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2019/04/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2007/8/23-27 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:47716 Activity:nil 75%like:47714 80%like:47718
8/22    What is a controller?  What is a model?  What is a view?
2019/04/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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A simple diagram depicting the relationship between the Model, View, and Controller. Note: the solid lines indicate a direct association, and the dashed lines indicate an indirect association (eg, observer pattern). A simple diagram depicting the relationship between the Model, View, and Controller. user interface (view) concerns, so that changes to the user interface will not affect data handling, and that the data can be reorganized without changing the user interface. MVC encompasses more of the architecture of an application than is typical for a design pattern. Model The domain-specific representation of the information on which the application operates. It is a common misconception that the model is another name for the domain layer. Domain logic adds meaning to raw data (eg, calculating if today is the user's birthday, or the totals, taxes and shipping charges for shopping cart items). Multiple views can exist for a single model for different purposes. Controller Processes and responds to events, typically user actions, and may invoke changes on the model. Java Swing is different from the other frameworks, in that it supports two MVC patterns. Model (Frame level) Like the other frameworks, the design of the real model is usually left to the developer. Model (Control level) Swing also supports models on the control level. Unlike other frameworks, Swing exposes the internal storage of each control as a model. View The view is represented by a class that inherits from Component. Controller Java Swing doesn't necessarily use a single controller. Because its event model is based on interfaces, it is common to create an anonymous action class for each event. NET, the patterns for the view and controller are not well defined. The model is left to the developer to design, views and controls can be created in a variety of ways. A typed DataSet allows one to create an entity specific model. View The ASPX and ASCX files generally handle the responsibilities of the view, although it can also come from compiled server controls. With this pattern, the view object inherits from the controller object. This is different from the Smalltalk implementation, in which separate classes have pointers to one another. Controllers The duties of the controller are split between two places. The generation and passing of events is part of the framework and more specifically the Page and Control classes. However, moving code specific to the transition between views in a separate Controller is a good practice. In turn, it becomes possible to centralize the registration of Observers in the isolated Controller. NET framework, the patterns for the view and controller are well defined. The developer has the option to create a model class, but may choose to forget it and have the event handlers in the controller perform any calculations and data persistence. Again, using a model to encapsulate business rules and database access is both possible and preferable. View A class inheriting from either Form or Control handles the responsibilities of the view. In the case of WinForms, the View and Controller are compiled into the same class. Net, which uses inheritance, and Smalltalk, which have separate classes with pointers to one another. Controller The duties of the controller are split between three places. The generation and passing of events starts at the OS level. Net framework, the Form and Control classes route the event to the proper event handler. GUI frameworks such as: Please remove all web frameworks from this list. Please structure the list by language headlines in alphabetic order, analogous to the section Implementations of web frameworks. XForms has a clear separation of model (stored inside the HTML head section) from the presentation (stored in the HTML body section). XForms uses simple bind commands to link the presentation to the model. Complex web applications continue to be more difficult to design than traditional applications, and MVC is being pushed as a potential solution to these difficulties. Wikipedia spam also consists of external links to websites which primarily exist to sell goods or services, use objectionable amounts of advertising, or require payment to view the relevant content.