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2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2007/9/7 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:47947 Activity:nil
9/7     Is Norman Hsu in witness protection program after "falling"
        on the train?
2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Whoishsucapt_mn Mysterious Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu is in custody again, after a brief return to a fugitive lifestyle he maintained for 15 years. The latest puzzle: Despite funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars into Democratic coffers, Norman Hsu is not a member of the Democratic party. In fact, records appear to reflect he isn't even registered to vote. View Replies To: Ernest_at_the_Beach LOL no I'm no artist, I didn't like the look of the back of the left side of his neck in the fake, that's where his collar is on the real photo. SierraWasp More from the link at post #152: ****************************EXCERPT************************** Many donations Hsu harvested for his Democratic politician friends came from people who, like himself,were not registered to vote. Some political finance experts have noted the families did not appear wealthy enough to afford the big-money checks they reportedly wrote to Clinton and others. Hsu and the donors have denied wrongdoing and say the donations were all legal. View Replies To: Ernest_at_the_Beach Is there something about the McCain Feingold campaign law that would cause an advantage to have donors that were not registered to vote? It's probably more correct to assume that they don't have any documentable identities at all. View Replies To: Grampa Dave Yes that's some video and I guess they meant ball breaker but felt it would have been too controversial, so they went with Nut Cracker. Whatever you call her, she has to be one of the most odious and vile human beings to ever disgrace a political stage, and that's saying a lot. The face on the patient in bed looks too exactly like the face in the second photo. I don't know anything about photoshopping, so I've got to ask. Did you do it or did you find it somewhere where they're claiming it's a real photo? View Replies To: Ernest_at_the_Beach "Norman Hsu was traveling on an Amtrak train when he became ill." It is dangerous to be friends of Bill and Hillary when things go south. View Replies To: 668 - Neighbor of the Beast Did you do it or did you find it somewhere where they're claiming it's a real photo? I thought I was being pretty clever finding an original picture as quickly as I did, then it was about an hour later that I decided to see if Drudge had anything that we hadn't seen yet on FR, and harrumph there was the picture, and in color too. View Replies To: BARLF Mr Hsu was captured after he was admitted to the hospital in Grand Junction on a back board. Another fact is that as soon as he is returned to California, he will have all federal fugitive from justice charges against him dropped. This will leave Hsu to the tender mercies of a Democrat Clintonian annointed California administration of justice. We know how that works, release him on bail again in California so that he can be assassinated? Hsu should be placed in a federal witness protection program and a federal special prosecutor needs to be appointed. View Replies To: Beatthedrum "Whatever you call her, she has to be one of the most odious and vile human beings to ever disgrace a political stage, and that's saying a lot." LOL" You and many freepers remind me of the special blood hounds which can detect faint scents a long way off even while being driven down a road. We will see more incredible stuff re Hsu on FR in the next week or so. View Replies To: Steve_Stifler "What charities are all these Dim politicians giving Hsu's money to? What is there to stop these so called "charities" from kicking back the donations by dispersing the funds to other groups and individuals who then re-donate back to the candidate? All illegal campaign contributions should be impounded by the Feds and "donated" to the US Treasury department. The donators and the candidate should then be brought up on charges of violating federal election laws. View Replies To: Ernest_at_the_Beach ""San Francisco FBI located him," Schadler said, and Colorado G-men and local cops made the collar." Translation: "Hospital emergency room personnel recognized his name from his insurance card and other personal documents. They notified hospital security officers, who called local police, who took Hsu into custody and notified the FBI." "The FBI arrived some hours later and grudgingly shared credit with local police for Hsu's apprehension. The role played by hospital personnel was completely ignored." View Replies To: Ernest_at_the_Beach The paramedics aparently had him pegged from the start. It was reported that they were chanting in unison "One, two, buckle my Hsu" as they secured him to the backboard... View Replies To: melancholy "Witness Protection Program is more like it. Even that is not foolproof when the Klintoons are involved!" The witnesses to Hsu's Arkancide will be protected...... I wonder how Ron Brown felt as the USAF plane he was flying on was going down? I now remember that they found a bullet hole in his head at the autopsy, so I guess he didn't get to think about it. the sorts of accidents that the likes of the USAF and certainly the FBI can't prevent. I personally hope he tells a terrible truth about Hillary and that it ruins her politically. If he can do this and make it "stick", it will be a first! I don't like him one bit, but that thought never crossed my mind. Check out this fairly recent photo - Useful I still think it's mighty suspicious that Hsu was picked up ill, and arrested at a hospital. The MSM has been conspicuously quiet about it since then. I'll bet Hillary's "pucker factor" is HIGH, but not near as high as Hsu's. View Replies To: Candor7 Hsu should be placed in a federal witness protection program and a federal special prosecutor needs to be appointed. Hsu was listed in fair condition, hospital vice president Dan Prinster said. View Replies To: Ernest_at_the_Beach If she can't track her campaign finances, how is she supposed to nationalize & run health care. Answers like "I don't recall" don't help her bureau-Cred. View Replies To: Ernest_at_the_Beach The problem is the democrates could give a *hit less who she gets money from. Can't worry about such little improprieties as taking money from felons. Slippery Hsu Caught In Colorado ***********************EXCERPT*********************** The Washington Post confirms today that the Department of Justice has an investigation underway to determine exactly how Hsu bundled those contributions If they find anything fishy about a postal carrier and his family donating $280,000 over three years to Democrats through a convicted con man, the three-year California stretch will just be the appetizer at Hsu's next banquet. Sometimnes I tyhink the Dems have a large blackmail file on key Republicans, who seem to go all wishy washy whenever one of these scandals comes up. If not, then we likely won't hear much from him, he will just fade away as a footnote to the debacle which might happen in 2008. If only we had a cadre of folks like the Swift Boat Vets on this one. Eroteme Can't find your original post citing the arresting authorities, so am responding to this post. Not only is the ICE connection mucho interesting, but the Dept. Investigating Passport and Visa Fraud The DS Criminal Investigative Division conducts criminal investigations into violations of passport and visa fraud. These federal felonies are often committed in connection with more serious crimes, such as international terrorism, narcotics trafficking, organized crime, alien smuggling, money laundering, pedophilia, and murder. These investigations are critical to the President's efforts to secure American borders and protect the national security of the United States... last Disclaimer: Opinions posted on Free Republic are those of the individual posters and do not necessarily represent the opinion of Free Republic or its management. All materials posted herein are protected by copyright law and the exemption for fair use of copyrighted works.