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2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/6/30-7/14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Transportation/Car] UID:50420 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
7/1     So I'm in NYC now and I've been walking or taking a cab. I wish I
        hadn't returned my rental car, because driving here was so easy
        (I drove the first day), especially compared to Boston. Streets are
        laid out in a grid and traffic isn't so bad. I won't use mass transit
        at all here. I am rethinking my take on mass transit. Before I thought
        it only worked in dense cities. Now I don't think it's really needed
        anywhere. BTW, in Boston I had the experience of being kicked off
        the T for not having a ticket, but the station I was at didn't
        sell tickets. Talk about Catch 22. That was the Fine Arts station,
        which tourists like me presumably use. Mass transit is so user
        friendly and easy to use.
        \_ Now you are just trolling.
        \_ You win the high on crack award.
        \_ I think you're just plain stupid. "Now I don't think it's really
           needed anywhere." - Traffic in NYC is bad enough with the number
           of people that drive right now. If NYC didn't have mass transit
           it'd be ten times worse.
           \_ And more so in Tokyo and Hong Kong.  -- !OP
           \_ Or maybe there wouldn't be so many people crammed together
              and they'd be happier for it. The worst problem with driving
              in NYC is the cost of parking. I really do wish I had kept
              my rental car, though. My independence is limited without it
              and everyone talks about scary NYC driving but that's a myth
              perpetuated by, presumably, tourists who live in small towns.
              \_ Yeah everyone who lives in cities would be happier if they
                 just spread out, we understand your (bizarre) worldview.
                 It is actually quite doable to drive in NYC, I have done
                 it as well, but after a while you realize that you are
                 annoying all the cabbies. The only reason you can get
                 away with driving in lower manhatten is because almost
                 everyone on the road is a professional driver and they
                 make allowances for you. Just don't hit a bicyclist.