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2019/06/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2007/11/9-15 [Consumer/TV] UID:48595 Activity:kinda low
11/9    Sony LCD TV, worth the extra 30% cost or overrated?
        \_ ConsumerReports recommends the Toshiba in the 40" category.
           Further question: does 1080p vs. 720p make that much of a
           difference at the 40" level? --erikred
           \_ general consensus is no on movies, even blu-ray/hd-dvd.  I think
              it makes a diff if you like to plug into VGA with 1280x1024 res
              or something like I do
              \_ ty. --erikred
           \_ We bought a Sharp Aquos 42" LCD (on sale) and an Oppo Digital
           \_ We bought a Sharp Aquos 42" LCD 1080p and an Oppo Digital
              Up-Converting DVD player.  Do your homework on the
              Up-Converting DVD player, but they are *defiitely* worth it.
              We were dispappointed with our regular DVD player and the
              42" Aquos, but then we added the Oppo and were blown away.
              We also used the home theater and video tuning DVD (by Avia?)
              and then watched The Matrix lobby scene.  It almost made
              me a little teary eyed.
              \_ Informative++. Thank you. --erikred
                 \_ Glad I could help.  --peterl
           \_ Samsung is very good too. 1080p making a difference depends
              on the TV size vs. how close you are sitting to it. With 40"
              it won't make a difference unless you sit abnormally close to
              the screen.
        \_ Get a Panasonic Plasma. Great picture quality. LCD is
           hyped. If picture quality is important to you, especially
           when you watch action DVD movies, or scenes that black
           level is important to you, get Plasma. I've been a happy
           Plasma camper for almost 2 years, no burn in what so ever.
           Don't buy into the LCD hype and take it home and wonder why
           your picture doesn't look as good. Costco had some recent
           deals, you can get a 42" HD plasma for about 1k, and a 50"
           one for about 1.6k as I recall.
           \_ I would read Consumer Reports and spend some quality time
              doing side-by-side comparisons at Best Buy.  Don't fall
              for any hype about Plasma >> LCD or LCD >> Plasma.  Just
              do some reading and watching.
              \_ You can't really do good side by side comparison at
                 best buy. None of the sets are calibrated, and the
                 input is often composite video, splitted 10 ways.
                 You need to find a place that set up the display
                 properly and have spend at least a small amount of
                 time calibrating the display. However, when all is
                 said and done, you are more likely to be happy with a
                 calibrated Panasonic Plasma than a calibrated LCD
          \_ Actually the best plasmas are supposed to be the Pioneers
             currently. (e.g. "Kuro" series)
             Personally, I think the latest, best LCDs now look very
             good, with good black levels. LCDs also draw less power
             than plasmas. I was surprised. The best plasmas still have a
             better size and quality vs. price ratio.
2019/06/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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