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2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2007/12/5-12 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Food] UID:48747 Activity:nil
12/4    Where do people buy those candies that reads "It's a boy!" or "It's a
        girl!"  Any pleaces in the San Mateo or Fremont area?  Thanks.
        \_ Preston's Candy & Ice Cream
           1170 Broadway, Burlingame, CA
           they have a lot of nice candy too, in addition to the gimmicky
           baby candy.  I recommend the honeycomb, rocky road, and the
           hot cocoa kits.              -brain preston
        \_ Cause cigars are so your grandparent's generation.
           \_ the chocolate shop on telegraph has chocolate cigars.
              you can get them online too.  They are a bit pricey but <shrug>
              \_ so are babies
        \_ The Candy Store in San Francisco on Vallejo b/w Polk & Van Ness
           is really, really awesome.  I've seen "It's a g/b" cigars there.
        \_ Go to SF, they have "Congrats, it's a gay boy!" cards.
           \_ And in The South, you can get "Congrats, it's a Redneck" card.
        \_ Thanks for all the responses.  Party Land in San Mateo carries it,
           but the girl kind is currently out of stock.  Party America in Union
           City has both the boy kind and the girl kind in stock.  -- OP
2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2013/2/7-3/19 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:54602 Activity:nil
2/7     Christopher Dorner is my hero.
        \_ "We are going to get this guy even if we have to shoot
            200 more women bystanders before we find him." -LAPD
            \_ THAT is awesome. LAPD is my hero.
        \_ Dang, they got him. He could have been a folk hero. -OP
                 \_ Yeah, and they got his drivers license twice.
2011/5/27-7/30 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:54121 Activity:nil
5/27    Pharamcist convicted of first-degree murder for shooting at armed
        http://www.csua.org/u/tfk (news.yahoo.com)
        What the f**k!!??
        \_ Shooting the robber and leaving him on the floor unconscious was
           obviously self-defense.  Calmly returning to the store afterwards
2010/11/2-2011/1/13 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:54001 Activity:nil
11/2    California Uber Alles is such a great song
        \_ Yes, and it was written about Jerry Brown. I was thinking this
           as I cast my vote for Meg Whitman. I am independent, but I
           typically vote Democrat (e.g., I voted for Boxer). However, I
           can't believe we elected this retread.
           \_ You voted for the billionaire that ran HP into the ground
2010/8/29-9/30 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:53942 Activity:kinda low
8/29    OC turning liberal, maybe there is hope for CA afterall:
        \_ and the state is slowly turning conservative. Meg 2010!
           \_ We will see. Seems unlikely.
        \_ Yeah, because CA sure has a problem with not enough dems in power!
           If only dems had been running the state for the last 40 years!
2010/7/27-8/25 [Politics/Domestic/California, Reference/Tax] UID:53900 Activity:nil
7/25    Is there a polite way to tell a recruiter "too busy at the moment
        but keep me in mind for future stuff."  Or  "not in that field at
        this exact moment but am switching positions over the next few
        months for your role, keep me in mind" ?  Thx.
        \_ You know what, recruiters have thick skins.  You won't hurt
           their feelings.  Go ahead, try, you can't possibly get them down.
2010/7/15-8/11 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:53885 Activity:nil
7/15    "Mom jailed over sex with 14-year-old son"
        \_ I just bought a hot homeless teen runaway lunch.
           Am i going to jail?
           \_ Was she 18?
        \_ FYI people "MILF" doesn't always mean what you think it means.
2010/7/5-20 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:53875 Activity:nil
7/5     I think this is the first time a CA cop has EVER been put on trial
        for murdering a black man.
        \_ Really?  CA cop, or CA white cop?
        \_ The case marked the first murder prosecution of an on-duty Bay Area
           police officer. Prosecutors rarely file charges against police for
           shootings. A Chronicle review of police use-of-force cases around
2010/5/17-26 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:53832 Activity:nil
5/14    Where's the guy who kept claiming that the CA state budget always
        grew faster than inflation adjusted per capita?
2012/5/9-6/4 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:54385 Activity:nil
5/9     "Science Reveals How Not to Spill Your Coffee When Walking"
        No wonder the UC is short in funding.  Just put a damn lid on!
        \_ Before you complain "Now that there are studies for everything,
           some day we'll hear about studiets on studies", please note that the
           Pentagon is always one step ahead of you:
2012/4/5-6/1 [Recreation/Food] UID:54356 Activity:nil
4/5     Alumni BBQ
        Please come! Reunite, be nostalgic, etc.
        April 14 6pm-9pm Wozniak Lounge, Soda Hall, Berkeley, CA  94720
        Top Dog will be served along with other sides probably.
        Potato Salad? Yeah!  Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream? Oh Yeah!
        Fruity Crack? Probably not :-(
2011/3/6-4/20 [Recreation/Food] UID:54054 Activity:nil
3/5     Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream:  http://www.csua.org/u/sow
2009/12/23 [Recreation/Food] UID:53597 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
12/23   Mental note to myself:
        Ritual Roasters Cafe in San Francisco-- communist star symbol
        == lots of wannabe dotcomers.
        \_ http://www.ritualroasters.com
        XO in San Francisco-- lots of hot mamas during midday
2009/5/30-6/5 [Recreation/Food] UID:53060 Activity:moderate
5/30    I've got 15 hours in Paris (2pm to 5am their time) on a layover.
        I have never been to Paris. What should I do with my time? The
        Orsay Museum is open until 10pm Thursdays and I will be there on
        a Thursday, so that is one option. I heard a Seine cruise is nice.
        Any other ideas?
        \_ The Musee D'Orsay is great (and reminiscent of Doe Library,
2009/4/7-13 [Recreation/Food] UID:52818 Activity:high
4/7     Speaking of restaurants, I referred a friend to the Slanted Door
        based on its stellar repuation. She called it 'The PF Chang's of
        Vietnamese food'. Has it really gotten that bad or does she have
        her head up her ass?
        \_ Head.  Ass.  Up.
        \_ Ya that's exactly it. But it's so much more expensive, I think you'd
2009/4/3-12 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:52794 Activity:high
4/3     A few days back someone was advocating going to good restaurants over
        saving money.  I'm curious, I've never been to a really expensive
        restaurant. (Over $30 per person.)  In general I've found that once I
        get beyond about $10 the food doesn't get any better, instead I start
        paying for stuff I don't care about, like "atmosphere."  Which
        basically means I've rarely been to a restaurant where the food
2008/11/6-13 [Uncategorized/Profanity, Recreation/Travel] UID:51865 Activity:moderate
11/6    What's a good vacation for less than $750/person for 5 days
        in mid to late November?
        \_ New York City is quite nice in November. You can even wear
           shorts and t-shirt. Be sure to visit aspolito. He's a really
           nice guy who would never jerk you around. Oh and he's gay
           and loves sodomizing pollux.
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For over 50 years the families of Burlingame have enjoyed the hand-made candies from Preston's Candy & Ice Cream. Now thanks to the Internet you can enjoy our old-fashioned candy shipped right to your door! All our special candies are hand-crafted in our store in Burlingame, following recipes we have used since 1946. All our boxed candies are hand-packed, including all your favorite flavors or one of our traditional candy combinations.
Cache (8192 bytes)
Fern D San Francisco, CA 4 star rating 12/01/2007 This place will bring back fond memories of when you were that kid in a candy store, captivated and overwhelmed by the oodles of candy, colors and sweet aromas. They did a nice job with merchandising, and it's really fun to look at all the candy in the jars and on the shelves. J B San Francisco, CA 5 star rating 10/30/2007 My candy store as a kid was Marie's in Connecticut and we rode our bikes there for Pez, licorice, candy necklaces, all the penny candy stuff. And there really was a Marie, a sweet old lady we all loved. Somehow The Candy Store brings it back despite lacking the old wood floors and walls. Maybe it's the big jars and bright colors and nice people. I remember when Marie had to sell her place - the sign said 'For Sale By Owner' and my little brother started crying because he thought whoever bought it would buy Marie, too! Ann L Fremont, CA 5 star rating 11/24/2007 The Candy Store is Awesome. The owners: Diane & Brian Campbell are very nice and Diane is passionate about candy! The store is pretty small but they have tons of candies from all over the world it seems. Ones I got: Bistro Bar Chocolat Moderne NY Parlez Pistache -dark chocolate bar filled w/ pistachio praline $8 - really good. Zotter Marc de Champagne bar $8-made in Austria -just ok The chocolate olives (good) & some French River Stones (ok). but you can spend more or less depending on what you get. Others recommended items: fleur de sel licorice Licorice from Holland, Kats, Beehive, Chalk, Grottnennska? organic Coco Lux chocolates Did u read the book "Candy Freak" by Steve Almond? If u did he mentions many rare candy bars and you can get some of them here. FYI: The Candy Store is doing a Candy Tasting including licorice chalk & chocolate olives on Tues. Dec 4 7-9pm for JCCSF (Jewish Community Center of SF) Members $5/Public $7. Jackie B San Francisco, CA 5 star rating 10/31/2007 This store is a great addition to the neighborhood. I love when you can tell that a store exists because the owner has a true passion about what they sell. Just thinking about the sour watermelons makes my mouth water. Matahari F San Francisco, CA 5 star rating 10/30/2007 When I saw this place open in my neighborhood a few months back, my jaw dropped. I pulled my boyfriend in to the candy emporium that had suddenly appeared on the block of my coffee spot, and I embarked on a magical, sugar filled, nostalgic back-flip in to my past. My life as a kid, spent mostly living for the summers in a beach town on the South shore of Massachusetts called "Nantasket," were filled with so many lovely memories; long, slightly breezy-filled beach days, challenging and formidably cold foamy waves, and sandy-cucumber and tuna sandwiches (with no crust) with cups of icy grape-juice from the thermos my mom, a young beach-lover herself, was always around to administer. Our brains shifted gears to auto-pilot and we would -without discussion- make a bee-line -on our trusty bikes- (mine: a sparkly purple Schwinn with a sparkly silver banana seat, cards in the spokes and streamers screaming from the ends of the handles bar grips) to our personal house of worship- a funny, asymmetrical, brightly orange painted house that possessed a face fashioned out of windows (for eyes) and a door (for the mouth) called Joel's Penny Candy Store. Squirrel Nut Zippers, B-bats, wax bottles filled with colored liquid drinks, licorice whips, foot long taffy, candy button strips, Zotz, Bulls eye's, chocolate ice cubes, Swedish fish, flying saucers, wax lips, wax vampire teeth and long red wax fingernails on wax fingertips, all for a penny a piece! The design at The Candy Store is lovely, more adult like, serene almost, and thankfully, less over sensory stimulation, while the contents of Joel's penny Candy (and more) are well stocked and appreciated. The owners gracious, generous and extremely passionate about their wares. The prices are, well, above penny candy prices, but the memories and the responses I have gotten from people for whom I have fashioned tailored packages to, as gifts that say "remember?" Nate C San Francisco, CA 5 star rating 10/30/2007 alright the candy does cost more then lets say Walgreen's or k-mart. and if you think about it, is anything cheaper then Walgreen's or k-mart? if you are going to write a review about this store just to say they are pricey DON'T! they have everything you had when you were a kid and more! Zelda K San Francisco, CA 5 star rating 09/22/2007 I want to live in this store. I was just driving up Polk on my way back from a lingerie construction class that I am taking at the waterfront, and it is a lovely rainy gray day. And as I was driving I saw a sign "The Candy Store" is all that it said, and it had an arrow and some cute bubble designs. Of course I HAD to follow the sign and come to a screeching halt when I saw this store. Tiny with white walls and so clean and minimalist and nothing but candy. I knew it would be overpriced because it's in Russian Hill. I used to live in that area, so I know that rent is outrageous. So I don't blink an eye when I go into the cute little boutiques in the high end areas and the prices are much higher than drug stores. I am willing to pay it, because I want to support beautiful little individually owned stores like this one instead of big corporate low priced places like Walgreen's, Target, Rite Aid, etc. The first item that caught my eye was lollipops in the shape of candy apples. I got my boyfriend and I some handmade chocolate filled orange cream barber poles, which I haven't tried yet because I want to share the experience with him. And I got an 8 year old relative who is having a birthday a bag filled with candy necklace, candy watch, zots, candy lipstick and chocolate filled orange cream barber pole. The guy behind the counter wrapped it all up in a bag with an aqua blue ribbon and put that in The Candy Store's signature bag with some aqua and white tissue. And some candies from the South of France that look like river rocks. Honestly, I don't think I could venture to try some of the candy. Olive shaped and colored candies in a martini glass, made of almonds and chocolate are adorable, but I don't care for almonds. I wish I was a bit more adventuresome with my candy taste. Anyway, I just adore this store and I hope it stays in business. We need more great little stores like this instead of cheap crap like Walgreen's! I am going to go back and get a gift certificate for one of my job references that always pulls through for me. San Francisco, CA 5 star rating 09/06/2007 Jerry Seinfeld has a bit about young kids and how the only thing running through their heads all the time is 'get candy, get candy, get candy, get candy, get candy' . I was like that as a child, and being allergic to chocolate I took particular liking towards sour and weird candy like Nerds, Button Candy, Pez . So THE Candy Store was obviously a dream come true no matter what. HOWEVER, the lady at the counter was seriously the nicest/friendliest/coolest/most welcoming candy shop lady ever. She's everything you'd imagine a candy store lady to be. I was expecting her to pull out a wand and whisk me into the fantasy world of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory (where I'd obviously instantly burst into hives and die from a horrible allergic reaction). but instead she let me sample everything and I spent about $50 on candy. nicole c San Francisco, CA 4 star rating 09/05/2007 I spent $28 on delicious non run-of-the-mill candy. Was it a struggle to not jump over the counter and maul the candy clerks so I could fill my own bag of candy? Douggers M San Francisco, CA 5 star rating 10/01/2007 I Love stopping here when I'm shopping on Polk. For some reason shopping gives me cravings for Kookaburra licorice. The woman who works there, I am pretty sure she is the owner is always so nice. Bill S San Francisco, CA 5 star rating 08/25/2007 Willie Wonka walks among us, she's the owner, and her name is Dianne. And Dianne offers free samples of just about everything in the store. Ladies and gentlemen, you read the above line correctly. wendella a San Franc...