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2019/04/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2007/11/20-26 [Health] UID:48668 Activity:low
11/20   I've heard that the most common birth month is February.
        Why is that the case since February has fewer days than all
        the other months?
        \_ Lots of May weddings?  Most of my friends have November
           birthdays.  Puts conception around Valentine's day.
        \_ what's going on 9 months earlier?  Birth months are purely a
           function of time after conception.
        \_ Chance of getting laid on May (spring love) is higher than
           any other month?
           \_ NOT TRUE. FUCK YOU.               -not getting laid #3
        \_ You heard wrong. If you STFW you will find that in 2006 July was
           the most common both in total number and in rate. July and
           August are usually 1-2 in some order. February was lowest in
           total number (obviously fewer days) but also 2nd lowest in rate
           (to January). June, July, August, and September have the
           highest birth rates. Interestingly, the rate on Saturdays and
           Sundays is really low compared to the rest of the week, with
           over a 30% difference on those days. (Tuesday is the most common
           day to be born.) Any idea why that might be? (Source: National
           Center for Health Statistics)
           \_ a sizable percentage of birth dates are chosen.  (c-section,
              induced labor).  more likely to choose to do it on a week day.
              \_ Why do you say it's more likely to choose a week day? For
                 what reason? Or do you mean that the *doctor* is more
                 likely to choose a week day, which I can understand?
                 \_ Patients too. Does it really matter though, who
                    chooses? Many (most?) C-Sections are done during the 9-5
                    M-F schedule that is convenient for the hospital.
                    \_ Well, yes, it does. I can't think of any reason the
                       patient cares if it's Sunday or Wednesday.
                       \_ the patient doesn't schedule it.
                          \_ What do you think, that the doctor does it
                             somehow without the patient's permission? Of
                             course the patient "schedules it" just like the
                             doctor does. But it might be hard to talk the
                             staff into coming in on a weekend. I bet you
                             could schedule your C-section on the weekend
                             if you were really persistent (and willing to
                             pay more for it).
                             \_ You think hospitals close on weekends?
                                \_ No, I have actually worked in hospitals.
                                   They do not close, but they run on a much
                                   smaller staff.
                            \- FYI, there are many, many studies on day of the
                               week and by shift studies of the distribution of
                               assisted/induced births and "natural schedule"
                               schedule births. in addition to just counting
                               the number of births, they have also studied
                               the distribution of "problems" [low weight,
                               mortality]. there have both been longitudinal
                               studies in a given location [say due to
                               greatly increased c section rates] as well as
                               comparisons between disparate places [say
                               north america vs asia] with different medical
                               cultures, insurance schemes etc. obgoogle.
                               short version of findings: being born on
                               weekend: not good. of course YMMV.
           \_ Maybe the level of stress typically experienced on a weekday
              vs. weekend also has something to do with it?  Isn't high
              stress more likely to trigger labor?  -niloc
2019/04/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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