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2018/12/12 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2007/11/12-16 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:48607 Activity:high
11/12   Server nerds, CCC for mac is totally awesome.  is there somethng
        as cool and friendly for PC or unix?
        \_ Hi.  "CCC" is a free mac program known as "Carbon Copy Cloner".
           If you use a Mac, and have some sort of external usb or firewire
           drive, I recommend you spend 15 minutes downloading it and
           setting it up.  You can easily make a backup set up your data,
           set up incremental backups, and even make a nice bootable image
           of your drive onto your external usb drive, so when the disk
           on your Mac finally fails (all drives fail eventually), it's
           just a few minutes work getting up again (after you replace the
           drive obviously).  I'm not trolling, I'm just describing
           my experience, my Mac is not running a terabyte SAN NAS fiber
           highly available hot swapping RAID, calm the fuck down.
        \_ What is CCC? -dans
           \_ Wow, you are really ignorant.  Stay in school!
           \_ Color Climax Corp. of Denmark.
              \_ Oh, so it's like rsync for people who can't be bothered to
                 learn rsync. -dans
                       \- dont be silly. i'm a "BFUN" [\infra] and probably
                          have looked deeper into rsync than 99% of rsync
                          users [i.e. how to optimize for certain large
                          data sets in scientific computation, see e.g.
                          mutli-round rsync paper], but i use these $5-$30
                          programs to back up my computer ... the calculus
                          is "are these worth $5-$30", not "can i write
                          something similar". ironically your comment echos
                          holob's "http is ftp for idiots".
                          \_ If I'm going to back up data it's because I value
                             it appreciably more than $5-$30.  I've seen
                             elaborate backup systems fail at recovery time
                             because the data was corrupt.  You'll forgive me
                             if I compare a known good one-line rsyncism to a
                             $5 to $30 backup program that may or may not
                             work.  I think you and I are working with
                             different calculuses. -dans
                             \_ This is again typical: 1. you are claiming
                                this isnt that hard 2. You claim you wouldn't
                                trust a program that google will tell you has
                                1000s of satisified users --> 1. do you think
                                everyone else is a moron? or 2. do you not
                                feel you can tell the difference between
                                a review written by a moron/non moron? ...
                                in fact often you can even read the author's
                                writings and judge for yourself ... in fact
                                if you weren't such a pud, you might even
                                if you weren't pud like you, you might even
                                entertain the notion the author is cleverer
                                thn you. and it's a question of whether your
                                than you. and it's a question of whether your
                                "marginal time" to reproduce the functionlity
                                of the $30 software is worth $30 ... not "is
                                the functionality of the software worth $30".
                                The fundamental E_HOLARB is the "center of
                                universe problem": statements he makes
                                "about the world" often are really
                                "about the universe" often are really
                                statements about his state of knowledge.
                                one attendant phenomena is pronoucing things
                                "easy" when you really havent considered the
                                "easy" when you relly havent considered the
                                nuances. does ths sound familiar ["one line
                                rsync"]? you have a lot in common with
                                holob, except i think your head is further up
                                rsync"]? man you have a lot in common with
                                holob, except i think you head is further up
                                your ass ... might be interesting to see over
                                time whether it gets buried deeper or starts
                                to "slide" out.
                                "if the functionality of the software worth
                                $30". man you have a lot in common with holob,
                                (like assuming things where you havent
                                considered some nuances "simple" ... the
                                Fundamental Holarb Diagnosis aka the "center
                                of universe problem" is statements he makes
                                "about the universe" often are really
                                statements about his state of knowledge)
                                except i think you head is further up your
                                ass ... be interesting to see over time whether
                                it is buried deeper or starts to "slide" out.
                                it is gets buried deeper or starts to "slide"
                                \_ Partha, if I didn't know how to accomplish
                                   this with rsync already, then, yes, that
                                   would make sense.  In my case, the time
                                   required to reproduce the functionality of
                                   a $30 piece of software is a sunk cost.  The
                                   time to research that piece of software has
                                   a significant marginal cost.  Also, one or
                                   even many good reviews don't offer proof
                                   that the software doesn't have some
                                   obscure, fatal flaw.  I'm not saying that
                                   this is the case for everyone. -dans
                                   \_ You simply are wrong if you think
                                      all one of these backup suites
                                      does is rsync-type functionality.
                                      I'm not interested in assessing
                                      whether this error is due to
                                      ignorance or arrogance etc.
                                      \_ Oh, I have no doubt they do other
                                         things; it's more a question of what
                                         *I* need/how well it handles massive
                                         amounts of data. -dans
                        \_ Do other languages have the 'your head is lodged
                           firmly up your ass' idiom, or is this an English
                           only thing?
                           \- only in pointer-based languages --psb
                              \_ So you are saying dans is difficult to
                                 garbage collect? -- ilyas
                              \_ Are you saying dans is hard to garbage
                                 collect? -- ilyas
                 \_ This is true.  In my experience if you're not a big fucking
                    unix nerd and you spend all day making pretty pictures
                    in Adobe CS, you don't want to worry about the details
                    of rsync and keeping backup restoral incremental sets.
                    In fact even if you are a big fucking nerd you have
                    better things to do.
                    \_ I'll have to check it out.  If only it was invented ten
                       years earlier. -dans
           \_ Color Climax Corp. of Denmark.  Check out its Teenage Sex series.
           \_ Chaos Computer Club
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