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2019/04/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2007/9/1-3 [Transportation/Car, Health] UID:47870 Activity:moderate
8/31    People of Earth, I encourage everyone to to report
        handicapped parking placard abusers.  I really loathe them
        \_ I know someone who, as a result of an old car injury, often is
           in debilitating pain when he walks.  He's a bit of a stoic and
           you probably would never realize how much pain an extra block or
           two of walking can cause him.  He has a handicapped placard, and,
           when things are bad, uses it.  Assholes like you have screamed at
           him for being a horrible person abusing the system.  So please,
           go fuck yourself.
           \_ If he can put up with debilitating pain, he can put up with
              people screaming at him.
        \_ There are much more important things to worry about, like the
           gay people problem, tax rate too high and I don't want to support
           poor and lazy people, and state sponsored abortion clinics.
           \- the individual case isnt a big deal, but the aggregate
           \_ that's hysterical-  the "gay people problem?"  Is the problem
              that they exist?  Because you may have just become an entertaining
                dinosaur that people torment for fun.
              that they exist?  Because you may have just become an
              entertaining dinosaur that people torment for fun.
           \-exist the individual case isnt a big deal, but the aggregate
              makes a difference. i believe in SF there are more handicapped
              placards issued than there are parking meters ... not that
              those number should be magically related, but the number is
              SF seems crazy: around 50k for a city of 750k pop. i think the
              city should spend more resource on this compared to say street
              sweeping tickets. serious question: do you think anybody over
              say 75 or 300lbs should be able to say "i am old/fat, give me a
              handicapped placard"? --not OP
           \_ Passable troll there... but really, people who park
              all day in the handicap zone with a placard they dont
              deserve anger me more than abortion, homos, libtards,
              and YOU.
2019/04/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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HANDICAP PARKING ABUSE I am tired of seeing someone in a 1998 lincoln continental park in a handicap parking spot and then jump out of the car and run into a store. Obviously this person is abusing that Handicap parking priviledge given to them by our government. Those that are responsible seem to hand out Handicap Parking permits like candy at a party. Police remind motorists of handicapped parking laws (2:53 pm) (Las Cruces Sun-News) LAS CRUCES ? The Las Cruces Police Department is reminding motorists that it is illegal to park a vehicle in a designated disabled parking space without the proper permit. George Police take a 'No tolerance' stance on safety violations (Saint George Spectrum) There has been an extra effort to give attention to the traffic problems that have been increasing in our city. Numerous traffic stops have been made and the result has been a change in the location of crashes that are happening on our streets. Sponsored By: (Fernandina Beach News-Leader) IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE 4TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR NASSAU COUNTY, FLORIDA GENERAL JURISDICTION DIVISION CASE NO: 07-CA-0055 US BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, AS TRUSTEE PLAINTIFF VS.