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2021/12/08 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2007/8/6-8 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:47550 Activity:very high 88%like:47545
8/6     Karl Rove + iPhone (
        \_ Perhaps the Bush administration would like to know what most people
           working at Apple (inluding their top executives) really think of the
           Bush administration. Even Steve Jobs told his employees to vote
           Democrat during a company-wide conference.
           \_ Just because Steve told them to doesn't mean they did.  Voting
              is still anonymous in this country.
           \_ So what? Technology crosses political lines. Rush Limbaugh is
              a huge apple fan boi who has been pitching apple gear for years.
              \_ I could say the same thing about the flip side.
                 Republicans are always quick to point out that the
                 military is comprised primarily of Republicans and,
                 therefore, Republicans are entitled the protection
                 of the armed forces and not Democrats (e.g. Bill-O
                 soliciting terrorists to attack "liberal" SF and
                 military should not defend it). Of course, this is
                 entirely ludicrous because if you looked at policies
                 which Republicans like to promote so much, you would
                 actually think that Republicans hate our military.

                 The point I was originally trying to make was this:
                 Republicans like to portray Democrats (you know,
                 like the vast majority who work at Apple) as these
                 crazy, evil, godless, tree-hugging, pot-smoking,
                 terrorists-loving, anti-military, communist bums
                 who smell like garbage when, in reality, they're
                 just a bunch of smart and talented engineers and
                 entrepreneurs who believe in the free market and
                 love making cool products like the iPhone. Karl
                 Rove is using a product made by the same people
                 he ridicules so much.
                 \_ Oh. Well, I totally agree w/ that.
                 \_ So, can you post a link where Karl Rove makes fun of
                    Apple?  'Cause, I think you're just a paranoid nutcase.
                    \_ Sticks and stones. Paranoid nutcases believe that
                       if we don't attack them there (Iraq), they'll come swim
                       over and attack us here. I don't need to post a link.
                       You can google this all you want. "liberals saw the
                       savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare
                       indictments and offer therapy and understanding for
                       our attackers." Rove doesn't directly attack
                       Apple and I never said he did. But he does attack
                       the people who comprise the majority of the company.
                       \_ Who says the majority of Apple employees are
                       \_ So, you think it's ok to be a paranoid nutcase
                          because Karl Rove is?  There's an odd justification.
                          \_ Take Reading Comprehension 101.
                             \_ Nice try, I'd say you need a writing class,
                                but but you need coherent thought more.
                                Your posts jump between multiple unconnected
                                topics and are full of bizarre over-
                                generalizations.  They basically make no sense.
                                It's just plain old raving.  Sorry.
                                \_ You can't even point out when I said it
                                   was okay to be a paranoid nutcase.
                                   \_ You're right, I just kind of assumed
                                      you thought it was ok, since you do it
                                      so well.
                 \_ Exec Summary: Republicans = evil, stupid, cranky, smearing,
                    hypocritical baby killers.  Democrats = good, kind, smart,
                    all-knowing, loving, generous, tolerant victims of moronic
                    Republican abuse.  All Apple Engineers = Democrats.  Did I
                    miss anything in your bizarre rant?
                    \_ Did I say any of that? Boy, you must not know how to
                       read. Or do you only hear what you want to hear?
                       \_ It's standard motd noise, yes, you did.  That is the
                          correct executive summary.  So answer me this: do
                          you disagree with any of those statements?  Which
                          ones, if any?
                          \_ Yes, I disagree with all of them. You put words
                             into other people mouths. I never said Republicans
                             were all of those things. There are some who are
                             but I never made that generalization. And there
                             are Demorcrats who are those things. And no,
                             being an Apple employee doesn't make you a Dem.
                             But from my personal experience (I'm no Gallup
                             Poll but I know way more Apple employees than
                             you do) most of them are Dems. So once again,
                             you're wrong. I never said any of those things
                             you claim I did.
           \_ Is that good thing?  A boss telling his employees how to vote
              is jaw-droppingly inappropriate.  If that's true I'm never buying
              apple again.
              \_ I've heard bosses (but not the CEO) tell people how they
                 should or shouldn't vote frequently. I'm guessing its
                 pretty common.
              \_ No it's not.  They're adults, they're not being coerced, and,
                 the whole premise of Democracy is that people can think for
                 themselves. -dans
                 \_ I didn't say the couldn't, or even that there's some way
                    for Jobs to verfiy what they did.  It's still wrong to
                    order people how to vote.  It's an attempt at misuse of
                    power.  Attempted murder is a crime, and so is attempted
                    corruption.  It's fine if he says "I'm voting for Ds,
                    and I think everyone should." "You must vote D" is not ok.
                    I'm sure if he said "You must vote R" you'd see why it's a
                     \_ He didn't order people to vote D. An employee had a
                        concern about how the unstable state of the world
                        was negatively impacting the Apple and Silicon
                        Valley environment and he responded by recommending
                        that (s)he vote D.
                        \_ Well, that's different then, isn't it?
                        \_ Apple needs some smarter employees.  The world is
                           always in an 'unstable state'.  Or at least some
                           more employees who have read some history.
        \_ Troll was here
2021/12/08 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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