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2019/05/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/7/15-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50575 Activity:nil
7/15    Russians rule man:
        \_ comments are funny too.
2019/05/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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10/9    I'm a white guy who is with an Asian (mainland China) girl for the
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        URL says it all.
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rather, some people view women as sexual business people, and those same women view men as clients. The signs are written in some sort of asian language (probably Chinese). Then you take into account that 4/5ths of the "menu" are asian. This means "Russian" is more of a rarity, which means you would pay a premium. If it were somewhere in Europe and the list read "Ukraine Girl, Prague Girl, Russian Girl, Japanese Girl", I'm sure the "Japanese Girl" would be more expensive. Pro User says: @SIRBERUS actually, you just argued that Arminstead is right. the proof was verified by your second example, a japanese girl in europe. so the skin colour does set the price, for rarity is just another word for exotic. the characters are definitely chinese, and i guess this is hong kong. it was a good capture, however you were obviously in a seedy part of town, to actually get this pic! ghost sister - the Chinese doesn't actually say Russian or even white... how do they know they're not getting a girl from the Ukraine? Oh yeah, and the sign also says that the A/C is working. Pro User says: There was another one I saw that offered "white russian" and "fresh local"... I swear to gods the first time I saw it I thought it was fish or seafood... Pro User says: David: Arminstead19's argument was that the (white) Russian is priced higher because her skin color makes her valued more highly as a person, which would be racist (edit for clarity: of the sign-makers, not of A19). Rather, as David points out, she is priced higher because herskin color is rarer in this market, which makes her worth more as a commodity/service, an economic argument. If all your country has is vanilla ice cream, chocolate's going to cost you; whether vanilla or chocolate is inherently "better" or preferred by more people is immaterial if the supply balance is sufficiently skewed. Pro User says: @isaiahlt: You're both missing the point. You can call it economics, but the cold hard truth is that women are being treated as commodities. No matter how you dress it up, sex work is the objectification of women. Likewise, please don't insult anyone's intelligence by suggesting that most or even many women enjoy it or do it of their own free will. They do it to survive, and if the hooker you paid for sex smiled, it's not because she likes you. You can call it economics, but the cold hard truth is that women are being treated as commodities. No matter how you dress it up, sex work is the objectification of women. Likewise, please don't insult anyone's intelligence by suggesting that most or even many women enjoy it or do it of their own free will. They do it to survive, and if the hooker you paid for sex smiled, it's not because she likes you. People do EVERYTHING to survive, she chooses to do this as opposed to something else. I mean, if you think of humans who sell services to be commodities- wouldn't that make everybody one? Why should selling sexual labour be so much different than intellect, or manpower? Pro User says: I can't believe how some people say 'that's great' or 'I'll take all' or 'me love you long time... Not this picture but the fact that some people still believe that prostitution is a good thing. Of course some women choose to do this based on their poverty but most women are forced and can't get out of it! many parts of the world look at prostitution as just another SERVICE. if your hairdresser smiled at you, it's not because s/he likes you. if your pilot smiled at you, it's not because s/he likes you. if your teacher smiled at you, it's not because s/he likes you. if your cashier smiled at you, it's not because s/he likes you. Pro User says: It would be one thing if the majority of prostitutes were there because they chose to be, even if it wasn't a particularly good choice (I'd argue that, but for the sake of my next point, I'm willing to concede that one). HOWEVER, the majority of women in sex trades are not there by choice. They are they because they are trapped in sexual slavery. It is nowhere near the same thing as using your mind or being paid for any other conventional job. Being raped and given little or no wages as compensation is hardly a job. It's a human rights violation, you massive, massive twats. There are many women who speak Russian, but not the Russians, Russia is a multinational state. And then not speak Russian, a resident of Russia, because Russians virtually none. Pro User says: cutething: i agree that sexual slavery is abhorrent and should be wiped from the face of the earth just as every other form of slavery (look up migrant worker conditions in florida's produce farms) this is why it should be an above ground legalized & regulated trade and the stigma needs to be removed from customers and service providers to keep it above ground. some do, for sure, just as so many people look miserable in their jobs making sandwiches for fat people or annoying spoiled white girls at subway or whatever. i am sure there are plenty of places in the world where it is all underground and women are indeed held captive. i've never seen nor do i care to see any of those places because i wouldn't be able to contain my lust for violent vengeance. just make sure you understand all the distinctions and nuances of what is going on in the world before you make blanket statements that the majority of women in sex trade are there against their will. that is american conservative propaganda stemming from our puritanical roots of the shamefulness of sex. Pro User says: @highsmith: Please don't presume to think that I am pushing a particular agenda. My issue is that prostitution is rarely just as simple as women CHOOSING to sell their bodies. If it were, I wouldn't be arguing the point so passionately. Prostitution SHOULD be legalized, not only for the points you mentioned, but also for the protection of the women involved, not just to prevent sexual slavery (which I fear would continue regardless), but also to protect women and give them better healthcare. This would, naturally, benefit any and all customers frequenting brothels as well. Consider the one state in the US where prostitution is legalized. When it is genuinely free choice, I have no issue with women who choose to get into prostitution. I sincerely hope they are not under the assumption that it is the only way for them to get ahead and make money, but rather it is something they genuinely enjoy. It isn't American propaganda stemming from YOUR puritanical roots. The idea that there aren't some or even a lot of women out there who love sex and would enjoy earning money for doing what they love is equally stupid - consider the porn industry. Porn is an industry dominated by women where women make much more money than their male counterparts, get to call the shots far more often, and can become famous in their own right (let's not even open the can of worms that is how pornography objectifies women or the physical risks involved; let's just say I'm giving you an inch, don't make me go back on it). However, no one under any circumstances, should be forced to have sex with strangers and not get all of the money for doing so. There are plenty of other factors in play, such as drug addiction, poverty, lack of education, and slavery that make this a far more complex issue than supply and demand. That's MY point, and I sincerely hope you all can respect that. I'm not making any blanked statements that prostitution in and of itself is bad or wrong, nor that prostitution should be abolished. I'm talking about sexual slavery which more often than not overlaps into prostitution. To ignore that or decide that it isn't relevant or valid is to be repulsively blithe about a prevalent issue. our only difference is whether it's a majority or a minority, and that we will never know. i wouldn't presume to know and as a statistician, i distrust all statistics anyway. i agree it's a nasty business for sure and you're right, legalizing it will still not stop all the abuses. amsterdam for all it's progressiveness is often cited as a hub for child prostitution. oh and i agree prostitutes should keep the largest percentage of their money. i'd ass...