerged during the Cretaceous Terrestrial Revolution. "Our supertree allows us to look for unusual patterns across the whole of dinosaurs for the first time," says Lloyd. "It is the most comprehensive picture ever produced of how dinosaurs evolved." Comment subject Comment No HTML except lower case italic tags or lower case bold tags, please: <i> or <b> Your name Your email We need your email in case we need to contact you about the comment.