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2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2007/9/7-10 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:47937 Activity:nil
9/7     Head-on commercial says "Head-on, apply directly on THE forehead"
        but it is written as "Head-on, apply directly on forehead."
        This this a result of marketing to [the] FOBs?
        \_ Most FOBs don't write "This this ...".  Also, I think what you
           intended to write was not "... a result of marketing to ...", but
           "... a result of Head-on's intention to market to ...".  Maybe you
           are an FOB too?   --- FOB 18yrs ago
           \_ EECS would not be in it's current glorious state had it not
              been for the influx of FOBs and lousy TAs (with incomprehensible
              English) but do kick ass research and fundings. Case in point
              Chancellor Tien. GO BEAH!!!
              \_ Tien was the best thing to happen to UC during my time here.
                 \_ Really? When were you here?
              \_ Wasn't Tien in the Mechanical Engr. dept., not EECS?
2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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