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2007/10/17-19 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:48345 Activity:high
10/17   What are some examples of successful & sustainable colonies?
        \_ Israel
           \_ A colony of what country, USA? You're funny.
           \_ We do give them a few billion a year.  Same with Egypt.
              I doubt Egypt or Israel would exist in its present state
              without our aid.  You could argue that they'd be better off
              in a different version.
        \_ phillipines (better troll)
           \_ A colony of what country, USA? You'rnes (better troll)
           \_ A colony of what country?
        \_ Ants and Bees
        \_  Sheffield, Cairo, Marco Nicosia, Odessa, Sabishii, Mangala,
            Dorsa Brevia, Christianopolis, Acheron
        \_ USA
           \_ No you stupid. USA is not a colony, USA is a sovereign
              nation and has been since 1776. A colony is one that depends
              on the motherland. Georgia, Massachussettes, etc were
              colonies of England. Likewise, Poland, France, etc were
              colonies of Nazi Germany. They're all sovereign entities
              now, but not colonies.
              \_ You have a different definition of success than me, then.
        \_ Hong Kong (before it went back to China.)
        \_ The United States of America
           \_ Someone already said "USA" above.
              \_ Maybe they meant Usa, Japan?
                 \_ My wife's family is originally from Usa, Japan. --erikred
                    \_ Her family were colonists?  How cool is that!
                       \_ Oh, the truths spoken in ignorance. :) Usa's a
                          fishing town on the southern coast of Shikoku.
                          There's plenty of speculation about internat'l
                          relations among the fisherfolk, even under the
                          Tokugawa isolation policy. --erikred
                          \_ I'm aware of Usa, Japan.  You know about the
                             post-WW2 shipping labels, right?
                             \_ I'm aware of the "Made in Usa" urban legend,
                                   It says the myth part is that the city was
                                   renamed, not that anything was shipped
                                   from there.
        \_ Over the long term?  None.  They always either collapse or break
           away and go independent.  In a few cases they become absorbed but
           that is much rarer.
           \_ Breaking away doesn't mean they aren't successful and/or
              sustainable. The USA has been very helpful to the UK in the 20th
              \_ If it breaks away it isn't a colony.
                 \_ Ok, fine. But the USA, Australia, NZ are still cultural
                    colonies of England in a broad sense.
                    \_ Sure, ok, they all speak some form of English and have
                       some sort of democracy so in a "broad sense", sure. I
                       won't argue that.  In a broad sense.
                       \_ Canada and Australia are still under the Queen
                          of England, no? I would say that Canada, USA,
                          and Australia are examples of colonies that were
                          extremely successful and sustainable at least until
                          the point they broke away. What about Hawaii or
                          Puerto Rico? How do you classify those?
        \_ I don't know about you but Iraq has been sustainable so
           far and we're getting a hecka amount of oil from them.
           \_ I don't think we're getting any oil from them.  Damn, trolled.
              \_ We are, just not as much as hoped. Note the huge
                 military presence in key oil refineries.
                 \_ The Spice must flow!
                 \_ You know for a SF epic written in the back of a van
                    behind the old Chronicle/Examiner building, there are
                    an amazing amount of parallels you can draw between
                    Dune and current events.  Frank Herbert, you ruled.
                    \_ Here's hoping he got the Kwisatch Haderach part wrong...
                       \_ You just tipped the geek meter.  Grats.
        \_ Northern Ireland.
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edit Product labeling There have been claims that products made in this town and exported to the US in the 1960s carried the label "MADE IN USA, JAPAN", for it to have an appearance that the product is "Made in USA".