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2020/01/28 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/3/28-4/6 [Recreation/Food] UID:49606 Activity:low
        Don't use the middle stall in the bathroom!
        \_ It doesn't mention that the average office computer keyboard has
           more germs per sq-in than the average toilet seat.  I read this
           somewhere else.
        \_ Re: "The worst place to cool leftovers: in the refrigerator"  This
           doesn't make sense.  Sure, It can take a long time for the
           temperature in the middle of a big container to drop.  But doesn't
           it take even longer if you leave it on the counter?  If the writer
           is thinking about the timer that the food at the middle stays in
           the warm temperature range which bacteria grows, well, after you
           leave the food on the counter for initial cooling, you either have
           to leave it on the counter forever or put it in the fridge.  In
           both cases the total time that the food at the middle stays in the
           warm temperature range should still be longer than if you just put
           the food in the fridge at the beginning.
           \_ Writer may be talking about how a warm dish tends to heat the
              food surrounding it in the fridge. If you put your still-hot
              leftovers next to your eggs, you might as well leave your eggs
              on the counter.
              \_ For a few minutes, yes.  Guess what.  Keeping your eggs out
                 for a few minutes every week won't change a hill of beans.
                 Think for a second.  You go to the store.  You put the eggs
                 in your basket.  You wait in line.  You drive home.  All
                 that time the eggs stay out.  This article is filled with
                 "OH MY GOD GERMS!" fear that is just silly.
                 \_ Worrying about eggs going bad is pretty funny, considering
                    on the farm, we used to only collect them once a day. They
                    have built in antibiotic resistance, which should be
                    obvious if you think about it for a second. You can even
                    leave them out for a couple of days, but you risk getting
                    "blood spot" eggs if you have a rooster around.
                    \_ Yup.  Supermarkets in Hong Kong display eggs on
                       shelves, not in refrigerators.
2020/01/28 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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MSNBC TV The 16 worst places to stash your stuff Don't even think about putting your purse on the kitchen counter Image: Toothbrushes in a glass Getty Images stock "Unless you like rinsing with toilet water, keep your toothbrush behind closed doors -- in the medicine cabinet or a nearby cupboard," says germ expert Chuck Gerba. Prevention Magazine Location, location, location: Store owners aren't the only ones concerned with finding the perfect spot in which to situate their stuff. Researchers in a wide variety of fields know that how you organize your environment -- from where you stand in fitness class to the place you choose to store your meds -- has a surprising effect on everything from your weight to your chances of staying well. In other words, when it comes to how you feel, it's not just what you do, it's where you do it. Here, surprisingly bad locales for your health -- and the best places to optimize it. The worst place for your toothbrush: on the bathroom sink There's nothing wrong with the sink itself -- but it's awfully chummy with the toilet. There are 32 million microbes per square inch in the average toilet bowl, according to germ expert Chuck Gerba, PhD, a professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona. When you flush, aerosolized toilet funk is propelled as far as 6 feet, settling on the floor, the sink, and your toothbrush. "Unless you like rinsing with toilet water, keep your toothbrush behind closed doors -- in the medicine cabinet or a nearby cupboard," Gerba says. The worst place to set your handbag: the kitchen counter Your fancy handbag is a major tote for microbes: Gerba and his team's swabs showed up to 10,000 bacteria per square inch on purse bottoms -- and a third of the bags tested positive for fecal bacteria! A woman's carryall gets parked in some nasty spots: on the floor of the bus, beneath the restaurant table -- even on the floor of a public bathroom. Put your bag in a drawer or on a chair, Gerba says -- anywhere except where food is prepared or eaten. The worst place for your sneakers and flip-flops: in the bedroom closet Walking through your house in shoes you wear outside is a great way to track in allergens and contaminants. A 1999 study found that lawn chemicals were tracked inside the house for a full week after application, concentrated along the traffic route from the entryway. Reduce exposure by slipping off rough-and-tumble shoes by the door; If your pumps stay off the lawn, they can make the trip to the bedroom -- otherwise, carry them. The worst place to try to fall asleep: under piles of blankets Being overheated can keep you from nodding off, researchers say: A natural nighttime drop in your core temperature triggers your body to get drowsy. To ease your way to sleep, help your body radiate heat from your hands and feet, says Helen Burgess, PhD, assistant director of the Biological Rhythms Research Laboratory at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. Don socks to dilate the blood vessels in the extremities -- then take the socks off and let a foot stick out from under the blankets. Paul, MN The reason: It can take a long time for the temperature in the middle of a big container to drop, creating a cozy environment for bacteria. You can safely leave food to cool on the counter for up to an hour after cooking, Snyder says. Or divvy up hot food into smaller containers and then refrigerate -- it'll cool faster. The worst stall to pick in a public restroom: the one in the middle The center stall has more bacteria than those on either end, according to unpublished data collected by Gerba. But you can contract all manner of ills if you touch a germy toilet handle and then neglect to wash your hands thoroughly. The worst place for a workout reminder: stuck on your post-it laden fridge A visual nudge can help -- but only if you notice it, says Paddy Ekkekakis, PhD, an exercise psychologist at Iowa State University. In one study, a sign urging people to use the stairs rather than the nearby escalator increased the number of people who climbed on foot by nearly 200 percent. Put your prompt near a decision point, Ekkekakis says -- keep your pile of Pilates DVDs next to the TV; put a sticky note on your steering wheel to make sure you get to your after-work kickboxing class. Just remember: The boost you get from a reminder is usually short-term, so change the visuals often. "The farther from the center you are, the more up-and-down movement you experience." Because the tail of the plane tends to be longer than the front, "that's the bumpiest of all," she says. "The smoothest option is sitting as close to the wing as you can." The worst place to pick up a prescription: the pharmacy drive-thru In a survey of 429 pharmacists, respondents ranked drive-thru windows high among distracting factors that can lead to prescription processing delays and errors, says survey author Sheryl Szeinbach, PhD, professor of pharmacy practice and administration at Ohio State University. If you don't want to give up the convenience of a rolling pickup, be sure to check that both drug and dose are what the doctor ordered.