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2008/6/20-23 [Computer/Blog, Computer/SW/Apps] UID:50323 Activity:nil 85%like:50311
6/19    I love this blog []
2018/12/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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com %2Fsearch Begun This Clone Tool Has Have you seen a truly awful piece of Photoshop work? Clumsy manipulation, senseless comping, lazy cloning and thoughtless retouching are our bread and butter. Anonymity can be arranged for the easily embarrassed/canned. Although I am hopeless at replying to email, be assured that each and every tip is followed up. Not sure where to send this stuff, but have you seen this political add that is an obvious green screen job made to look like the husband and wife supposedly have this great homelife but it's obvious she isn't even there? com/view/norms-new-tv-spot Not sure if green screen screwups qualify for PSD but there you are. Haha, "Vampire Check" was the first thing that popped to my mind as well. I can maybe see missing the reflection (it's a bit more subtle) but come on, the shadow? Maybe this is a vampire company that sucks money out of other people so they can write some vampire checks. The designer didn't even look like he could be bothered. Oh come on, I have a huge check for a hunderd dollars right now that doesn't cast a shadow - this is NOT photoshopped and it's definitely not a disaster. and the check number in the corner doesn't match the check number in the micr and the micr isn't even straight -- it stair steps. i think they spent all their money renting the hummer and forgot to budget in a designer or printing a giant check. not too mention, of COURSE all giant sized checks would have the account and routing numbers of the bank account with $500,000 in it, and they would post it on the internet. First thing I did was check his reflection in the shiny car and like Tina already said... But people who trick other people bad to make money instead of inventing something by themselves don't think so far. Don't need to be a perfectionist in this business, just shallow. They are lit differently with correct shadows, so I say they are real. The shadow shows his left hand with the fore finger out to hold the edge of the check to be added. Also the shadow and reflections have the arms higher up. And I can't believe none of you mentioned they missed the two other reflections of him in the rear rim. Saw this in my feed and thought I was reading a different blog and thought maybe I'' send this to photoshopdisasters and then thought... Are people taking this piss pointing out why this is a photoshop? It's like making a list of reasons why you think Jacko might ahve had plastic surgery. If you click on the original enough times you get a big 2k-pixel version where you can really see the chop-job on his fingers and the straight-line artificiality of the check. Also, who buys a new luxury vehicle BEFORE they cash their big check? The original page actually states that it's a poor photoshop: "This is not a real check it was for a Magazine Ad for AzoogleAds. Its been on numerous websites who think they have discovered it was fake... I wish people would read the comments - some of them at least - before adding their own. Why do you assume that, after 78 comments have been made, no-one has yet noticed that the fucking cheque has been photoshopped onto the picture? Yeah they said it was an advertisement for their site, 2 questions though: 1 Why not use a real person with a real experience unless this was clearly only to mislead people in an ad (even admitting it was ps)? How that graphic could have got approval from anyone -- even Helen Keller -- is completely beyond me. This is truly one of the most stupefyingly bad shop jobs I've ever seen, though to be fair the photographer wasn't paying attention either -- s/he should have framed the shot with the model posed behind the hood of the Hummer with his arms raised above his head holding the phantom check, so there wouldn't have been a shadow issue, and the reflection problem might have been less obvious or nonexistent. Personally, I know when I get my picture taken I always make it a point to hold whatever's in my hands at a 100% straight, pixel-perfect horizontal position. Also on the huge version, you can see the epic font failure where they neglected to fix the kerning on the "script" and make the letters actually connect up with one another. This glorious thing has been my introduction to Photoshop Disasters. Noticed that folks checked the MICR/OCR, but did anyone run the account number to see if they used a real account? Be a shame if someone sucked hunderds out because they broadcast their acct info... and some people who don't care about photoshop come to a photoshop related site to troll and bash on the people who do care. and after all this I still have no idea what that company is or does. What's really funny is that the same jerkoffs who bitch and moan when they don't think there's a problem with the picture, when faced with a picture that OBVIOUSLY has multiple, disastrous problems, instead turn to saying "You idiots are so lame for listing the things wrong with this picture; It seems they are only happy when shitting on people's blogs - whether there IS or ISN'T a photoshop disaster. Why should people have the right to take the piss out of images - and also the people in them, in this case - but not out of the ridiculous comments people make? Seems to me the assholes outnumber the fans here, so I dunno what "flock" you're talking about. I kid you not, it's genuinely funny to me when they start in, and even funnier when it's self-contradictory.
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Time: More God-damned Reflections Position: Art Director, Time Magazine Location: New York Salary: $225,000, excellent incentives Requirements: Must have an excellent eye for detail. Cuisinart: MC Escher Strikes Again Cusinart defies perspective in this disturbing composition. If you're wondering if it was the woman, the table or the blender that was comped in, the answer is probably all three. Yahoo: Cars And Reflections Don't Mix You know how when you see pictures of people in the 70s or 80s you wonder why they had such awful clothes and haircuts? Chanel: Maybe Someone Shook Her Hand Too Hard Keira darling, that's great.. Keira sweety can you make it look as though your fingers have fallen off and are in an anatomically impossible position? Yes, exactly like that, that's perfect, super darling, OK everyone that's a wrap.