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2020/01/28 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/3/28-4/6 [Health/Women] UID:49605 Activity:moderate
3/28    Irish+German women = SUPER HOT.
        \_ Asian women = little boy figures = satisfy my long awaited but
           socially unacceptable yearning for petite underaged lovers.
           That is why I think Asian women = SUPER HOT, and I'm sure
           many of you closet Asian lovers at Cal feel the same way.
           \_ What makes you think we are in the closet about it? I have
              a skinny flat-chested wife with braces and that makes me happy.
              What is wrong with that?
              \_ you need to be closet about the UNDERAGED part or else
                 the society will frown upon it.
                 \_ Yes, I do get scowls from white women my age, but I
                    am just amused by it. I don't really prefer underaged
                    women, just young adults, though my brother teases me
                    and calls me a pedophile.
        \_ Maybe at the high end of the spectrum, but both Irish and German
           women in general tend to be rather homely. Maybe two negatives
           equal a positive? I think on average Latin American women are
           the most attractive, but YMMV. Note that I am not saying there
           aren't hot Irish or German women. There absolutely are. I am
           speaking in general terms.
           \_ So sometimes there may or may not be in certain cases certain
              combinations that could or could result in a woman that is or
              is not attractive depending on yours or others personal
              preferences in some cases where upon each would have to decide
              on their own if someone was or was not possibly attractive in
              their view, sometimes, maybe?  YMMV.  IANAL.
              \_ I think there are accepted standards of beauty and my comment
                 was based on those. You can have your own preferences, just
                 like you can choose your own editor even though ED is the
                 \_ I think there are actually a few different standards of
                    beauty. Fertility is considered attractive cross-culturally
                    but that can be represented in quite a few different ways.
                 \_ Average people look... average.  What population do you
                    sample? For example, younger populations tend to look
           \_ Different flowers blossom and wither at a different rate.
              Latina women blossom at around 14-15 years old, but they
              tend to balloon up and look like Jaba the Hut by the time
              they're 24 years old. There's something about the early
              release of growth hormones. Like fireworks: great sparkle,
              but only for a short period.
              \_ You think Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Adriana Lima, or
                 Alessandra Ambrosio look like Jabba?
                 \_ Don't blame their Jaba the Hut genes. Latina blood has
                    superior digestive systems. Before the Conquistadores
                    came they ate grass and grain and looked beautiful.
                    But when they changed their diet to corn and other
                    starchy materials they started to balloon up. If there's
                    ever going to be WW3, skinny people will start to die from
                    the lack of starch while the Latinas will be the ones who
                    will survive by eating grass and grains. They will look
                    beautiful again. Latinas on grain diet rule!!!
                 \_ Jessica Alba is half Danish.
                    Alessandra Ambrosio is Italian/Polish.
                    Maybe they need some non-Latina blood to prevent
                    \_ Most Latinas do have mixed blood and I think it is
                       why they are so beautiful. They have the best
                       features of many races.
                    \_ Maybe you are full of shit.  Who knows!
                       \_ lol
                    \_ Salma Hayek and Sofia Vergara are my Latina goddess.
                       Both are silicone free.  Odalys Garcia is good too.
                       --- !PP
                       \_ Eva Mendes
                       \_ Salma Hayek is possibly the hottest 41 year old ever.
                          \_ That would be yermom.
2020/01/28 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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